Monday, November 22, 2010

Clear & Present Danger to Others

DONM members you are in danger. Danu is not who she appears to be. The following information comes from one of the original DONM (Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers) Moderators who knows firsthand how evil Danu is to fellow DONM members. I can confirm that Danu's real name is Tracy Culleton. I pray more and more former DONM's members will come forward to share what they know.

There are Three, Yikes! Another one was just discovered, there are Now Four Smoking Guns that prove this NVamp is a Clear and Present Danger to Others.

The Confirmed & Verifiable Evidence (aka Four Smoking Guns) keeps adding up to expose the NVamp in Sheep's Clothing who refers to her own members/customers as "food", to be trapped, hunted, or farmed. See how the evidence keeps adding up, and how this Counterfeit lies to cover-up what she has said and done to hurt others, Click Here.

Let me add one more very Dangerous Person to this list. She was/is a moderator of Danu's/Tracy's KoN and she admitted to me that she knows that Danu & Light target certain individuals and their Code of Conduct is very deceiving in that people should not be attacked for what they believe. She told me she knows Danu has attacked other DONM members before I became a member and she resigned her position as Moderator (I now question whether or not that was the truth). Along with Light this person promotes Danu as a "Healer" when they both know she is an abuser of her own members. This present/former moderator went by the name of Grace (real name Diane Gorman). Her agenda is to make money off of the DONM members by selling her book & workbook to them, called The Seven Lessons. She deceives people by saying it is "transformational", and the only thing I can see it doing is transforming her into an Enabler, or more accurately a covert N by using people for her own financial gain. She has admitted to me that what Danu & Light do to other members behind closed doors is wrong and she says she has talked to Danu about it, but Grace has not left the DONM forum as far as I know. I do not break the anonymity of a person, unless they are a serious Danger to Others and I truly believe Grace/Diane is a Danger to Others. She Victim Blamed me in a very insidious way that only a true N can pull off by the victim actually thinking the N is trying to "help" her see how she contributed to her victimization. In other words what I could have done different to prevent being attacked & abused. The responsibility is solely on the Abuser not to Abuse. Diane needs to ask & require Danu/Tracy to do things differently and not attack others. Tracy, like all Cult Leaders is very charismatic and has the gift to tell you just what you need to hear, so that she appears to be an educated, insightful, understanding & trustworthy person. She told me it was both her professional & personal opinion that I am a talented & gifted writer, and that she was surprised I never thought of writing and thought that I was not very good at it. She had the ability to tap into a passion I never knew I had and only recently realized by communicating w/other DONM members, starting my own Blog and joining A Safe, Healthy, Encouraging, Very Enjoyable & Inspirational On-line Support Group, At the DONM forum, I enjoyed my interactions w/many great women and that is why I continued to stay even though it became very clear that Danu/Tracy had placed a neon target on my back and it was only a matter of time before I was Unjustly Banned. During the attacks from Danu/Tracy I thought Grace/Diane was a sympathetic & understanding friend, but I was greatly deceived by her. There are no reasons nor excuses that can justify Danu/Tracy's attacks. While Danu & Light were attacking me Grace/Diane sent me her Seven Steps via pdf, and volunteered to personally mentor me through the Seven Steps, so she could "help" me "not be so fearful". Turns out I had a lot to be fearful of such as when Ns & Ps get away w/Murder by not leaving any fingerprints behind. I never had any fear for myself, only what these Evil Charlatans could do to very vulnerable people who are desperate for a Friend, Leader, and Healer.

Message from Kate:
I found your blog today purely by accident, but I'm so glad that I did.

I was one of the original moderators on Danu's DONM forum, and have my own story to tell, as do many other women who have been hurt by this wolf in sheep's clothing.

The site is basically run by Danu (real name, Tracy Culleton) and Light (Michelle) who are both severely disturbed women. Tracy has no training in psychology, is not an expert on narcissism, and created the site as a money making venture pushing her EFT.

