Friday, March 25, 2011

Ns are WORSE than Spoiled Rotten Children

Ns are far WORSE than Spoiled Rotten Children, but for illustration sake let's say that the N is a Spoiled Rotten Child who sees another Child (us) playing with a Beautiful Gift. The N observes how much the Other Child enjoys her Unique Gift, and asks his Parent if he can have that same Special Gift, but the Parent says No because you will never value it, or take care of it. The Child is very angry at the Parent for denying him this Awesome Gift, and when he sees the other Child enjoying her Gift he enveys what she has and he covets the Joy it brings her. These feelings make the N feel Lesser Than, because the other Child has something he can not, so What does he do? He damages the Gift to the point where the other Child no longer enjoys or wants her Gift and she throws it away.

The Child that just threw her Great Gift way has a very important decision to make. Does she continue to allow the N to damage her other Spectaular Gifts, or does she protect her other Gifts by keeping them safe and out of contact of the N? How many Unique Gifts will the N damage & destroy before the Child puts an end to it?

Now the N is happy that the Child no longer has what she once possessed because when she did posses that Amazing Gift, it was a constant reminder of what she had and he did not. The N sees the Child is lacking a Very Special Gift that he covets, so he leaves that Child to find another Child with the same Great Gift, and does what he did before, covets what he can not have and deceives the other Child to devalue what she has been given by her Loving Parent and to throw it away just like the previoius Child.

The previous Child is heartbroken & completely devastated that she no longer has her Unique Gifts, that her Loving Parent gave her. Some of her Unique Gifts are very damaged and some are destroyed. She is very ashamed to tell her Loving Parent what happened to her Wonderful Gifts that her Beloved, Kind and Thoughtful Parent gave her. She looks in different Places to find information on how to repair her Gifts, and the People she meets tell her how to fix her Gifts. She returns Home and tries her best to fix her Gifts and to restore them to how they use to be, but the Child remembers how her Gifts use to be when they were Bran New, before they were damaged and destroyed, and worst of all, how the N even deceived her into throwing away her very own Unique Gifts.

She is in so much Pain at the loss of her Unique Gifts. She cries out in despiration to her Parent and the Moment she turns around and looks for her Parent she notices that her Loving Parent is right by her side and her Loving Parent has replaced ALL her Precious Gifts that were once damaged, destroyed, and thrown away. And to her complete Astonishment and Amazement she notices New Gifts that she never had before. As soon as the Child Starts using her Replaced Gifts she realizes that something is Very different about her Gifts; they are even MOREExtraordinary than before.

She is very confused. This does not make any sense to her and she asks her Parent, Why have you given me even Greater Gifts than before? And why did you give me these Awesome NewGifts that I never had before? Why when I did not take care of my First Gifts, that you would give me Greater Gifts than before and even More New Additional Gifts?

And her Loving Parent replies, My Beautiful Child you now know just how valuable your Gifts are and now you are Stronger then before and now you know better how to Protect them, and never let anyone, devalue, damage, or destroy them or deceive you into throwing them away. As for those New Additional Gifts, they were always there, you always possessed them, but they were hidden in the Dark Shadows and I just brought them out into the Light, so that you can use them Now.

One of your Greater Gifts is Discernment and You know who you can share your other Unique Gifts with and who you can not. If someone comes along and damages your Gifts, you know you can walk away before s/he destroys your Gifts. And if your Gifts ever get damaged you know you can come to Me and I will restore them for you. I Love You and that is why I gave You these Precious Gifts. You are My Daughter, in whom I am well Pleased. I would do ANYTHING for you. I will Always Love You. There is Nothing you can or will ever do that can stop or prevent Me from Loving You.

I was this Child whose Unique Gifts were Damaged and Destroyed by various Ns, and the NFOO even deceived me into Discarding some of my own Awesome Gifts because they saw no Value in them. However, there is Hope, our Unique Gifts can be Restored and in the Process we will be Given Even Greater Gifts than Before, Amazing Gifts we never even knew we had before.

