Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Narcissist in Sheep's Clothing Cover-Up

Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers, DONM forum members, and EFT customers, please do not be fooled by Danu's Cover-Up, dare to weight all of the undeniable, verifiable & confirmed evidence, especially what she truly thinks of You. In her own words she admits on her website to calling you, (me included as a former DONM member) as "*food*, to be trapped, hunted, or farmed". This is the closest thing you are going to get to a Smoking Gun. This is actually the Fourth Smoking Gun.

My DH has earned his degree in Graphic Design, certificed in Marketing, currently works in the field of Creative Marketing & Advertising had/has some big name clients and finds Danu's description of her own members/customers appalling & disgusting. None of his Professors, College Classmates, Professional Colleagues, nor Clients have ever referred to their current or potential customers in such a degrading, demeaning, and dehumanizing manner. Do not believe Danu's lies and be fooled into believing that this "metaphor" is acceptable to use to describe people who have been abused and are seeking help & compassion. The truth behind Danu's lies is that she "would have never used it", if others were going to find out and that she was going to eventually be held Accountable and Responsible for it. If I were still a member of her forum/KoN I would inform all my fellow members/friends what she really thinks of us and tell Danu to close my membership account, because I am nobody's "food". Do not feel like you are "trapped" by Danu and that there is no one else that will understand you and you have no where else to turn. There are others who can relate & understand what you have gone though in regarding your NM. I am just very concerned for your safty, because you are Nobody's Fool and certainly not a NVampire's "Food".

It is a very dangerous event when people stop thinking for themselves when there is very clear Undeniable & Confirmed Evidence that proves that they are being deceived by a N. There is no shame in being deceived by an insidious N. The shame belongs to the N alone. We have all been deceived by Danu and her Enablers. The Bible warns of Counterfeits who will deceive others. No wonder Danu hates the Bible and those who believe in it.

I am not going to get into a battle of She said, and She said, and She said, etc. (all of Danu's victims) vs. She lied (Danu). An insidious N tactic is to get you caught up in all the details of going back and forth, so I am just going to concentrate on the Four Smoking Guns. I hope this will be a teachable opportunity in which we can learn how a cunning & insidious N tries to cover-up her evil agenda and attacks.

I am not going to focus on the things that happened behind the scenes where Danu and her Enablers attack people behind closed doors and it is her word against many others. I want to focus on the Verifiable, Confirmed Proof of these Certain, Established, Indisputable, Incontestable, Incontrovertible, Indubitable & Irrefutable Facts which expose Danu's hidden agenda and True Identity of a NVamp who preys on others.

(Special Note: ALL of these statements are self-admitted by Danu on her own website using her exact words as well as her exact words that she herself posted on Two Different Hate Mongers websites).

On the DONM website owned & controlled by Danu there is/was an Ad claiming that Danu has The Secret to (7) seven little "healing" words that are suppose to magically heal somebody's deepest wounds that she suffered from an abusive "Mother" and those magical words can be yours for $10.00 -- that's more than $1.00 per word! From what I understand this ad was once removed from her website after it was first exposed. I guess this was undeniable clear evidence of her god-like mentality, which is a HUGE narcissistic trait.

(Update on this Ad) It has changed, according to Danu in her own words found on her own website in reference to her Tap yourself to Healing Tech. (which in and of itself I have nothing against), the Tapping Tech. requires Words of Affirmation. These are Danu's own words copied directly off her website,

"there are so many good phrases to use. But one of the most effective and powerful phrase I have used is a simple seven-word affirmation.

This Tapping Affirmation will transform your image of yourself, away from the one your Narcissistic Mother dumped on you, to one which you like and which you’re comfortable with.

This life-changing resource is only:


Evidence that her pathological grandiosity continues, only now it is not so overt. Did you notice that the price of her "powerful life-changing" 7 word phrase has tripled in just one year. Talk about inflation! I guess it is getting more and more expensive to try and cover-up the pathological grandiosity of N in Sheep's Clothing. Note that everyone else's affirmations are merely "good" but hers is "most effective, powerful and life-changing" and can be yours for $27.00 This is the First Smoking Gun.

A friend of mine and former DONM member makes a great point that I want to share.

Sugar you bring up a very good point. If a person takes the time to write something, wouldn't you want to make it easy for others to find? Why hide it? Why keep it a "Secret"?

Very interesting that her Accusation Page is not listed on her website so that others can
easily find it? As you said, Why is she hiding it? If she wrote it, wouldn't she want others to read it? No, she doesn't want the other "food" to find out. If people don't know that her past victims are coming forward, then she wants to keep her "food" in the dark. She does not want her "food" to be informed, because they might escape her KoN before she can get money from them. Unfortunately what she steals from others is not just money, but trust and so much more that can not be easily replaced.

