Saturday, April 23, 2011

Crucified for Projected Lies

Perhaps you have heard that Jesus Christ was Crucified for our sins -- this is True.

AND did you know that Christ was also Crucified for the Hideous Sins of others that were placed upon Us? Those who abused us, who destroyed the very Image & Identity of Who we really are underneath all their Projected Lies & Sin. All of the Projected Lies, Verbal, Emotional, Psychological, and all types of Physical abuse resulted in a Damaged, and Deeply Wounded Soul.

Our very Identity was barried by the Toxic Person's Projected Lies. Projected Lies that said we are a mistake, a burden, lesser than, not good enough, unimportant, worthless, and unloveable. Lies that we believed about ourselves that killed our Passion and Purpose. These Sins of others killed the Person we should have been, and could have been had they not put their Sins upon us. It is not too late my friend, to be free of the damage of the Projected Lies of other. There is no wound too deep that the Healing Holy Love of GOD can not heal.

Christ loves us sooo very much, and wants to wash us clean of these Filthy Sins of others. Wash them down the drain, and back to hell where they belong. We walk around with the wounds that others caused by their sins. Their sins are not our sins. When we carry the sins of others we are held Captive by the Echos of Abuse that weigh us down, and prevent us from moving forward to discover the wonderful things that GOD has planned for us. Jeremiah 29:11

Every wound we carry holds inside it the Sin of the one who inflicted it upon us. Place that Sin, The Sin of Others at the foot of the Cross. Nail it to the Cross, it does Not belong to You. It is Not our Sin, but the Abuser's. The Sin belongs to the Abusers, it is their's and belongs to Them. Let Jesus release you from it. And by releasing the Sins of others our wounds have the ability to heal, because the deadly infection that prevents healing is now gone.

Christ was Crucified for Healing and Restoration. Our True Self, the one God created us to be is Not Lost forever, and can be Resurrected & Recovered, and Restored through Jesus.

Beloved GOD knows what we have been through, he understands more than any other.

Let's look at how Christ was Tortured & Crucified for our Healing.

First He was Innocent of committing any Crime of any wrong doing.
Have you ever been blamed for something that was not your fault?
Have you been attacked for something you did not do or say?

Jesus has felt your pain.

Have you ever been isolated, rejected, and alienated by the ones you love?

Jesus knows your pain.

Have you been repeatedly tortured verbally, emotionally, psychologically, and physically to the point that it has deeply wounded you, damaged you, devastated you, and destroyed you, until you feel like you have no life left?

Jesus knows your pain.

These are Verifiable and Undeniable Facts:

Christ had thorns stabbed & violently forced into His Head.

His Head was tortured, so that ours could be Healed, and Set Free from what tortures us.
Has your Mind been tortured from Pain of the Past?
Is your Mind being currently tortured & suffereing from the abuse of Toxic People?

Jesus knows your pain.

His arms were stretched out wide, because His heart is open wide, so that ours too can be open wide, and deeply feel Amazing Holy Healing Love.

Have you ever felt afraid to Love or be Loved?
Have you been deeply wounded by others that you prevent Love from getting to the deepest part of your Heart & Soul, and you are unable to feel Amazing Joy?
Do you block yourself off from others in fear that if you are vulnerable they will use and abuse you like others have done?
Is there a wall or barrier that only allows people to get so close? Close enough to be friendly, but not close enough to find out what is going on in our life?
Have you been burned by others, and are afraid you will be burned again?

Christ's hands were nailed, and His feet were nailed preventing Him to Move, or to do anything.
Have you ever felt like you were stuck, and unable to Move, or get away from those who are causing you harm? Have you felt stuck in your situation and unable to move? Is there something holding you back, but you are unsure what it is, and afraid to look to find out? Do you know that you were called to do more, but you just can't move beyond this point?

Jesus knows your pain.

Has your Life become stagnate?
Have you ever felt like you could not do or say anything right and that the things you do are not Good Enough? That you don't even want to try any more, because things seem to go wrong.
Are you afraid to do something new, because you might fail?
Do you feel helpless to change your situation?
Are you frozen in fear, and feel like you can't move or change your life and you are stuck?

Jesus knows your pain.

Have you ever felt that People don't know who you are? Do you explain over and over and over again and others just don't see what you mean? Do others fail to get it, or recognize what you are trying to say or do for them? Do you feel that others don't understand or appreciate you? Do you feel that others don't respect anything you do or say, no matter how much you sacrifice everything to help them?

Jesus knows your pain.

Have you ever felt that others don't see your Value or Worth? Do you doubt your own Value & Worth? Do you doubt your own Strength? Have you felt alone, dejected, rejected, abandoned & forsaken?

Jesus knows our Pain because He has felt our Pain. He was misunderstood, abused, dejected, rejected, abandoned & forsaken, tortured & crucified, so that we could be Healed, Redeemed, Restored, and Transformed through His Amazing Holy Love.

People have asked me, how is it that I endured and survived all that I did and have the ability to Fully enjoy Life and Freely Love Others and Accept Love from Others?
Where does that Resilience, Courage, Strength, and Love come from?

Rent the Passion of the Christ tonight and you will find out. Watch it and actually see what Jesus went through for each of us. What Amazing Holy Love does for us.

If you ever questioned, like I did, if God loves you, or even how much does God Love You, or for a Wonderful Reminder, give yourself the Blessing of Watching The Passion of the Christ. Even if you have seen it before, or even if you have heard about how this Movie ends, I assure you that knowing the ending is definitely Not a Spoiler. Watch The Passion of the Christ, because you owe it to yourself, it will be a Great Gift to yourself, and you are More than Worth It.

Do not get hung up on who directed the Movie, but enjoy the Movie because it demonstrates just how much
You are Worth.

Christ was Crucified so that we can be Healed, Made Whole, Restored, and even Better than before we suffered all this abuse, and most importantly, so that Captives can be set Free from the Echos of Abuse.

Christ wants to wash away all those horrible Sins of Others that we still carry with us & deep within us. Won't you let Him wash them away? Won't you allow Him to take them away, so that you can once and for all be Totally Free of them? You can be released from the Sins of others. I pray you will allow Jesus to remove the Sins of others that prevent your wounds from healing.

Jesus was deeply wounded so our wounds could heal.

Jesus did not die for Garbage, He gave His very Life for those He Treasures.

You and I are the Reason Jesus paid the Ultimate Price, because He Values us that MUCH.

May this Easter be unlike any other before it. May you receive a Miracle this Easter.
May you have New Life this Resurrection Day.

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