Here is another one of those Great Gifts, Click Here.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Expecting Love Not Dysfunction

Happy St. Patricks Day!

This article was inspired by my Darling Husband (DH), who if I haven't told you lately Love, you are an Amazing Husband and Daddy, and our Darling Daughter (DD) and I are Very Blessed to have you in our lives.

In regards to Toxic People and relationships we primarly talk about Toxic and Counterfeit Love, so I thought some might enjoy reading & talking about the difference between Toxic & Counterfeit Love and Healthy & Authentic Love.

My DH has to get up a little before my DD and myself to get ready for work and then leave for work. Right before he leaves for work he Kisses our Little Daughter, and tells her to wake up. As with little Children they resist waking up, and need A Lot of Encouragement. After she rubs & wipes the Morning Sleep from her eyes they instanteouly Light Up when she looks at her Daddy, and her Daddy just beams w/Joy back at her. The very first thing she sees in the Morning is Love looking back at her. Her Daddy tells her that he loves her and says, I hope you have a Great Day Today. They give each other another Kiss and Hug Good-Bye. Then he Kisses and Hugs me Good-Bye, and we each tell one another that I hope you have a Great Day too and I will miss ya very Very VERY much until I see you again.

My DD and I get ready, I finish putting on my War Paint (make-up), brush and fix my hair and pull it back in that Mommy Ponytail style, because my hair is naturally wild and needs a bit of taming in the morning. Once my DD and I are Ready, we have a Morning Ritual (IF she is ready on time) I pick her up and carry her down stairs. This is a Motivation for her to Stay Focused on getting ready in the Morning and not waste her time.

For those that have their own Rituals, especially Spiritual Rituals, have you ever wondered about the importance or the Purpose of the Ritual? Rituals are to Support the Relationship, as in the Morning Ritual my DD and I share. The Ritual adds to the Relationship, but it is not in any way designed to Replace the Intimate & Close Relationship.

Back to our Morning Ritual, I carry my DD downstairs and at the foot of the stairs my DD shouts out with Excitement, Look what Daddy did!

In the formal dinningroom on the floor (DD's playroom) there spelled out in Bright Yellow, Green, Red and Orange Sunbrust Building Pieces are Three Large Symbols. My DD and I walk over to the very large letters and she says with unreserved Extreme Joy, Look Daddy left me a Message! I asked her can you read the Message? Do you know what the Message says? She says with Extreme Enthusiasm and Confidence, Yes! She points to each Large Symbol, and she says the Daddy's Message to us is, I LOVE YOU! For the word Love my DH & Loving Daddy to our Daughter used the Open Heart Symbol to represent His Love. It was AMAZING to see a Little 4yr old Girl recognize that the Open Heart Symbol means Love. I have never taught her to write a Heart to symbolize Love. We always write out the word Love, so that she can practice her Spelling and Writing. So how did she know to recognize that the Heart Symbol meant Love when she was never taught that Symbolizim & Translation?

My DD was so Thrilled about her Daddy leaving her that HUGE I LOVE YOU Message. It is all she could talk about all morning long. It had a Huge Memorable Positive effect on her Morning. It was the same Joy she gets on Christmas Morning, hopping & skipping, and beaming with Joy from head to toe. As we were heading out the door, so I could take her to school, She told me, Mommy don't put away Daddy's Message. She was respectully adamant, Will you keep it right here, don't move it so I can see it when I come Home? I told her that I would keep it safe. She was over Joyed and could not wait to tell her Teacher and Friends at School about the Morning Love Message her Daddy left for her to Discover.

When I picked her up from School, after she hugged and kissed me, and got her backpack and jacket, and buckled up in the car, as we were heading home she asked me, Mommy is my Daddy's Message still there? Yes, Honey, Daddy's Message is still there and you will see it as soon as we get home. My DD shouts out, Then go Faster Mommy! I want to get home very Fast. I told her that we have got to go at just the right speed, and we will get there soon enough.

