Friday, December 24, 2010

There is no N in Christmas!

I can completely understand why the Holidays can be so Horrible for some people. For the last two years I have spent so much time dealing with what is wrong in my life that I didn't fully appreciate what is right and Wonderful in my life. We have extreme financial challenges, and we are not having a Consumer Christmas, I have not been in any contact from the NFOO, and it is the BEST Christmas EVER, because we are allowing the Spirit of Christmas Consume Us. Loved ones from our Church Family brought over some Christmas Gifts, and the Gifts we are giving others are Baked Goodies. It brings so much Joy to my heart to see my Dear Daughter (DD) delight in the baking process, and the end results of her accomplishments. I have been having tons of fun video tapping, and taking pics of this talented little Chef. At this very moment I have no Christmas Tree, no stockings hung by the Chimney with glee, or even a single present wrapped. The table and kitchen are covered in multiple layers of flour, dough, orange zest, chocolate, chopped nuts, different colors of icing, and various sprinkles. There is Powdered Sugar everywhere. We even went to bed last night covered from head to toe in Powdered Sugar.

Last year I would be freaking out and say, It is impossible to get ready for Christmas! I have run out of time! However, Christmas is not something you have to get ready for it is something to Enjoy & Experience. It is Spiritual, not Ritual, nor Commercial. Traditions are great as long as they are meaningful for you. There is sooooo much to Christmas that many of us miss out on because we allow others to define it for us. We are in the bad habit of being reactive to the Ns that we are not proactive for Self. Those of us who were born and raised in the Kingdom of Narcissism (KoN) we are conditioned/trained/programmed to allow others to define Self and our Life. It is time to end this Bad Habit or Conditioned Behavior of being defined by N, and living our life as a reaction. It is time for our Independence Day! If you want Christmas you have to Create Christmas & you have to be open to Experience Christmas. Not the Christmas others have defined, but one that is meaningful to you, to each one of us. Christmas is about Christ and it is His Birthday, Awesome Love, and Amazing Sacrifice that we are Celebrating. The Holidays are not Horrible, they are only horrible if we allow the N to define them for us. Do not let N control or contaminate Christmas.

If you want to find it, you must redefine it! Name It and Claim It! -- hey it works! Maybe not always instantly, but eventually. The shift begins right away, but the full effect might not be felt for awhile, so start today. Do not let The Spirit of Christmas Past w/the N contaminate & rob you from enjoying The Christmas Present. Sure the N was the Grinch who stole the Christmas Past, but if the N is no longer in your life, then handing them over our Christmas Presents is stealing from Self. We are packing up our own Christmas Presents, and doing the N's dirty work for them. Do we really want to be the Elf who handed over Self?

Reclaim Christmas! Christmas does not belong to the N. It is not defined by the N, and it definitely does not depend on the N, and it does not have to be controlled or ruined by the N. There is no N in Christmas! And if there is no more N in your life that that is a HUGE Gift to be Thankful for because the past may have been terrible, but the present and the future does not have to be, because it is N --- FREEEE!

For those who are still in the KoN, then perhaps a New Life some time in the New Year is something that might be on your Wish List, and you can start making plans for.  I will be praying for your Freedom. Do not let the FOG (Fear Obligation Guilt) from the KoN keep you trapped. Sure God hates Divorce, but God hates abuse much much much, etc. More, and you can not achieve an Abundant Life when you are chained or yoked to Evil and constantly dealing with Abuse.

There is a time for anger and a time for hurting, and that is part of the Healing Process, but there becomes a time and it is different for each one of us that we must reclaim our Life and our Happiness. I know it sounds soooo simplistic, but our Happiness does not depend on others, but rather our Perceptions and Self-Talk. There is truth in the saying that Reality is Relative. By the NFOO standards I should be having a Horrible Christmas, but I am not. What is very enjoyable for me would be terrible for them. If we go to bed saying Life is Terrible, Is it any wonder we don't want to get out of bed in the morning? Sure things may not be ideal, but at least they are real and thank God we are not living in the Deception & Illusion of the KoN. Yes, life can suck because there are way too many Ns & Ps walking around, but Life is also Awesome, and there are Amazing People that we haven't even met yet.

There is no N in Christmas! You can not spell Christmas with a N, and I would say it is impossible to experience Christmas with a N, because the N wants to be God. And they will make you pay when you dare to honor the real GOD. The only way a N gets in Christmas is if we put it there (I might have to read this post after having Christmas Dinner with a Family Turkey or two, wink!). I refuse to give the N the power to contaminate or ruin Christmas. I am no longer going to devalue what I have by focusing too much time on what I don't have in regards to the NFOO. I do not rely on them, and I am not defined by them. I have Freedom from the KoN and Love in the LOL (Land of Love) -- Who could ask for anything more?

Merry Christmas Friends!

Oh wow! Dear Husband surprisingly got home from work early today, I guess the Scrooge Supervisor has a heart after all!


  1. Inspirational post!

  2. Thanks for this lovely post. Hey, I happened to notice the strangest thing. The words joyful and peaceful are N Free, too! Not surprised:)

    DH and I also have a very minimal Christmas by the world's standards. I try to keep my focus on Jesus, not the mall.

    Have yourself a very merry little Christmas and the best New Year ever!

  3. Really enjoyed this post, and it was a comfort to me. Thanks for writing it.

  4. Thank you bemusedbybeleaguering, Jasmine, and PWC for reading & responding.

    No N in Joyful & Peaceful -- love that because those words describes what you find in the LOL (Land of Love)

    We could start a new post w/all the words that don't contain N.

    No N is Jesus, Christ, Lord, or Savior.

    There is a N in CouNterfeit and ENemy.