She has a insidious way of hooking her "food". She tells people that other peoples words of affirmation are merely "good", but her 7 Magical Words, are " most effective"
implying others are not effective or at least not effective enough, and her 7 Magical Words are "life-changing" again implying that others are not. Her 7 Magical Words are not free and they are a kept a Secret unless you have $27.00

(remember, Danu is a self-admitted professional writer, and selects her words very carefully which is very important to keep in mind when you hear her other demeaning words she uses to describe others she detests/hate )

I am a person who believes in the Power of Positive Affirmations. Words do have the power to heal or to hurt. This is not a New Age thing that these Guru's have just discovered. This truth has been around for Ages. We have the power of Life and Death in our very Tongues, that is a Biblical Truth that these Counterfeits have plagiarized and stolen from God. For less than $27.00 you can purchase your very own Holy Handbook which contains way more than just 7 powerful words. In fact you can save the $27.00 and down load the Bible for Free. The Truth is Free and it can set you Free. Do not be hooked by the exaggerated claim from the Counterfeit aka NVamp in Sheep's Clothing that only her 7 Words or anybody else's are "
most effective & life-changing" and they hold the "Secret" to your healing. As stated earlier in this thread, people have lost their very life by trying to discover these N's "Secrets". The only Secret that they don't want us to discover is the Truth about their True Identity, which is a NVamp in Sheep's Clothing who sees people as "food" to devour.

A quick summary (for those who want more detailed info. click on the link above), I N-countered a N in Sheep's Clothing and I exposed her for the Counterfeit she is, at the time I only had my intuition that told me she is a Danger to Others. Over time various people who have been abused my this N have come forward to share what happened to them, as well as what they witnessed her do to others. Kate, a former friend and Moderator of Danu's forum/KoN shared w/me what she knew about how Danu targets and hurts others and how she views her customers/supporters as "*food*, to be trapped, hunted, or farmed" ~ Danu's own words that she admits to using and tries to justify. Almost unbelievable, unless you know how Ns operate. For those of us who have N-countered insidious Ns before we know just how cunning these Pathological Politician Ns can be in trying to justify their abusive behavior.

When you have been victimized by a N a person wants to know,
Is this N's behavior/traits obvious to others who are objective, know about NPD, and can identify a N when they see one?

The Narcissist in Sheep's Clothing Cover-Up is very interesting in demonstrating how cunning the N operates in order to protect her False Identity and hide it from the public.

I found it very interesting that Danu completely ignored & intentionally did not address the other Second Smoking Gun the link is on this post, Clear & Present Danger to Others.

Theses are Danu's own words, which expose her as a pathological liar, keep them in mind when you read her statements/lies listed at the end of this article. Danu lies and says, that she "has no hatered of Christians".
I run a website and forum for daughters of narcissistic mothers, and have long believed that the Christian Churches fall into the category of narcissism. The traits of grandiosity, beliefs of great success, entitlement, lack of empathy, requiring excessive admiration, interpersonally exploitative and arrogance certainly apply.

The model of "I'm perfect, you're scum" is the message narcissists give every day, and that Christianity teaches at its very core.

And another element which anybody who has encountered narcissists will know: they accept responsibility for NOTHING. It's ALWAYS somebody else's fault. Always. Without exception. They won't admit to the action if possible, but if they are forced to they will jump through the most amazing hoops to blame others.

And here I see exactly this happening.

To blame hippies' free love (which never as a policy included children) and the media (wtf?) for their shortcomings is very, very narcissistic.

Sounds hateful to me. If you are having a bit of trouble seeing the hate and only see an opinion, Click Here for a detailed explanation on how this qualifies as Hate Speech.

Important Update: Here is yet another post from Danu from a separate Hate Mongers website.

This is after the host of the site is trashing the Ten Commandments. On this hate filled website the members not only try and trash God, but everyone who believes in a higher power other than themselves. They detest/hate ALL Believers, not just Christians. Again look at the Hate Mongers Danu identifies with, not one but two separate websites. Here is Danu's reply to her fellow Hate Monger friend:

Hey! You’re back! I missed your posts!

Glad the play went well. I’m rehearsing for a play now too – all good clean fun.

Look forward to your acid, pointed and perfectly hilarious commentary on the next bit of the bible.

Here is the link to verify Danu's words & the Hate Mongers she associates & identifies with.

Third Smoking Gun.

Why do these Hate Mongers spend so much energy, time, and resources on something that they claim doesn't even exist?