My DD was filled w/Excitement and Anticipation and could not wait to unbuckle her car seat restraints and run as fast as she could to the front door. I unlocked the front door for her, and let her open the door up for herself, and she screamed w/Excitement, Daddy's Message is Still there! As if maybe there was a tiny bit of doubt that her Daddy's Message would not be there when she got home. I explained to her that even when you were away and could not see Daddy's Message it stayed here in your home. It did not move & it did not go away.

All Day long and into the night my DD kept her Daddy's Message in tact. She added her own little part to it, but her Origninal Daddy's Message was not touched.

It still says what it was designed to say to her, I Love You. My DD asked her Daddy, Please Daddy don't take your Message Away, I want you to keep it there for me, I want to see it when I wake up in the Morning. Her Daddy said, I wont take away the Message I made for you that says I Love You it will stay there as long as You want. Her Daddy's Message of Love stayed contant throughout the Night.

This Morning I asked my DD, What did her own Message that she added right next to her Daddy's Message say? And she said with joy, It says Happy Valentines Day, and then she got sad and said, but I think it's too late. Realizing that Valentine's Day had come and gone, She said w/dissappointment, I think my Message is too late. I asked her do you know what Happy Valentines Day means, and she said Yes! It means I Love You. When we love someone we send them Valentines. So your Message is Another Way of telling someone you Love them, just like Daddy's Message, and she shouted with Joy, Yeah I have a Very Great Message too! Yes, Honey your message is Very Great Too, and Daddy is going to Love to see it.

The very next Morning, this Morning DD wakes up, and asks her Daddy, Are you going to leave me another Message? She litterally woke up Expecting another Message of Love. This is such a Stark Contrast to how I expected things & people to be in the Kingdom of Narcissism (KoN) that I was born and raised in. My DD's World and mine as a Child are Worlds apart. I was born and raised in the KoN, where Abuse was Normal, a regular occurance, and every morning I woke up expecting dysfuntion and abuse. In the morning I woke up expecting another Toxic Message of how I was Lesser Than, a Burden rather than a Blessing, and not Loved by my Parent. My Child lives in the LOL (Land of Love with Lots of Love). She wakes up every Morning Secure and Safe, and with the Calm Confidence & Peaceful Reassurance that her Mommy & Daddy will have a Message of Love for her. Both my Daughter's and my own Childhood have the Spirit of Expecting, but what we expected to receive from our Parents are Complete Opposites.

What are YOU Expecting to Receive Today from the People You Love?

Do they Love you in return, or do they give you Dysfunction, Abuse, Hurt & Pain?

I wish I had the tech. skills to add my DD's Love Message from her Daddy. Maybe my DH can figure it out for me. (as you can see the help of my Loving Husband &a Dear Friend I am now able to do something I couldn't do before).

PS My DH's said that his Love Message was for both his Beloved Wife and DD.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Alluring Dress of Denial or Shopping for Truth

The Alluring Dress
In the Alluring Dress Shopping for Truth
Dress of Denial

It is so hard trying to figure out what the right choice is

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Inspired by my Friend Overwhelmed and Dedicated to all the Warrior Women of Worth, who like me, have struggled trying to figure out the Right Choice when the Truth was so very hard & impossible to find in the KoN.

Speaking of Despirately Dancing with the Disordered, you know how when two people are dancing and it is very intense and the Partner has a firm grip, tightly holding the other person's hand and body and he never once breaks contact and does that very dramatic Push & Pull, repeatedly over and over again, forceably Pushing the Partner away and Pulling her back again, yet never letting his Partner go & breaking contact. It is like that feeling you have after you decide to stop Despirately Dance with the Disordered, there is that I hate the dance, I miss the dance, I want the dance, okay just one more dance, I hate the dance, I am never going to dance again. I hate being with N and I hate being without N, okay just one more time w/N, I am never going to be with N again. That is the Aftermath or Adversive Side Effects of the Intermittant Abuse & Toxic Love. It is the Painful Withdraws and Detoxing from the Illusion of N and his/her KoN.

