Friday, November 19, 2010

What is the penalty for a Soul Murder?

Today I post the following info on the Oprah Message Board and I wanted to share it w/my friends. I pray Oprah gets my message.

Last Friday's Oprah show was Classic Oprah and demonstrates why she is the unbeatable Talk Show Host. I want to say thank you Oprah for continuing to have World Changing Programs. Most of all I want to say Thank You to the Amazing 200 Brave Souls that shared their painful past with others and I pray by doing so they have removed the deadly shame (that Oprah Show member reginapug talked about in her post) and hopefully each one of these Brave 201 Men (including Tyler) and one brave woman, Oprah, and anyone else that reads this post will realize that the shame belongs to our abusers. Reginapug thak you for sharing just how deadly shame can be. I often thought that death would be better than an abusive life. And even when the evil acts against me ended the psychological & emotional pain lasted long after the abuse was over. It was too much to handle at times and Suicide feels like it will be a welcome relief when you can't hold the pain any longer. When Death is better than Life. For anyone who feels Suicide is the answer I promise you it is not. Life does get better just beyond our Horizon Line. Do not let evil steal the Joy & Peace of Authentic Love that will come into your Life. I have found it and so will you. It is worth enduring the very painful present, because the suffering & pain will eventually will pass. You are worth holding on to.

Oprah I agree with you 100% that Sexual Abuse [and may I add other types of abuse] plants the seed of inferiority & worthlessness and then that inferiority & worthlessness shapes the way you start to think about yourself and the way you act and act out. It forever changes the child we use to be and the adult we could have been. Abuse that wounds so very deeply can heal, but even in the best cases, it does leave an ugly scar. The mere memory of our Nightmare is that Hideous Scar. With fantastic intervention the suffering & pain can end. We can heal from the pain of the past so that it does not rob us of Today or contaminate our Tomorrow. The wound is healed, yet the Scar remains.

There is a strong & crucial connection between the show Oprah did with the Molesters/Monsters and their victims. When one of the Monsters talked about his victim he said, "I killed who she could have been. I killed a person" Tyler said the child died and he was correct. The life of that child, free-from abuse, innocent, filled w/Joy, Hope, & Peace died that day. 1 of the 200 Brave Men said and others agreed, "I feel like I was murdered."

So where do we go from here? Oprah and Tyler may I suggest that you combine your resources to change the Law of our Land, so that there is NO Statute of Limitation for the heinous crime of Child Abuse. Child Abuse should have NO Statue of Limitation, like Murder, because like Tyler said, the Monster murdered that innocent child w/in him that day. There should be NO Statue of Limitation for a Slaughtered Soul.

Heinous crimes
Crimes that are considered exceptionally heinous by society have no statute of limitations. As a rule, murder (especially capital murder or first degree murder) has no statute of limitations. Child Abuse is a heinous crime.

There is no Statue of Limitation to our pain, so there should be none for their crime. By placing a Statue of Limitation to crimes of Child Abuse allows the Monsters to get away with a Soul Murder. The Abuser's crime is not only against the victim they attack, but it is also a crime against Humanity. The Monster attacks the victim and forever murders the child s/he was and also murders the Friend, Student, Employee, Boss, Co-worker, Spouse, Parent s/he could have been. The crime of Child Abuse should be seen as a Serial Murder. What the Monster kills, steals, and destroys from Humanity is priceless. These Monsters give a life-sentence of pain and at least should receive a life-sentence of punishment for their heinous crime.

The Shame & Fear keeps victims silent and when we finally ready to face what happened, relive the Nightmare by retelling & retelling the painful details we discover that Legally speaking our time has run out. There is no way to get restitution or retribution for the life that we should have had & could have had if we were not attacked. The abusers can never give back what they destroyed. They can never replace what they stole. However, Humanity can make a statement that a person's life & their soul is valuable & Murder is unacceptable, so if a Demon destroys a life, then it must forfeit its own life by either spending a Life Sentence in Prison or in the Graveyard.

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