I first met her on Karyl McBride's forum for DONMs, which Danu was using as feeding grounds for new EFT customers. There were many red flags about Tracy from the very beginning, and she was actually publically accused by another member of being a narcissist. The group there did not have a moderator so it was a bit like the Wild West, enter at your own risk.

Tracy was love-bombing the members that she felt would be helpful to her business aspirations, starting and maintaining off site friendships with these women, many of whom thought they were her new Best Friend, not realizing the others were receiving the same treatment. I was one of the major voices on that site, and was sought after by Tracy as well. We emailed back and forth daily for almost a year. I am sorry to say that I ignored the red flags; I was just beginning the difficult healing process of separating from my family of origin and Tracy stepped into the gap in my life left by those losses.

The result of the other member confronting Tracy/Danu on her issues is that it effectively split the group. Tracy started her own site/forum and a handful of us went with her. There were four original moderators, including Tracy/Danu.

I won't go into my story of how I became aware that I was participating in a giant scam, what ended up happening is that I decided to quit, but Tracy needed the last word and so I was fired and banned from the forum. There are many articles in the self help part of the forum that I either wrote, or copy/pasted from other sites. Within a week after I left, my name disappeared from those articles and they were attributed to others.

I was a bit at loose ends after this experience, angry, confused, and blaming myself. I reconnected with some of the other women I'd met on Dr. McBride's site, and lo and behold...many of them had also had bad/terrible experiences with Tracy.

(breaking post into two...tried to post and it was too long)

There is currently a group of women on FB who have an under the radar type of group...all of them victimized in one way or another by Tracy. Your story is a familiar one. I believe there is a revolving door or women being banned from that forum for bogus and/or arbitrary reasons.

It is very interesting to me that Tracy's hatred of Christians has become so pronounced. Since she's from Ireland, her only experience with organized religion is with the Roman Catholic church, but she uses a very broad brush to color all people of faith.

In my very first phone conversation with her she jumped all over my beliefs. I had identified myself on the blog as a Christian, not in an obnoxious or pushy way, it just came up in my posts when I shared. Tracy attempted to tear into my beliefs on the phone, which I politely sidestepped. That conversation was full of red flags, looking at it in hindsight.

There are so many other women who have walked in your shoes. Women who are angry and wish they could expose this fraud for who she is.

A lot of bad things happened on TCs watch. A forum member committed suicide. It was hushed up, because Tracy/Michelle didn't want the members to get upset. This woman was someone that TC had "befriended" on Dr. McBride's site. This woman had had a horrendous childhood and had already been hospitalized for a previous suicide attempt. TC believed that she could cure her with EFT.

Another friend of mine was bullied into doing EFT with TC, the subject being the woman's molestatation by her father. It is stated on professional EFT sites that it is best to leave the deeply traumatized to the care of a therapist, and to use great caution in opening up really deep wounds. TC strong armed my friend into agreeing to the EFT and then proceeded to stomp on her soul with hobnail boots. The friend ended up in severe emotional distress and told TC that she did not want to continue. She was strong-armed into another session, and then hounded to write up "testimonials" for the DONM forum website and for TCs EFT website. Despite the women's expressed worry about her abusive family finding it on the internet, TC posted the "testimonial" with the woman's full name and location.

The last time I checked, TC(known to you as Danu Morrigan, wasn't that a red flag that she wouldn't even disclose her real name?) has at least 13 websites, all coming from a different angle, but with the same motivation. Making money. On her business marketing site she refers to potential customers as *food*, to be trapped, hunted, or farmed.

I am not a mental health expert, but I would peg TC and Michelle as textbook Ns.

TCs EFT credentials aren't that great either. The last I checked she had the equivalent of several weekend seminars of instruction.

I thought about posting this anonymously, but I can't make that work, so let the chips fall where they may. I would be glad to talk with you via email. Let me know if that is something you would be interested in. There is a growing community of women who have all had similar experiences and I'm sure they would be more than welcoming to you if you'd like to process this with others who have been there.