Both the Second & Third Smoking Guns prove she has a hatred towards certain people (on second thought, considering the Smoking Gun, mentioned at the very beginning of this article aka The Fourth Smoking Gun, where she refers to her members/customers as "*food* to be trapped, hunted, or farmed"

I would say she detests all people because she objectifies & dehumanizes us by referring to us as "food", which is an Undeniable Strong N Trait. The fact that she even said it is horrible, but when she tries to justify it instead of having regret & remorse and apologize, that is just pure evil.

She can not deny what she said when everyone can click on the actual link that I have on my Blog and read her very own hateful words that she posted herself on websites that are proud of their hatred of all Believers, not just Christians. When you read her words do you see how she desperately wants to be accepted by these Hate Mongers? Very interesting that she would provide links on both of the Hate Monger's websites that will link back to her website, yet on her website she does Not link back to the Hate Mongers websites -- Why is that? What is she constantly hiding? Why wouldn't she want her members and customers to be aware of her associations w/these Hate Mongers who she clearly identifies with their viewpoint on hating others?

As we all know, Ns are notorious for their grandiose sense of Self in that they feel like they are God, and therefore expect & demand everyone to treat them as such. It is no surprise that they despise everyone who believes in our Creator. I refused to break the First Commandment and worship at the thrown of Danu and that is why I was banned from her KoN/forum.

She lists my blog address in red type , yet does not link it, because in her words "I’m not making it a clickable link as I don’t want to help it rank in the search engines, ..." -- you gotta laugh at those Ns! =LOL= When you are a victim of a N it never ever crosses your mind that the N is eNvious of you (people who they program/condition to believe we are Less-Than), so it really is funny to me that this Dangerous Guru with her own multiple marketing websites & forum would care about the rankings of a little blog. =rofl2=
On my blog there are links that go to her website or forum, because I directly copied them from what Danu & her gasLighter sent me. I have nothing to hide, so I hide nothing. The same can not be said about this N is Sheep's Clothing.

(When you read the N's lies/statements listed at the end of this article)
Did you notice Danu's Lack of Empathy for her former member who asked her to not use her real name in the testimony that was strong-armed by Danu? Danu admits that she refused her former member's request to remove her former member's real name. And tries to justify that refusal. =msn agony=
"And when she wrote asking me to take down the testimonials I didn't do that as they were honestly and freely sent at the time (I have done so since)". Now this is an Example of Lack of Empathy. Danu does not want to use her own real name, because her family might find out, but refused to have any Empathy & Compassion for one of her own former member's simple request to remove her real name. Undeniable a Strong N Trait. This was clearly a terrible choice by Danu, because she finally did what was right, showing that her first decision was very wrong & heartless, yet she gives No Apology & shows No Regret & No Remorse which is an Example of Lack of Remorse, Accountability & Responsibility, which is another Undeniable Strong N Trait.

On her business marketing site she refers to potential customers as *food*, to be trapped, hunted, or farmed, and does Danu admit that this was harsh language or even disrespectful? No! Does she apologize? No. She once again has absoulutely No Regret, No Remorse, No Empathy, Accountability, nor Responsibility, which is another Undeniable Strong N Trait for what she says about her own customers or potential customers. She once again tries to justify her hurtful behavior by deflecting responsibility on to someone else. It's not my fault is it his fault, and she offers up someone else's name who has absolutely no control over what Danu says and does at her own website. Even though she choose to say these terrible things she blames someone else, again another very Undeniable Strong N Trait.

As for what Danu, Light and Grace admitted to me, I still have their original e-mails of what they have said to confirm exactly what they said to me.

The Evidence keeps adding up, and I will add new links below of other former members "food" who have been hurt by Danu & her Enablers who go by the name of Light & Grace.

What breaks my heart the most is Danu's god-like view of herself prevented her from refering the suicidal client to a trained & qualified professional, had she done so her client would most likely still be alive today. NVamps such as Danu do not see people they only see (using Danu's own words) "food" to be devoured.

I am in tears knowing that even though there are not one, not two, but Three Smoking Guns and Numerous Undeniable Red Flags there will be those who will remain N-chanted by Danu. God knows I have done my very best to set the captives free from the very dangerous Narcissistic Vampire in Sheep's Clothing KoN.

So what can we do about this NVamp who considers her own members/customers to be "food" in which she desires to devour?
(1) we can warn everyone we know about this extremely dangerous NVamp who lacks remorse & empathy, by sending them the link to this post.
(2) we can request that Organizations who reward this NVamp and unwillingly support her deception of others remove the Reward they gave her.
Currently we can not move evil off the internet, but we can at least remove their awards which deceive others & set the trap that these Ns are safe. If you are concerned for others, and want to help prevent other people from being used & abused by this N, please spend less than one minute to contact Organized Wisdom. You can give them the link to this blog so that they can start their own fact checking, and hopefully remove the award they gave this Dangerous N.
Here is the link to Organized Wisdom.