When we assess the overall relationship & Dance with the N it is Good & Bad, Great & kind of Bad, Sort of Good & Horrible, Kind of Good and Horrendous, etc., various, conflicting, and confusing Perceptions of Reality. In the KoN the Disordered Dance is surrounded by FOG (Fear Obligation Guilt), and lit by Gaslighting, and usually without us knowing it we are no longer in Truth but wearing a Dress of Denial, so that we become desensitized to the Abuse and think, "it's not that bad" when the Truth is it is "bad enough". 

The Absence of Abuse, is not the presence of Love, it is only the absence of abuse. Love that contains abuse is not Authentic Love, it is Counterfeit Love, or Contaminated Love. It is an Illusion of what we want, need, and long for, and the reason we can not achieve it and maintain it with an N is because it does not exist. 

The N doesn't really love us, only loves what s/he can get out of us. Even when they "do the right thing" or "do a good thing" it is always for the wrong reasons. It is always what they can get out of it. 

Will the N ever give till it hurts? No. Ns will never give away something that is not replaceable to them. It is only until we completely leave the KoN that things begin to become clear.

When we stop wearing that Alluring Dress of Denial, no matter how good we think we look in it while we are in the KoN, we are ready to Discover the Truth.

Once we step out of the dark deception of the KoN, and into enlightenment we see the Dress of Denial is not at all attractive, much like the N who bought it for us. The N and all his/her Enablers keep telling us that the Dress of Denial looks Beautiful, was made just for us, and after all the N and the Enablers went though all this trouble finding it for us. Of course if we get tired of wearing the same old Dress of Denial, there are a lot more we can choose from, and try on until we find another that we like.

Then a very Loving Friend comes along and encourages us to try on a New Outfit called Truth which is available in the Shop called Reality, and the Great News is that it comes in Everyone's size. The only thing we need to do is look for it, and try it on. 

Sure at first it might seem a little uncomfortable, somewhat restricting, and we might be tempted to put on the Dress of Denial, but just wait a bit, it truly will get better. Change takes a bit to get use to. 

At first the image of us in Truth might not look that good, very different from what we have become accustomed & use to wearing. We have doubts that we look good in Truth, but our Friend encourages us to keep it on, that it takes a little time to get use to what we are seeing ourself in, but go head and take another look. 

When we take a good long, and honest look in the Mirror we enjoy what is being reflected back to us. We ask our Friend who is experienced in wearing Truth, just how much is this Truth going to cost me? Our Friend replies, it depends on how much ya got. No matter the Cost it must be a Price you are willing to pay.

Just when you have made up your mind to keep on Truth, the Sales Lady says, I have a New Dress of Denial, that just arrived today, it is gorgeous, and it is just your size; it is a whole lot cheaper than Truth. Would you like to try it on? 

You look at your Friend, and she shakes her head and you agree, and tell the Sales Lady, that is a very tempting offer, but I am going to take home Truth.

The Sales Lady asks, Would you like to put back on the Dress of Denial that you came in wearing, and have me pack up the Truth for you? No Way! I like the way Truth looks on me and I'm going to keep it on. 

The Sales Lady says, okay I will pack up the Dress of Denial, so you can take it back home with you, and put it back on when you want to. As you head home you say, No I don't need that Dress of Denial, it no longer suits me.

Special side note to my Friend Overwhelmed. In case you don't know, or have forgotten, or haven't bee told recently, I just want to let you know that you are a GREAT INSPIRATION! You truly are to me, and the other Warrior Women of Worth.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

When a Comment is not posted

To those who Comments are not posted, and anyone else who is interested, I will quote one of my fav. bloggers Anna from Narcissists Suck, in that it is not my job to explain the obvious.

This Post is really not for the benefit of others (those whose Comments were not posted) as much as it is for myself in that I could use a little or after reading this Post a lot of venting. Venting in a healthy way is Good for the Soul. It helps me to reevaluate my Boundaries from time to time and give them an upgrade where needed in order to Strengthen them so that they can do a more effective job at Protecting Self. It is Self-Care Management and Maintenance.