  1. OMG, I can't believe I found this post today! I joined Danu's website back in April and thought it was the greatest thing around. Little did I know....

    Just yesterday, when I went to log on, I received the message "YOU HAVE BEEN PERMANENTLY BANNED FROM THIS WEBSITE. THE SITE MANAGEMENT WILL NOT DISCUSS THIS FURTHER." Say what???!!!

    The site was running slow for two days, so I thought it might be having problems and perhaps every poster was receiving that message. So I sent "Site Management" an email, asking what's up. No response.

    I waited a couple of hours and sent an email to Danu through a link on another website (since I can no longer get onto the DONM website). Again, no response.

    I spent the day wondering what on earth I did to cause my being PERMANENTLY BANNED! I couldn't help compare it to how my NM used to make me feel as a kid when she'd send me to my room and not tell me why! So I've been banned for life and haven't a clue what it was all about. Just two hours earlier Light sent me a friendly PM about a different matter. So what in hell was this all about???

    Today, I'm wondering if it's because I only donated $15 to Danu for the website's "upkeep" and I also did not partake in her EFT Therapy after 7 months of posting. Who knows? And who cares?????

    But when you think about it, isn't that the ultimate N act -- abruptly banning someone for life and never telling them why? LOL.

    Thanks for your perfect column! I'm still laughing at these crackpots.

  2. Hello Soaring Dove,

    Since I wrote the above post I've met many more women who have been banned from Tracy's DONM forum. The reasons are varied, but all boil down to one thing, they were a threat to Tracy's ego. I've heard that the support among the members is still mostly positive, but the fact that the group is being run by two women who are not experts, yet pose as experts, women with an agenda, is very troubling.

    I can confirm that Diane was one of the original moderators. I lost touch with her shortly after I was banned from the site, except for one email exchange where she let me know she was backing away from online involvement to spend more time with her family. Diane is actually a nice person, I am surprised/dismayed that she is still partnering with TC and is not speaking out about the abuse despite knowing about it. It does sound like she is enabling it.

    With your permission, I can alert the other women I know and some of them may want to share their own experiences with you and your readers.

    It pains me greatly to think of DONMs being further taken advantage of and wounded by this wolf in sheep's clothing masquerading as a helper.

  3. Terry Welcome to the Club of PERMANENTLY BANNED from the DONM forum we are honored to have you as one of our members. All kidding aside, it definitely was a blessing & a testament to the strength of your character that a N or P would be so threatened by your presence that she would have to ban you. This could just be my ego talking, perhaps since I started the column on The Ultimate Gaslighting-you be the judge! Danu/Tracy no longer provides reason for the ban of a member. Why? Because she doesn't want to exposed to the public for being a N or P. She can not give you a reason, because no valid one exists and she knows it. The god-like mentality of the N & P gives them the illusion or delusion that they are above everyone else, that they are Superior and therefore do not have to be held responsible nor accountable for the choices.
    Terry I tell people The Gut is a Gift, trust it. It is telling you that you were banned because you did not contribute more financially I would say you are spot on w/that assessment. Charlatans do not want any skeptics around, because they scare off potential customers/prey. Because you are not singing praises for her Magical Healing Tech. nor inflating her pathology through endless compliments she had no use for you. And she did what our NM did to us and gave us the Ultimate Silent Treatment by banning us from her KoN. At least you escaped w/out going through the devaluing process behind closed doors in the PM and personal e-mails. May I recommend checking out,29.0.html

    You don't have to join in order to read the posts & there is no membership dues, nor snake oil to buy.

    Terry I a thrilled to see that you can laugh over these crackpots, it took some time to get to that point and now from Kate has said about the former DONM committing suicide I have nothing but Disgust and Repulsion for those Counterfeits.

  4. Hellooo. I, too, was permanently banned on the DoNM site back in the spring. I was shocked and shamed to feel like I was back in elementary school with my fingers smacked. I think it was my post about my christian views.