Important Update! Organized Wisdom has Revoked the Award -- they have shown Wisdom in this matter. Please consider e-mailing them to say thank your for Doing the Right Thing when so many choose to turn a blind eye to the devastation Ns cause to others.

When Oprah had the "Secret" Counterfeit on her show it was a huge stamp of approval which reinforced & supported the deception of the N's False Identity. This is where Transference becomes very dangerous. People trust Oprah, and when she had that N or P on her show she is sending the message that this is a great Man doing fantastic things, I trust this Man, and so can you. And people did. They transferred their trust from Oprah to the evil Counterfeit. They literally trusted this evil Guru with their very Life and paid the ultimate price. Similar things are happening at that forum where very desperate and extremely vulnerable people are putting their emotional & physical well-being in the hands of a N or P in Sheep's Clothing. I for one will definitely be contacting Organized Wisdom and ask them to remove their stamp of approval that is aiding in deceiving other people and I urge others reading this to take the very short time to do the same. Those who know me & can objectively look at the evidence, realize that this is not about Revenge, but about Protecting Others. The ever accumulating evidence is overwhelmingly clear that this N in Sheep's Clothing is very Dangerous to Others. Just one of the Smoking Guns may not be enough by itself to convince others that N in Sheep's Clothing is actually dangerous, but add up ALL of the Smoking Guns & Huge Red Flags and you will come to the same conclusion that the rest of us have about this Deadly Counterfeit.

The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing. ~ Albert Einstein

But goodness alone is never enough. A hard cold wisdom is required, too, for goodness to accomplish good. Goodness without wisdom invariably accomplishes evil. ~ Robert Heinlein

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. ~ Edmund Burke

Currently we can not move evil off the internet, but we can at least remove their awards which deceive others & set the trap that these Ns are safe. Here is the link to
Organized Wisdom.

Important Update! Organized Wisdom has Revoked the Award -- they have shown Wisdom in this matter. Please consider e-mailing them to say thank your for Doing the Right Thing when so many choose to turn a blind eye to the devastation Ns cause to others.

Below is Danu's attempt to keep her "food" (again her words) N-chanted, so that they can not discover her True Identity of a NVamp in Sheep's Clothing and escape her KoN. See if you can detect any more N-traits and Red Flags. The following was directly copied from her website as of last night.

Accusations Against Me
It has come to my attention that various accusations are being made against me. My first reaction was to ignore them, but on reflection I am going to answer them here, and you can make up your own mind as to the truth of it all. I have no attachment to your end decision – I am not trying to persuade you in any way. I will just answer the accusations.

These accusations are being made at the following blog: I’m not making it a clickable link as I don’t want to help it rank in the search engines, but by all means copy and paste the link to go and see for yourself.

The blog is written by a woman calling herself Soaring Dove. She was a member of my forum and was banned for persistent breaking of the Terms of Use with regard to posting religious content. She feels that this was very unfair and indeed had written a previous blog post about this. I do not have the link for that to hand but it’s no doubt still on her blog and she could point you towards it.

They have exposed my real name on this blog post, but I have changed it back to my screen-name. Also the person 'Light' that is referred to is one of the other founder-members of the forum and a moderator.

I will quote her blog post and answer the comments:

DONM members you are in danger. Danu is not who she appears to be. The following information comes from one of the original DONM (Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers) moderators who knows firsthand how evil Danu is to fellow DONM members. I can confirm that Danu's real name is [my real name] I pray more and more former DONM's members will come forward to share what they know.

Obviously this is Soaring Dove's opening position, and she goes on to make her case, so I'll answer the points as she makes them.

Let me add one more very Dangerous Person to this list. She was/is a moderator of Danu's KoN and she admitted to me that she knows that Danu & Light target certain individuals and their Code of Conduct is very deceiving in that people should not be attacked for what they believe.

Soaring Dove is referring to username 'Grace'. I doubt very much that she ever said that I and Light 'target individuals' or that our Code of Conduct (now known as the Terms of Use) is 'deceiving'. Even if she did say this, how could it be 'deceiving' when it was made very clear?

I also note the loaded word 'admitted' - Grace may well have held an opinion, but that is not 'admitting' anything in the sense of admitting something shameful or hidden - it is making a statement. It is true that Grace did not agree with my policy on religion on the forum, but that was fine - we (as far as I know) agreed to differ.