I am aware that some things in life are more obvious to some People than to Others, so I will explain the various reasons why certain Comments are not posted on my Blog. I will only do this once. Therefore, if anyone happens to question why his/her certain Comment was not posted I can refer them to this post which lists all the reasons. If the person can not figure out why his/her Comment was not posted then s/he never will and I don't need to waste my time explaining the obvious to those who are just Trolling for NS.

Most Comments that have not been posted are in regards to the NVamp in Sheep's Clothing, and were from one of her Enabling Henchwomen, or Myrmidonian Minions, or N-chanted & Deceived Followers, so I will address this and then the other types of Comments that are not posted.

For those who say I am a N because I dare to expose a N and question my Mental Health, like all former Victims/Targets of Ns I did question whether or not I would become a N or P like the Momster and Demon Dad and other Ns & Ps I have N-countered in my Life. I could extend the paragraph with greater detail explaining how I am not a N, but I feel uncomfortable talking about myself so much. This paragraph already seems too long. I am not comfortable singing my own Praises, especially for an extended amount of time. I assure you no one has been worried about my Mental Health more than me. I was born and raised in the KoN, so I had both Nurture and Nature against me. I have two Nsibs and I know the Research on Inheriting Pathology. Given these various N conditions that I was born and raised in & exposed to numerous times it is Statistically Impossible for me not to be a N to some degree. Wait for it! Don't get scared off! Praise God for Specializing in the Impossible! I have Great News for those that worry about my Mental Health. I have taken numerous Psychological & Personality Tests and the results consistantly & constantly show over the past 20 years that I have Abnormally Very High Empathy & Sympathy Off the Charts, there are also many other Scientific Indicators that say that I am NOT a N and I am a Normal Imperfect Human Being. I also rate Very High on Introspection and being Self-Aware. I care or have cared for others at a detriment to Self as most Kids born and raised in the KoN. Definately a Giver to a fault. Very hard for me to say No -- much better at it now! When something went wrong in a Relationship, I automatically assumed it was my fault somehow. HUGE desire to Help others. Can't stand to see others suffer in any way, except for Ns and Ps -- they sow what they reap! Given my Childhood History of trying to protect my younger Sibs from harm by placing myself between them and the Momster's attacks and with the Off the Chart Empathy I spent my entire Life up till now trying to Rescue my Sibs from the KoN and the Momster who rules it. I also tried to Save them from their Self-Sabotoging Behavioral Patterns. Trying to Save others (not just my Nsibs) has cost me great emotional, psychological, and financial hardships. No Doubt I use to suffer from a Savior Complex, but I am over that now. Praise the Lord! I know it is not my job to be anyone's Personal Savior, that Job Description has already been filled by Jesus Christ. I have definitely learned to Let Go and Let God help those who do not want my help. I will no longer risk drowning trying to teach others how to Swim who have no desire to Learn.

For those who believe that this Blog was created solely to expose Danu, then you are greatly deceived. Do the math, the great majority of my posts or articles are not about her at all. I am guesstimating that these posts/articles discussing Danu's Dangerous Deception make up less than 10% of my Blog (I haven't done the math). Less than 10% is Statistically Non-Significant (not to be confussed with the Purpose of these few post/articles discussing a Clear & Present Danger being Very Significant & Essential to share w/others). It is a N's pathological perspective that this entire blog or even the majority of it, or goal for it is about this particular N. I know Ns think that they are the Center of Attention, the Center of the Universe, our World and our Life, but they are NOT. There is more than one post or article addressing Danu's Deception & Harmful Attacks because more and more and even more Evidence kept coming forward and that Evidence & Proof was Essential to share with others, so that People can be warned about the Clear & Present Danger Danu presents to others. Sure one person's opinion can be written off as a Personal Disagreement or a Difference of Perspectives, but consider the Totality of ALL the Verifiable and Undeniable Evidence and I am sure that there is much more out there, and only a Person in extreme Denial would ignore what the rest of the World clearly sees. As time goes by more and more People contact me how Danu has misused her power to hurt others. I don't plan on making any more post/articles about this particular N, and I will only update the other posts/articles as I become aware of more Evidence.