    I was soo saddened. I had felt like I wasn't on the island of waking up from narcissistic mom all by myself. A few months ago I stumbled upon this blog and read periodically.

    I did get the sense that something was off when Danu kept posting "warnings" to other members about a code of conduct validation.

    I was ssoo crushed. Glad to see I wasn't the only one..

  5. I, too, was banished by that DONM community this past spring. I was too happy to find a community that GOT what I was able to finally see. I think I was banished due to my Catholic/Christian views under spiritual abuse topic, when I got warned it was a secular board...and then POOF, I was shunned.

    It was a blow that I was completely unprepared for and quite honestly was very shaming and I felt attacked. Abandoned when I needed others validation.

    Still looking for an online community for validation...

  6. Terri, I am sorry to hear that you were treated terrible too. There will be a day when there will be more people banned by the Troll Queen then those who actively participate in her forum. I would like to recommend checking out, /, many, probably most members there have a Nparent and can relate to what we have endured. You can speak in your own voice. Some share our belief and other's don't, but all respect each other's different perspective. You can read the posts w/out joining to see how others are treated. There is no fee to join and no snake oil to purchase.

  7. At Web of there are also a Ton of very helpful resources from scientific articles to talk radio programs to humorous videos. It is definitely worth surfing on over and taking a look around.

  8. Hi Soaring Dove, Thanks for posting this. I have been to Dr. McBride's site but never frequented their message boards. I had a bad experience with another message board run by different people, but with roughly the same experiences. Unfortunately, even finding out who runs these boards is tricky...they seem to hide behind the curtain like in the Wizard of Oz.

  9. rys, the DONM Forum manipulated by Danu/Tracy & Light/Michelle mentioned in the above article and other posts, like Gaslight you be the Judge, Buyer Beware Unsafe Forum is Not the same forum as Dr. McBrides. I just wanted to clarify that. They both use the DONM term, but are Not the same forum.
    I am sorry to hear you also had a bad experience at another Forum. You should post about it so others can be warned about these Ns in Sheep's Clothing.

  10. I too received a "you have been permanently banned" message when I last attempted to go to the DONM site. I was told in a PM to expect that, because there was no option for it to say the member had voluntarily decided not to be a member anymore. The fact was, I never HAD decided to delete my membership; I'd merely responded to a PM from the site administrator that I might not be posting anymore. Someone decided to boot me off completely anyway.

    It all started when I went back on the board after several months, and saw that another member's NM had died. She said she had peace now, and something like she was going to let God fix or heal her NM, instead. Along with consolations, I simply said I admired her for that; shortly after, I received a PM saying my post had been edited, and that I needed to re-read the rules before I posted again. That's when I said I probably wouldn't be posting anymore, anyway (basically, don't worry about any further violations). Next thing I knew, I was banned. I e-mailed the S.A. from my other account to explain; no response.

    If DONM is a "secular" forum, fine; but, for a member to mention briefly that she's letting God or whatever Higher Power she might believe in, deal with her NM (and for another member to agree) is hardly pushing one's faith into the forum.

    Having rules about members not pushing their beliefs on others is fine; but what I did was hardly that at all. For awhile now I've wondered why there seemed to be such an adversion toward anything to do with God; it seemed very strange. This site explains it.

    I initially felt hurt because I'd had several nice and helpful PM's from Danu and Light (and other members), and thought I was welcome there. Now that I see others have gone through something similar, I feel much better. Thanks!

  11. Thank you ratmommy for posting what happened to you, because it brings Clarity, Confirmation and Validation for others. You are so right a "secular" and "open" form means that both points of view should be present. If people are allowed to slam God then people should be allowed to BRIEFLY thank God. You were supporting a fellow member and you we attacked the evil Leader for doing a kind thing (HUGE RED FLAG). I hope you have other member's e-mails and can contact them to let them know what happened to you and others. This N in Sheep's Clothing needs to be stopped before she hurts anyone else. If you ever want to talk with people who understand Ns, please surf on over to WoN where you can speak in your own voice and not be attacked. Problem is the N in Sheep's clothing N-chants her members as you have experienced, so it is hard to believe that she can be so cruel to others when you have only experienced kindness from her. But the ever grown Evidence reveals her true identity.