I also need to say that nobody is attacked for what they believe. They are just asked not to share it. This applies to all faiths, not just Christianity.

She told me she knows Danu has attacked other DONM members before I became a member and she resigned her position as Moderator (I now question whether or not that was the truth).

Again I doubt very much that Grace said I had attacked other DONM members, but even if she did, it is not true. Grace did resign as moderator, in fully amicable conditions, and Soaring Dove has absolutely no reason to doubt this, so I don't know why she says it.

She then goes on to accuse Grace of stuff which a) is not true and b) I won't share here because it's not my place.

Along with Light this person [Grace] promotes Danu as a "Healer" when they both know she is an abuser of her own members.

Neither Light nor Grace promote me as a 'Healer' or ever have. Even *I* don't promote me as a healer, with or without a capital 'H' or quotes. I am an EFT practitioner and do promote myself as such - again, more below of this.

And certainly Light knows that I do not abuse my members, and I do not think that Grace holds this opinion.

Grace tried to help Soaring Dove at the time she was banned from the forum, and knowing Grace (we have met in real life; I have even stayed in her house) I can assure you that this was done with integrity, compassion and a genuine desire to help. But Soaring Dove has twisted this around into a rant on her blog about Grace and Grace's so-called agenda. I won't share that here as it does not pertain directly to myself, but I can assure you all that Soaring Dove's interpretation is not true.

How much weight you put on my assurances is, of course, up to you.

Danu, like all Cult Leaders is very charismatic and has the gift to tell you just what you need to hear, so that she appears to be an educated, insightful, understanding & trustworthy person. She told me it was both her professional & personal opinion that I am a talented & gifted writer, and that she was surprised I never thought of writing and thought that I was not very good at it. She had the ability to tap into a passion I never knew I had and only recently realized by communicating w/other DONM members, starting my own Blog and joining A Safe, Healthy, Encouraging, Very Enjoyable & Inspirational On-line Support Group,

It is true that I encouraged Soaring Dove to write as I found her writing to be good, and to set up a blog. I find it hugely ironic that she now uses this blog to defame me and also that she has, somehow, twisted this encouragement to meaning that I am trying to be a cult leader and have some nefarious purpose for encouraging her.

At the DONM forum, I enjoyed my interactions w/many great women and that is why I continued to stay even though it became very clear that Danu had placed a neon target on my back and it was only a matter of time before I was Unjustly Banned.

Soaring Dove kept breaking the Code of Conduct by proseltyising and preaching her religion and we gave her a number of warnings asking to to stop doing this. This is now interpreted as being a Neon Target.

In the end we did ban her for consistently breaking the Code of Conduct.


Next Soaring Dove shares a message she got from Kate, a former member and moderator.

Message from Kate:
I found your blog today purely by accident, but I'm so glad that I did.

I was one of the original moderators on Danu's DONM forum, and have my own story to tell, as do many other women who have been hurt by this wolf in sheep's clothing.

The site is basically run by Danu and Light who are both severely disturbed women. Danu has no training in psychology, is not an expert on narcissism, and created the site as a money making venture pushing her EFT.

Whether Light and I are severely disturbed you will have to decide for yourselves. I don't think so, but then I would say that of course.

It is true that I have no training in psychology, but then I never pretended to.

As for not being an expert in narcissism - again, I do not pretend to any more expertise than that of a DONM who has researched it.

I did not create the site as a money-making venture pushing EFT.

I created it as a resource for fellow-DONMs. I put months of my own time into creating the website and its information which is available free for anybody. And hours of time has gone, and continues to go, into running the forum, all for free. There is the possibility to donate if people want, but this is not required and, frankly, most people do not donate and the income from that is minimal - and that is fine.

As for the EFT - I am creating resources using EFT for people to purchase, and I make no apology for this. EFT is a wonderful tool for recovery and healing and I am delighted to be able to share it. I give the EFT instructions for free and it is only if people want the more specific resources that there is a cost. There is also a full money-back guarantee, so there is nothing underhand about this.

I first met her on Karyl McBride's forum for DONMs, which Danu was using as feeding grounds for new EFT customers. There were many red flags about Danu from the very beginning, and she was actually publically accused by another member of being a narcissist. The group there did not have a moderator so it was a bit like the Wild West, enter at your own risk.

It is true that this is where Kate and I first met. I was not using it as a feeding ground for EFT customers, although I was keen to tell people about it, and looking back, I can see I was too keen. But I was so excited to be able to share this amazing resource to try to help DONMs (again, you could learn it for free online).