For those of you who think I am obsessing over Ns and Ps you are greatly mistaken. The title of this Blog in case you forgot is Freedom from Toxic People, so the majority of my posts/articles on this Blog are going to address this Topic. I assure you that I am involved w/different Projects in my Life that do not involve the discussion of Ns or Ps. During my Recovery from the KoN these past two years my focus has been on dealing w/the NFOO and deciding to go NC w/them, but I have healed from the Pain of the Past, I have accepted What Is, and I value mySelf so I don't waste my Love on those who can not recipocate it. My Family of Choice is growing. I have Spiritual Sisters & Brothers who are AMAZING and more than make up for the void of the Biological Ones. The void of the NFOO is being filled and I am excited and passionate about Life. I have Friends from various backgrounds that enrich my Life. Some share my Faith and some do not, but all have a place in my heart.

For those who have a problem with me writting more than a few paragraphs in one post/article -- well that's your problem. It is your limitation not mine. I know traditionally Blog posts contain a few paragraphs due to some people's limited attention span and/or time. I guess there is a correlation between the length of a Blogger's Post and the PPR (Potential Popularity Rating) -- thing is my priorities don't include being Popular. I am Unpopular and Proud of it! I don't go w/what is Popular, I go with what is Right. I do recognize the Practical reason for limiting the size of my Posts/Articles and I am working on Portion Control. Some Posts/Articles are longer than others and some are shorter. Friends of mine have encouraged me to write a book, so perhaps these longer posts/articles are good practice. I have never thought of being a professional writer, but I have a Passion for Writing that I never knew was in me. My writing does not have to be valuable to everyone, just someone is good enough for me.

For those who have a problem with me being a Christian & speaking in my own voice -- well that's your problem.

Last week my Friend CZ, who has an insightful & enjoyable blog, The Narcissistic Continuum, as well as one of the best Free On-Line Support Groups for those who have N-countered Toxic People, which is called Web of Narcissism or WoN, received a comment from a roving reader she refers to as a robot. I wonder if it was the same one who attacked me this week too? I know there are many of them out there Trolling around on the internet.

CZ shared with us that she is planning to write a very interesting article on the Evolution of the Modern Day Snake Oil Salesperson, to know more Click Here. The PersoN whose comments I will not post because they only offer darkness instead of light personally attacked me with name calling because I dare to hold one of these Charlatans and Snake Oil SalesPersoN accountable and responsible for her actions & lack there of by not refering her client to a trained Professional who is much more qualified to help a Suicidal Client opposed to a Tapping Technician. This persoN did not like my article, Clear & Present Danger, because I held Danu responsible for allowing her own pathology to keep her from recognizing that she was way out of her League when trying to tap away her client's Suicidal Ideations. For those that do not know, I am a Professional Counselor, who is trained, educated and experienced, so it deeply bothers me when I hear about a Toxic Guru, Charlatan, or Snake Oil Salesperson getting away with Murder, as the author of The Secret did in the Arizona Sweat Lodge Tragedy.

There are many problems w/the Snake Oil tech Deception, first and foremost they get away w/Murder. This is not an exaggeration (wish it was), desparate people put their very lives in the hands of these Charletans and it ends up costing them their lives. The Placebo Effect is an extremely dangerous thing, because it creates Co-Dep of the worst kind. It deters & distracts from true Theraputic Healing. We can not put a Band-Aid on a Stab Wound and save the patient. The Band-Aid only covers up the wound, it does not heal it. These Charletans are not qualified to help those who are deeply wounded. These Charletans are not qualifed because they lack the Skills, Knowledge, Experience, Ethics, Empathy, and Conscience that it takes to help those who are suffering. If you have not read my Blog Post on this topic please do so, because there are some HUGE Red Flags which are referred to as Smoking Guns.
The Narcissist in Sheep's Clothing Cover-UP

When a person refers to their clients/members/customers and potential clients/members/customers as "*food*, to be trapped, hunted, or farmed" -- that is an example of someone who clearly does not have the other person's best interest at heart. These Charletans lack both Empathy and Ethics to say the very least. They lack a conscience that tells them they are way out of their League when they try to tap away a Person's Suicidal Ideations. A former EFT Client took her own life, because she relied on the EFT tech and Danu to help her. Kate, the Former and I believe Original Moderator of Danu's DONM Formum talks about that in the Clear and Present Danger to Others article.

Now a Normal Person would shut down their Practice or Business and take some time off if a client took her own life while undergoing treatment, but not a NVamp in Sheep's Clothing, no for him/her it is business as usual, cover-up and keep on deceiving People and N-chanting them out of their money. True Healers, those in the Helping Profession lose sleep over trying to figure out a better way to help their client, but not NVamps, they stay awake trying to figure out how to get more money from their clients, a better way to "trap, hunt, and farm" them.

Have these
Charletans even worked at a Suicide Hotline? Do they have a Psychology or Counseling Degree? Have they even taken an Ethics Class? Although you can't really teach Ethics as in something to acquire like Knowledge for a particular set of Skills, you either have Ethics or you don't, you either have Empathy or you don't. By the time a Person is an Adult they either have Empathy, Ethics, and Morals or they don't. Sure a deceptive N can fake these for a short time, but the Truth eventually comes out when the Mask slips.

What are their Credentials other than taking a EFT Weekend Course or watching a EFT YouTube video?

I wish it was only a matter of losing money when relying on these Charletans aka Modern Day Snake Oil Sales People, but it is not, people are losing their very lives when they trust a NVamp in Sheep's Clothing that views them as "*food*, to be trapped, hunted, or farmed" and devoured.
These Charletons don't have a Soul and they don't have the Heart of a Healer. They don't care about helping others, only helping themselves to others $Money$. Their Goal & Agenda is NOT what can I do for my clients, but what my clients can do for me which is provide me with Fame & Fortune. They don't have the heart of a Servant, they have the agenda of a Serpent.

When Danu was confronted about objectifying and dehumanizing her clients/members/customers by referring to them as "*food*, to be trapped, hunted, or farmed" she deflects responsiblity w/a very juvenile response, such as he said it first, blame him not me for this twisted perspective on clients as "food". Danu, like all Ns, never want to be accountable nor responsible for their hurtful behavior towards others. It is always someone else's fault, because Ns lack Empathy and Remorse.

Before you put your Healing in the Hands of others, do your research. Deep wounds caused by evil Ns and Ps can not just be tapped away. Sure the tapping can help to temporally reduce the obsessive thinking long enough to break the focus from the Toxic Person/Abuser and pick up the phone and find a great Therapist. There are no short cuts to healing, only cover-ups which prolong the Healing Process. Deep wounds require deep healing that only a trained & experienced Counselor or Therapist can provide.

To those who are either Disordered or Damage and leave flamming comments this next part pertains to your statements, intention, and agenda.

As I said earlier my Friend CZ was attacked by what she refers to as a "robot" who IMO was Trolling to cause harm, much like those Disordered and Damage People whose comments will not be posted here because their agenda is very clear to me that their intention is to fight & cause harm and not RESPECTFULLY discuss topics. People are free to disagree w/me, but they must do it in a RESPECTFUL way. I will not post any hateful comments that over generalizes, instills anger, resentment, mistrust, kindles hatred, enmity, and incites prejudicial beliefs and actions against innocent People. I am not going to post Hate Speech. Hating innocent people who never hurt you is wrong. Personally attacking someone because they have a different perspective or viewpoint is wrong,

Verbal abuse in any form towards any person or group of people (this includes Christians, Different Believers & Non-Belivers) will not be allowed on my Blog. People can express that they are mad at God or Some Christians or Some Believers, or Some Non-Believers and explain how s/he was hurt by a Toxic Person who happened to fall in a certain group, but I will not let someone post their Hateful Message and Smear Campiagn on my Blog -- there are plenty of Hate Monger's Blogs & Websites that will be more than happy to post your wicked words that only want to hurt others. Don't waste your time or mine trying to post your hateful comments here. Your comments won't be read and they will be immediately deleted, I know that fact won't stop a Stupid N or P from trying, but at least I have shown you respect by giving you fair warning.