  12. post disappeared. Great day here. First, this am, I was banned (!) from Danu's DoNMs site...and given no reason. Now the post I wrote here has disappeared.

    What gives? Well, I tried to register for Web of Nar. and that didn't work either.

    I think I will give up. I have a website, where I write about narcissism and the damage it does to women. I have no idea why I was dumped by Danu and company, and they are not coming forth with a reason, but I have noticed that members of DoNMs have come to read my site. I wonder...

    Well, so it goes. I am appalled at the behavior of women who proclaim their empathy towards other daugthers and then mess with people psychologically. We suffer enough with the NM and the FOOs, to have a website dump credible members is just more narcissistic abuse in my opinion.

    We need to remove ourselves from this abuse. It is a terrible continuating of rejection and betrayal.

    Lady Nyo, feeling rather rejected tonight

  13. Lady Nyo, I will have to check out your website. Keep writing it out to get it out. I have found that blogging is very therapeutic. I know it hurts to be banned from a place where people understand what we have all been through w/NMs, their lack of love and desire to hurt others so they can feel good. I know you feel rejected, but that too is only an illusion. You are not rejected only released. It still hurts, but the more you find out about Danu and how she enjoys hurting others who are different than her you will count this as a blessing to be free from her KoN. Danu views her Members and Clients as "food" which explains her lack of ethics, accountability, integrity, empathy, remorse, responsibility, etc.

    It is a good thing you could not get into Web of Narcissism, because it is no longer a Safe Place for healing either due to discrimination & censorship.

    Forums are a dangerous place because it fuels pathology and hinders empathy with the Forum Creators. They create a world and they can banish people at will for no reason at all. Stay away from Forum Support Groups due to their lack of accountability & ethics. Check out in person support groups such as Adult Children of Alcoholics or Addicts, there is many similarities that we go through when our parents can not or will not reciprocate love, and do things to hurt us. I would not go to anyone who does not have a degree in psychology and has not taken at least one ethics class -- not to say that all counselors or therapist are good but they have at least have the technical skills and have had an ethics class.

    My best personal advice I would like to share with you that God has taught me is that Family is defined by Love not Biology. Release the Ns in your Life and fill the void with Empathetic, Compassionate People who can & will reciprocate love.

    Hoping you find Love & Peace on your Healing Journey,
    Letting Go

  14. Just wondering; is this link to the same lady who bans everyone including me--after one visit and one so; she gives a strange tale of her childhood in her bio on this link--may not be the same tracy cullenton in Treland--but from her own accounts here if it is--she had an amazing childhood--funny huh?

  15. sorry to keep bombarding here, but how about on this webpage
    below Tracy is being interviewed about an upcoming book. She is asked:

    "What are you working on now? (If you can give us a hint!)

    A book provisionally called The Speed of Darkness, all about family secrets. A theme I've always enjoyed reading, but one which I have never written about before.

    Ok--I pray to the God you cant mention on her DONM page that she is not using the forum as research tool--imagine all the family secrets she has of others on that my story forum.
    Here is the link

    She is asked also on here "Q: What's the best thing about writing?
    Tracy says:

    A: Being God. The Power! But seriously, the sheer pleasure of creating something from nothing

    On this next web site she even claims the EFT was created for get this--WRITERS BLOCK!!!

    Or this from another website where she says

    "Name: Tracy Culleton

    Qualifications: EFT Level 2

    Services Offered: EFT for phobias and traumas. Specialising in EFT for achieving your dreams - particularly in artistic endeavours. I specialise in EFT for writers. (I'm a published author myself.

    On this next site she claims to be a markteting expert???