I cannot comment as to the red flags - certainly Kate, who for a while was a friend of mine and was, as she shares below, a founder member of my forum, didn't see them at the time.

It is true that I was accused by another member of being N. Many members at the time did not agree with her, although several, including Kate, came to think so in time.

Danu was love-bombing the members that she felt would be helpful to her business aspirations, starting and maintaining off site friendships with these women, many of whom thought they were her new Best Friend, not realizing the others were receiving the same treatment. I was one of the major voices on that site, and was sought after by Danu as well. We emailed back and forth daily for almost a year. I am sorry to say that I ignored the red flags; I was just beginning the difficult healing process of separating from my family of origin and Danu stepped into the gap in my life left by those losses.

All I can say to this is that I had no game-plan, and was not 'love-bombing' people. Yes, I was making friends - people do. But I was not grooming people or similar. I had no nefarious agenda.

Again, you'll have to make up your own minds about this.

The result of the other member confronting Danu on her issues is that it effectively split the group. Danu started her own site/forum and a handful of us went with her. There were four original moderators, including Danu.

This is true, as far as it goes, except that there were five original moderators, not four. I set up the new forum as the old one was unsafe and unmoderated and I wanted to create a safe place.

I won't go into my story of how I became aware that I was participating in a giant scam, what ended up happening is that I decided to quit, but Tracy needed the last word and so I was fired and banned from the forum.

What actually happened is that Kate took exception to something a member had said, and wrote a PM to, as she thought, the other moderators complaining about this. This wasn't a Code of Conduct issue, but rather Kate's upset that the member was handling her (i.e. the member's) situation in a way which Kate didn't agree with.

This was bad enough, as it's not the moderator's place to have any opinion on the members' actions once they don't contravene the Code of Conduct. But worse, she somehow sent it to every single member of the forum. I have no doubt that this was a mistake, as Kate said it was.

But still, the repercussions would have been enormous. How could any member have felt safe if she thought she was being commented on behind her back like that? And Kate didn't try to contact us to cancel the PM. It remained to Light to stay up till 3.00 a.m. her time, until she could contact me and get the PM deleted.

Even then we did not turn on Kate. We were asking her what happened, alright, but it was in, 'Gosh we've got to sort this out' way - to make sure it never happened again.

But Kate got very defensive and felt that since she had apologised that should be an end to it, and that we were shaming her to continue going on about it. She and I e-mailed briefly about it, and as far as I was concerned I was still trying to sort it out, but Kate quickly asked me not to contact her again, and to delete her account. So I did not contact her again and we closed her account at that point.

There are many articles in the self help part of the forum that I either wrote, or copy/pasted from other sites. Within a week after I left, my name disappeared from those articles and they were attributed to others.

I genuinely don't recall doing this, but I cannot swear we didn't with regard to the copied articles. I do not think we attributed her writings to others. If we did, we should not have done so and I would still correct that once I knew which ones she's referring to.

There is currently a group of women on FB who have an under the radar type of group...all of them victimized in one way or another by Danu. Your story is a familiar one. I believe there is a revolving door or women being banned from that forum for bogus and/or arbitrary reasons.

We run a tight ship on the forum, and we do ban people who are contravening the Code of Conduct (Terms of Use as it now is called), and also people who give off big N-flags. This is done to protect the existing members.

It is very interesting to me that Danu's hatred of Christians has become so pronounced. Since she's from Ireland, her only experience with organized religion is with the Roman Catholic church, but she uses a very broad brush to color all people of faith.

In my very first phone conversation with her she jumped all over my beliefs. I had identified myself on the blog as a Christian, not in an obnoxious or pushy way, it just came up in my posts when I shared. Danu attempted to tear into my beliefs on the phone, which I politely sidestepped. That conversation was full of red flags, looking at it in hindsight.

I have no hatred of Christians. I certainly did not intend to tear into Kate's beliefs, but it is very possible that I was clumsy and it felt like that to her and I apologise unreservedly for that.

(just wanted to remind you of Danu's own words that she posted on a Hate Monger's website)

I run a website and forum for daughters of narcissistic mothers, and have long believed that the Christian Churches fall into the category of narcissism. The traits of grandiosity, beliefs of great success, entitlement, lack of empathy, requiring excessive admiration, interpersonally exploitative and arrogance certainly apply.

The model of "I'm perfect, you're scum" is the message narcissists give every day, and that Christianity teaches at its very core.

And another element which anybody who has encountered narcissists will know: they accept responsibility for NOTHING. It's ALWAYS somebody else's fault. Always. Without exception. They won't admit to the action if possible, but if they are forced to they will jump through the most amazing hoops to blame others.