The Bible says we will be attacked for who we are and our Faith, to expect it, but we do not have to accept it. We are to pray for our enemies, but we are not to be prey for our enemies.

When my Friend CZ posted this week how someone left her a devaluing comment and was also attacked this week -- well in a weird way it is kinda nice to know that I'm in Very Good Company! If it can happen to her, a Vet Blogger who is very talented w/writing then it can happen to us Toddler Bloggers too. I know I don't need to tell Healthy People this (well sometimes even us Healthy People need to be reminded), but for those who are not in the know, Writting, especially blogging for one's own Personal Blog, is first and foremost for the Self. It is Self-Expression. It is our Freedom as Bloggers to express what is happening along our own Journey.

Our Journey can be shared w/others, but it does not belong to others, it belongs to each one of us. Some walk the same path as we do, but not everyone will have the exact same perception as we do, because their view is slightly different from where they stand and how they move in this world. We were all created with our own unique walk. No two people have the exact same walk in life. It is okay to be different. God loves diversity. Our own Journey can be familiar at times and different at other moments in time. No two people experience the same exact situation the same exact way, we all have our own perception & perspective of reality.

And Ns and Ps well that is an entire different World View, their Underworld vs our Human World.

When we share our Life experiences with others we have certain perceptions, perspectives, viewpoints, feelings, and thoughts. Some People will relate and a few will hate. Those that hate need to get a HEALTHY Life and stop being a Disordered (well that's too much to ask for) or a Damaged Person and stop being envious of the Life we have and they don't. If they took a second to step out of the KoN they created for themselves they would realize we are not blogging to entertain them. We don't need nor want their Toxic Stamp of Approval about our Life or how we express it. Our Life is not a performance or an act like theirs and it is not subject to be evaluated through their pathological lenses. They have No Right to throw rotten tomatoes. Stupid Ns!

People who know me or at least have an accurate sense for who I am know that I don't mind someone RESPECTFULLY disagreeing with me -- in fact, I welcome it! I enjoy considering another's different perspective on Life and even on my Personal Life, because as a Blogger & Forum Member I put a large part of it out there. Respect, like Love, must be recipocated. I do not waste my time on Ns or Ps who are encapable of recipocating basic manners & humanity.

To the Haters who respond w/Flaming Fires of Hell, well all I can say is that I know your type, because I was raised by your type (using type was interesting unintended play on words). CZ & many of us have also N-countered your type. We are use to your Hell Fire and we are pretty much Fire Proof. We have lived, endured, and survived far worst than what you can project at us. We have learned to Rise Up from the Ashes more than once and your hateful & hate-filled words mean nothing, so they can do nothing to us. Those ugly words are filled w/evil intent, Lack Validity & Worth, thus have No Staying Power, so here is some Glue of Truth for your Projected Lies & Hideous, Repulsive, Pathological Persona -- and Yuck Off!

Praise God for those Authentic, Healthy and Kind People who read our Blogs, understand who we are and relate and/or respect what we are saying whether or not they agree with what we have to say or how we say it. We are NOT Performers, we are Authentic People living Authentic Lives, so if our Life does not meet the criteria of the Haters twisted perspectives, then that is fine with us.

Again, your comments do not have to be written in agreement, but they do need to be written w/Respect which means no Flaming Fires from Hell. I am repulsed by pathlogical agendas & intentions, so Ns & Ps who have the desire to do evil and are on my Blog getting ready to send hideous & hateful comments. . . Yuck Off!