    But this website disturbs me the most (above) not only does she say

    "Okay, there are three primary ways of getting food:

    You can set a trap: dig a hole in the ground, cover it with camouflage, maybe place some bait, and wait for an animal to fall in.
    You can go out hunting and gathering.
    You can farm.

    She goes on to describe the way to farm---"With this type of marketing you plant your seeds, tend your crop by weeding, watering and fertilising, and produce a predictable and consistent harvest.

    Ok--so all those who have been banned from her Narcissisic business--be glad you were weeded!!

  16. WOW great research. You asked your questions and found the answers, and you are left with a very heathy perspective to count it as a blessing that when you were banned from the N in sheep's clothing forum, weeded out, and set free to grow under the Son's Light, and not a N's pathological playground. The Truth is out there to be found, as you did. It is not only sick, but evil that Tracey would harvest souls for her fame & fortune. Truly a Diabolical Plan as you have exposed.

    Taking a second look, I must say due to all the over whelming evidence about Tracey she is not only a N in sheep's clothing, but more accurately a Psycho in sheep's clothing. This being is truly evil and is clearly doing the devil's work. She continues to lack remorse, and repent, and instead harvests souls for Fame & Fortune. She has unmasked herself, and people need to take a good look.

    There is a woman who goes by the name of Grace at the Tracey's DONM forum. And she knows the evil agenda that Tracey has planned for all the members to use them for fortune and fame, and she is part of the game trying to sell her own workbooks, etc. to those who have been harvested. What I would like to ask her is, How much Grace to give away until the devil owns your soul?

    Even the devil and the demons acknowledge GOD. Just because a person does not believe in GOD, because s/he thinks s/he can be a god thus not be accountable to the one true GOD, all that does not mean that s/he will not be accountable to GOD.

    WOW thank you for sharing your research and insights, and rejoice you are free from an evil being with and evil agenda.

    Truly we are in the End Days with the evil beings cloaking themselves in sheep's clothing and leading the lambs astray to be slaughtered. These beings are evil preying upon the wounded, so that they can achieve god-like status in their own mind. Gosh will they be surprised when they take their last breath here on earth, and wake up in Hell.

    So what can Christians learn from this? Do not get involved with secular things especially for your healing. What I have discovered is that the Secular World is not only void of GOD it is anti-GOD. If it is not Christ-centered, it is a trap!

  17. i went onto danus website and intrduced myself- i went into as much detail as i could, i titled the thread "my mum is a super chronic narcissist" so you can imagine- if anyne writes that about their mum- who should be their nearest and dearest- then there is significant problems. the only answer i got back was from danu- who didnt welcome me to the forum - or she did was contradict my whole post (dont forget I have been born and raised by narcissism- so ALL OF US are experts on this condition, if you have lived with it) and all she said was "hmmm....sounds like she has hystrionic personality disorder- check this link"

    i felt insulted and contradicted- which was ironic- as in my post abut my narc mum i spoke of how my narc mum is always the expert and know best.

    so all i said back was a very retstrained,
    "with all due respect, i dont think you can diagnose someone elses mum through a brief post- she has been professionally diagnosed with narcissism"

    its impossible to put all of the persons symptoms into one thread- nor shuld you have to.

    I felt that i had come onto a support group about narcissists and to my horror bumped into on- on the very place i am meant to gain understanding and comfort.

    another narc trait is to not be able to accept criticism or other peoples opinions.

    stay away from this board, its NOT healthy!

  18. Yep b*tch banned me too. I have no idea what I did. Now that I see how she is from all your replies, I feel much better. And I also sent her an email that said I hope she burns in hell. :)

  19. I was perma-banned from the forum after my first and totally mundane post: I mentioned a broken link in one of the help/resource posts. Nothing more. Then I begged Danu to tell me what crime I committed and told her that I wasn't an awful person. I should've let it go! I got back in and did an intro post. I hadn't been back in 6 months.