And here I see exactly this happening.

To blame hippies' free love (which never as a policy included children) and the media (wtf?) for their shortcomings is very, very narcissistic.

There are so many other women who have walked in your shoes. Women who are angry and wish they could expose this fraud for who she is.

It's true that there are many women who have been banned from the forum and are angry about it.

A lot of bad things happened on Danu's watch. A forum member committed suicide. It was hushed up, because Danu/Light didn't want the members to get upset. This woman was someone that Danu had "befriended" on Dr. McBride's site. This woman had had a horrendous childhood and had already been hospitalized for a previous suicide attempt. Danu believed that she could cure her with EFT.

This is such a misrepesentation of the truth that I gasp to read it.

It is true that a forum member committed suicide, that I met her on Dr. McBride's site originally (and she had come to the new forum) and that she had had a horrendous childhood and had been hospitalised.

It is not true that I "befriended" her in quotes. I did befriend her and I venture to suggest that I was a good friend to her. I did offer to do some EFT with her (EFT is excellent at helping with trauma) but she didn't want to and that was fine.

Her suicide had nothing to do with her membership of the forum, and the insinuation that it was is totally erronous. She had not even been on the forum much (or at all, as far as I know) in the last few months of her life.

And it is true that we didn't allow her death to be announced publically on the forum. This is for two reasons. The first - and biggest reason - is that, since she hadn't been on the forum much at that time, most of the current members didn't know her and so it felt sensationalist and drama-seeking to speak of her death in this way. Those of us who knew her spoke of her and mourned her behind the scenes.

The second reason is that we didn't want to upset the members - it's a fact that speaking of suicide can contribute to it.

The term 'hush-up' is another loaded term, insinuating that we had something to hide about it. This was not so.

Another friend of mine was bullied into doing EFT with Danu, the subject being the woman's molestatation by her father. It is stated on professional EFT sites that it is best to leave the deeply traumatized to the care of a therapist, and to use great caution in opening up really deep wounds. Danu strong armed my friend into agreeing to the EFT and then proceeded to stomp on her soul with hobnail boots. The friend ended up in severe emotional distress and told Danu that she did not want to continue. She was strong-armed into another session, and then hounded to write up "testimonials" for the DONM forum website and for Danu's EFT website. Despite the women's expressed worry about her abusive family finding it on the internet, Danu posted the "testimonial" with the woman's full name and location.

This is another misrepresentation.

This woman was already in severe emotional distress due to huge abuse. I encouraged her to go for therapy or to a local EFT practitioner, but she had no money to do either of these things. I therefore offered to do EFT over the phone with her, for free, on my own expense of international phone calls, and she agreed. I did say to her that this was far from ideal - as I said, the ideal would have been one-to-one personal therapy with a local EFT practitioner, and she told me she understood that. I did ask her that if she got good results I would appreciate a testimonial from her, and she agreed to this. I dispute entirely that I 'hounded' her at all.

She did get good results on the two or three sessions we had, as best as I could judge. By which I mean that she came to the call with a particular memory which was really upsetting her, and by the end of the session that particular memory no longer bothered her at all. And she wrote me testimonials to indicate this. She put her real, full, name and general location on them, and I double-checked if she was happy with that (most people just use their initials). She said she was, and on that basis I put them up.

She never expressed any worry about her family finding it - not to me anyway. And when she wrote asking me to take down the testimonials I didn't do that as they were honestly and freely sent at the time (I have done so since), but I took her identifying details away immediately upon receiving that.

I dispute entirely that I strong-armed her into anything, and when she said she didn't want to continue I accepted that immediately.

The last time I checked, Danu Morrigan, (wasn't that a red flag that she wouldn't even disclose her real name?) has at least 13 websites, all coming from a different angle, but with the same motivation. Making money. On her business marketing site she refers to potential customers as *food*, to be trapped, hunted, or farmed

I do have a number of websites, yes, although I'm not sure it's as many as 13. It could be I guess. And yes, all the others are business websites with the aim of making money. It's called capitalism.

As for the metaphor of customers as food to be trapped, hunted or farmed - this is a metaphor originating with marketing expert Dan Kennedy, and shows the difference between a sustained 'farming' model of agriculture where you keep in touch with existing customers and look after them on the one hand, and a 'hunting' model of marketing where you are desperately looking for new customers all the time.

It was a metaphor. I'd never have used it if I'd known it was going to be twisted like this. And I can only say that I do not view the members of my DONM forum as food or prey or anything like that.

Again, you'll make up your own minds about that, as you should.