    I'm with wow, though. I followed the trail to, and I'm shocked. It's the exact opposite of the kind of childhood Danu claims to have had. But the picture there looks just like Danu--I've seen her EFT video--albeit prettied up for a headshot. It seems to me is just a front for book research. What a lying, cheating, little *****.

    I'm glad I was led here. I hope others follow.

  20. I came here after receiving a warning PM about Danu on her website. I'm baffled why I haven't been banned by Danu after all I've had three warnings from her for breaking the rules two of them happened within a week of each other. I wonder what Danu is up too.

    I have researched Danu and have come to the conclusion that she is a very dangerous and underhanded woman, who preys on women who are looking for a place to be heard and start the healing process after discovering their mothers have some serious mental health problems.

    Since the flak she received over her book and an interview by the guardian I've noticed that Danu is slowly beginnning to unravel. It wouldn't surprise me if the DONM website merges into a new website with Light running the show. These are just my thoughts.

    Oh well I have decided to set the cat among the pidgeons on Danus forum and have a gentle little dig at Danu while I have the chance.

    I'm glad I was led here and that I wasn't the only one who picked up that Danu is a dangerous and devious woman

    1. Thank You Lilly Rose and others who have been brave to come forward to share how Danu/Tracy is a Clear & Present Danger to others, and continues to profit over the pain of others. Evil beings eventually unmask themselves, and the truth of their true identity is eventually revealed. Thank You for helping to unmask this very dangerous being who says that her members/customers "food, to be trapped, hunted, or farmed".

      The two women that fully support and enable Danu's attacks on others who go by the screen names of Light & Grace are just as dangerous as she is because they are fully aware of the harm she causes others, yet they do not denounce her.

    2. I still haven't managed to get myself banned not that I haven't tried, it's a bit of a worry to be honest, especially when I covertly called Danu an N to her face, my thread was quickly deleted and a reprimand was sent to me.
      Thought I'd update you on what this dangerous woman is now upto. She has started a healing club for DONMS for a fee you can get her EFT videos of which she is planning to make 100 .
      She need to be reported to the EFT practitioners board and be discredited, before someone is hurt or worse from using this method on their own, without the guidance of a profressional person, as they work though their emotional traumas.
      I do feel sorry for these emotionally scared women who are being conned out of good money by someone such as Danu and light who obviously hates therapists.

    3. Lilly, when you said, "I still haven't managed to get myself banned not that I haven't tried" -- just gotta say thanks for the giggle!

      Maybe you can find out how to contact the EFT practitioners board, because Kay reported, one woman took her own life after being "treated" by Danu aka Tracy. Tracey is not only unethical she truly is evil only caring how she will profit and "feed" off her clients/members/victims.

  21. Well I spoke to soon, I have been banned from the DONM site. I can't believe that Danu just flick members aside and refuses to give a reason despite my asking why I have been banned on several occasions.
    I got back on under a new name but was banned after one post introducing myself all I said was that I was a newbie and glad that I wasn't the only one with an NM again banned with no explanation but anther so called member for Danube to lie about.
    From where I stand Danu is just like my NM, this behavior was so typical of her, while at the sametime pretending to the world like nothing was happening (in Danus case not deregistering me as a member so she can falsify her stats.
    One thing I have noticed is that the woman is so full of herself as is light, self promotion is rampant by the two of them.
    Danu hasn't heard the last from me, I did copy a thread I started on the site, aimed as a dig at her, she couldn't help herself and took the bait. When I get my lap top back I will send it to you soaring dove as I'd love to hear your views on it
    Ought be a bit hard to put in a complaint about her to the EFT practitioners board, as she has put up warnings about doing eft without a practitioner (at first) on her site.

  22. I was permanently banned because I asked the forum moderator why she was making anti Obama comments when politics are clearly forbidden.
    No answer, just permanently banned. I contacted Danu or whatever her name is and she said the forum moderator can do whatever she pleases and I don't deserve an explanation. These bitches are clearly narcissists and going to their site is like being a lamb led to slaughter.