As for not using my real name, I explain on my website about that - I would prefer that my family not find out about this. I wasn't keeping my identity that much of a secret or Kate and others wouldn't know it.

I am not a mental health expert, but I would peg Danu and Light as textbook Ns

You'll need to make up your own minds about this too.

Danu's EFT credentials aren't that great either. The last I checked she had the equivalent of several weekend seminars of instruction.

I have done a lot more than that; I have been undergoing continuous training and learning for the past seven years. But it's true that I did not attend a year-long or two-year long course. Those things don't exist. Just as the first people in any evolving model aren't officially trained or certified by some central body, neither are EFT people.

I thought about posting this anonymously, but I can't make that work, so let the chips fall where they may. I would be glad to talk with you via email. Let me know if that is something you would be interested in. There is a growing community of women who have all had similar experiences and I'm sure they would be more than welcoming to you if you'd like to process this with others who have been there.

It's true that I have made a lot of enemies doing this. Whether that's because I'm N and have hurt a lot of innocent people as Kate and Soaring Dove claim, or whether it's because I'm an ordinary DONM who has banned a lot of trouble-makers, trolls, and Ns in my turn, I leave it to you to decide.

I do not wish to escalate this or get involved in the drama or such. I am just answering the accusations. I do not expect anybody to comment in my favour on Soaring Dove's blog - that would just escalate the whole thing.

I have spoken my truth now and people can make up their own minds. I have no attachment to what they decide.


  1. I can ASSURE anybody reading this that I am not a trouble maker, a troll or a narcissist. This woman is diabolical. She admits to having 13 websites. HERE IS THE LINK TO HER WEBSITE. Read it for yourself and decide if you think this woman is innocent. She feels you out. Are you going to support her EFT? Are you going to gain popularity that she is threatened by? Are you going to mention God? I recomemended a Christian book "People of the Lie" by M. Scott Peck. Both Danu and Light are at time contemptuous of the "feelings" of their forum members. I wasn't a spammer. I was a commentor...a encourager. I received POSITIVE FEEDBACK form forum members about my contribution to their recovery and I learned a lot from the forum in spite of these horrible women. With that said, I am strong now. I can handle re-injury. The same cannot be said for every woman on the forum. Their were many fragile women who were cited for violations who would post new topics saying "I'm sorry, what did I do wrong?" Yesterday, I got a VERY BAD FEELING about this forum and today I was banned. God must have his hand in this but what about the rest of the women over there?

    This is what I recommend. Blog about this. sign up and post "warning" topics. They'll be deleted and your account will be deleted but someone will see it before it is deleted.. PM forum members and provide the links to the blogs about this. Just don't let the Wizard get away with the FRAUD. I might even set up a forum eventually. I am so horrified that this psychopath is out there hurting people with her words/actions. I think she gets a twisted little kick out of the power she has and she is repeating the pattern of our narcissistic mothers. A healthy person wouldn't have anything to do with this person so ironically, the DoNM site is a perfect place for this narcissist in sheeps clothing to get N supply ****sick****

  2. Kelly, I am so sorry that these Counterfeits are still at it re-injuring those who seek their help. I am relieved that you found my Blog and you know it is nothing that you have done to get banned by these Ns in Sheep's Clothing. Because of the Damage these Ns cause those who are already wounded to begin with, those who need help will now avoid getting help in fear that they will again be hurt. I totally support you in warning others about the Dangers of Unsafe Forums.

    Christians, other Believers, and Non-Believers have all contacted me to say that these Ns must be stopped before they hurt more People. I will continue to keep posting new info. as it becomes available.

    The Good News it that because of this Blog and the Postings on the Unsafe Forums those who have been victimized & re-injured by these Ns in Sheep's Clothing, will know that it was NOTHING they did wrong, but the N's pathology that got them banned.

    And MORE GOOD NEWS is those who considering joining these Unsafe Forums can do a Google Search and find this Post and at the very least be aware of what could happen. I have been contacted by People thanking me for Posting my Experiences as well as others, and by doing so they were warned of an Unsafe Forum and avoided joining a Dangerous Place where People are constantly being re-injured by Ns. They are VERY Thankful that they were able to avoid becoming another Victim.

  3. Next time before I join a forum, I am going to do a search on "banned from...."

    I just wanted to THANK YOU again for your blog! I don't know how I would have processed it if I did not find validation. The action of BANNING without warning or explanation is an act of "CRAZY MAKING" in itself!

    I have been hurt by the church and now a website for DoNM's. Sometimes the world seems COLD.

    Be as gentle as a dove and as wise as a serpent! :)

  4. just thought I'd let you know that I posted a blog on this subject today and referenced your blog: