Saturday, May 1, 2010

Buyer Beware-Unsafe Forum!

(1) Banned from the DONM (Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers) Forum for being a Believer.

(2) Censorship, Intolerance, and Discrimination at the Web of Narcissism (WoN) Forum.

* I am updating this Post because due to recent changes at the WoN Forum. I once Highly recommended this Forum, but with great sadness I now have to add it to the Unsafe Forum List. For details on why the WoN Forum is NOT a Safe Place to Share, Click Here. Is it "as bad" as the DONM Forum Listed below? Some say yes, some say no, so You need to judge for yourself and make your own decision. "Not as bad" is still No Good.

(Below is about the DONM On-Line Support Group Forum)

Banned from the DONM (Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers) Forum for being a Believer. It has happened once again! Danu, the founder of the DONM forum has attacked another Believer for mentioning God in her own post (see the Comments on the post, The Ultimate Gaslighting, you be the judge!). Danu still refuses to update her Code of Conduct to reflect how she truly feels about God and instead chooses to Gaslight members by saying that they broke a rule that doesn't even exist! Danu allows members to use God's name and the name of His Son Jesus in vain, which is attacking someone else's beliefs AND against Danu's own Code of Conduct, yet those posts are not edited -- why not? It is okay to put God & his people down on the DONM forum, but to praise God & his people for the help & blessings in one's life (especially in regards to dealing w/a Narcissistic Mother) in their own post, that will get you banned from Danu's DONM forum.

Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers DONM forum members you are in danger, especially if you are a Believer, and a Christian. Danu hates all things about God & Believers. Please, do not turn your back on fellow Believers & Christians. Read for yourself Danu's own words reveal how she truly feels about God, Believers, and Christians.
Don't take my word for it, read Danu's own words from another blog & take a look around who she identifies, agrees, and relates to.

I run a website and forum for daughters of narcissistic mothers, and have long believed that the Christian Churches fall into the category of narcissism. The traits of grandiosity, beliefs of great success, entitlement, lack of empathy, requiring excessive admiration, interpersonally exploitative and arrogance certainly apply.
The model of "I'm perfect, you're scum" is the message narcissists give every day, and that Christianity teaches at its very core.
And another element which anybody who has encountered narcissists will know: they accept responsibility for NOTHING. It's ALWAYS somebody else's fault. Always. Without exception. They won't admit to the action if possible, but if they are forced to they will jump through the most amazing hoops to blame others.
And here I see exactly this happening.
To blame hippies' free love (which never as a policy included children) and the media (wtf?) for their shortcomings is very, very narcissistic.
Danu it doesn't take a super shrink to figure out that your NM was a Counterfeit Christian. I am so very sorry she, and most likely others, falsely represented Christ to you. I am so very very sorry for the pain you suffered by their wicked hands. I totally understand where your hate for Believers/Christians come from, but you must stop attacking innocent Believers/Christians in order to narcissistically pay back what was done to you. Stop transferring your anger & hatred towards those Counterfeit Christians who hurt you in the past onto others that have nothing to do w/what was done to you. If you don't want people to mention God on your forum then just say so up front, don't hide how you truly feel.

Let the Buyer Beware of how you truly feel towards them and God. If you really care about others and don't want to hurt them, then let them know where you stand, so they wont be falsely led into a forum that claims to be "open & safe" for them to freely express themselves. Save them & yourself the pain of banning someone for mentioning God on your forum -- unless it is not really painful for you to ban Believers and you actually secretly find pleasure knowing that you have caused a Believer pain. Yes, you have earned your title, Narcissist in Sheep's Clothing.

To the former moderator of DONM forum who resigned his/her position because s/he witnessed the persecution of Believers, I ask you;
How many more is it going to take for you to stop enabling this abusive behavior from Danu and Light?
How many will be too many for you? How much longer will you walk the Path of Pilate?

Mark 15:13-15 (New International Version)

13"Crucify him!" they shouted.
14"Why? What crime has he committed?" asked Pilate.
But they shouted all the louder, "Crucify him!"

15Wanting to satisfy the crowd, Pilate released Barabbas to them. He had Jesus flogged, and handed him over to be crucified.
You know how Danu truly feels about Believers and you continue to make excuses and look the other way. I know this is bothering you because you have told me, yet you still remain silent. What good does it do a Man/Woman to gain the world, but lose his/her soul? When will the cost of remaining friends with these abusers be to high for you? I promised you that I would not disclose your identity although my flesh is tempting me to do so. When will your loyalty to God be stronger than your loyalty to Danu -- whom do you serve?

Warning People about Unsafe Helpers, whether they be the admin. & moderator of a forum, or someone in the Helping Field is very necessary & important. This is very personal to me for two reason. (1) It happened to me and has happened to others before me & continues to happen to others after me. (2) Because I have spent my career in the Helping Fields and can not stand by and watch those who are most vulnerable be abused & hurt yet again by a person who was suppose to be safe. Repeated abuse can wound a person so deeply that s/he never trust anyone ever again.

I can not thank you enough CZ for creating a Safe Forum where people of all sorts of different backgrounds can gather and support one another in a shared experience like dealing w/the N's in their lives ( This means so much to me.

I never thought that I would once again be caught up in a deceptive web of another Narcissist (due to the all the experiences w/Ns I had in the past), yet because of their Counterfeit persona it is so very easy to do and no fault of our own when someone falsely presents him/herself as supporting, caring, validating, etc. The Narcissist is not honest and does not say how they truly feel, "I hate women or I hate (fill in ANY group of people)". You go along as you have always done believing this person is a safe person who truly cares about your well-being, and then s/he secretly reveals him/herself that they actually hate women (or ANY group that you belong to or identify with) and that painful truth is very shocking & hard to believe that someone this intelligent & this charismatic can be this hateful. Hate in any direction is wrong. A Hate Monger is a person who kindles hatred, enmity, or prejudice in others.

Hate speech is dangerous & against the law in my Country -- to bad there is no way of putting an end to it on the internet.

Did you see the hate speech in Danu's, the Narcissist in Sheep's Clothing/Hate Monger's statements?
"{I} have long believed that the Christian Churches fall into the category of narcissism."
Remove the words Christian Churches and replace it with your own gender (Women/Men), sexual-orientation, ethnic, culture, religious, non-religious, socioeconomic, profession, or sports group, etc.
"{I} have long believed that Women fall into the category of narcissism."
-- Now do you see the hate?

The model of "I'm perfect, you're scum" is the message narcissists give every day, and that Christianity teaches at its very core.
Let's take the word Christianity and replace it with your own gender (Women/Men), sexual-orientation, ethnic, culture, religious, non-religious, socioeconomic, profession, or sports group
"I'm perfect, you're scum" is the message narcissists give every day, and that Hetero/Homosexuality teaches at its very core.
-- Now do you see the hate?

Again this is not about the vast different viewpoints Danu & I have. It is about how she is a Counterfeit who promotes herself as a safe person to seek help from while she has a hidden agenda to hate & hurt a certain group of people.

I must confess, I use to think that all Narcissists/Abusers give off Warning Signs that we were unwilling or unable to pick up on at the time. Looking back on a dysfunctional/abusive relationship hindsight is 20-20 as the saying goes. Sure looking back there were often statements/behaviors that showed us the true nature of the Narcissist/Abuser and we refused to for whatever reason acknowledge - - - However, in some abusive relationships Sometimes there are no warning signs! .

I know that for some people this is hard to believe & accept. I must admit that when I heard a person say that"there just weren't any warning signs", I use to think to myself, sure there were, there are always warning signs, they may have been very subtle and she/we just missed them, that's all. I remember an elder wise woman gave me some great advise when I was single, she said, "When you date a Man he puts his best foot forward, and after you get married his bad foot comes along."

These Narcissists/Abusers/Counterfeits are great deceivers and often wait until you are fully invested and they have your utmost trust & loyalty, until they drop the mask to you. When you do not accept their true identity & hold a mirror up to them you are deemed worthless because they can no longer get NS from you. They deny the truth, Gaslight you to shift the focus & responsibility off of them and if they are very skilled they will even have you doubt yourself & what you experienced with your own eyes. They will discredit you to others (the Narcissist is Sheep's Clothing will use Projection and even call you the Narcissist). When you are of no use to them they Devalue & Discard. You will stand alone against the Narcissist in Sheep's Clothing, until they attack another and another and get so prideful & confident in their deceptive illusion that they finally drop their mask and are revealed for the Counterfeit/NVamp they really are, as shown in the above example. The truth will eventually come out.

I totally understand & can relate to the anger people have towards those that FALSLY represent God, Jesus, and Christians. I too have been greatly hurt by Counterfeit Christians. The problem is like with all prejudices to falsely judge & condemn someone or an entire group of people based upon what one person, a few people, or even a bad small group of people did to you is wrong. Remember 911? When a person over generalize and categorize an entire group of people with words of anger & hate -- how is that not hate speech when a person states that we are narcissistic = dangerous, deceptive, untrustworthy, evil/wicked (everything that is true about N's) at the core? This person is creating a We vs. Them Situation where "Them" represents an enemy of "We".

Saying that ALL Christians have grandiosity, beliefs of great success, entitlement, lack of empathy, requiring excessive admiration, interpersonally exploitative and arrogance, and that "I'm perfect, you're scum" is at our core isn't that instilling anger, resentment, mistrust and hate? It incites prejudicial action.

If those statements were said about
any other group it would be considered hate speech. Christians have the same equal protection under the law.

Hate speech is, outside the law,
any communication which disparages a person or a group on the basis of some characteristic such as race or sexual orientation. In law, hate speech is any speech, gesture or conduct,writing, or display which is forbidden because it may incite violence or prejudicial actionagainst or by a protected individual or group, or because it disparages or intimidates a protected individual or group. The law may identify a protected individual or a protected group by race, gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, or other characteristic. In some countries, a victim of hate speech may seek redress under civil law, criminal law, or both.

If you don't agree with me on the Hate Speeh we will have to
Agree to Disagree.

The main point I am trying to demonstrate is that if the Admin. of a forum, a help group leader, or a person in a Helping Role has a clear prejudice & an axe to grind, then be honest & state that up front. Don't falsely present yourself as an open, safe & accepting person without clear prejudices, then behind close doors where no one can see you attack a person's beliefs & viewpoints & Gaslight him/her by saying someone broke a rule that doesn't even exist. If you don't want people to mention the word God on your forum, place of business, etc. that is yourchoice, but be honest & up front about it and say so. Don't falsely mislead someone into a trap.

I personally don't agree w/some of the extreme feminist groups, but at least they are upfront about how they view Men. They don't invite Men to tea and when the Man is not looking stab him in the back.

I was abused by a couple of Men in my life and that anger towards them could have
easily left me hating all Men and I would miss out on Marrying my bestfriend. If I had a prejudice & anger towards Men I wouldn't open a forum or business and encourage Men to partake. I would say that this forum or business is for Women only because I view ALL Men as untrustworthy, deceptive, dangerous, wicked (all the attributes given to) Narcissists. If I didn't like Men I would not interact w/them. This particular Narcissist in Sheep's Clothing has an hidden motive, can you guess what it is, yes making money. So of course if a Counterfeit's motive is to make money off of anyone s/he can, then s/he would be deceptive/lie about how s/he truly feels about a certain group, because if s/he were honest about how s/he viewed a certain group of people (Christians) as N's, then she would lose out on this population's financial income.

Again this is not about the vast different viewpoints between two people. It is about how a Counterfeit/A Narcissist in Sheep's Clothing who
promotes him/herself as a safe person to seek help from while s/he has a hidden agenda to hate & hurt a certain group of people by D&D one after another. If the Christians on her forum knew how she really felt about them they would immediately leave, so she, like all N's, keep her true feelings a secret and attacks when no one is looking.

For an update to the N in Sheep's Clothing at the DONM Forum, and how this N has hurt many others, Click Here.

May the Lord bless you were ever you are at on your Life Journey.

There comes a time in our Healing Journey to Move On from the Pain of the Past. Moving On is a Process too that begins with little steps or small movements from a Crawl to a Walk to a Run. We will all reach this point in our own time in our own way. For me it is about having a Future that is Larger, Greater, and more Powerful than the Past. It is about having a Vision, a Mission, and a Dream much Much MUCH Bigger than myself. Here is my Small Movement focusing on Restoring Hope by Giving Dreams Wings,

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  1. She's very wounded and in the wrong for thinking that all God-believing people are that way. Yes, more than a handful are especially those ones in the media.

    I don't think there's anything wrong with posting that God has helped me through some tough times and I don't think I exhibit in any bone in my body that "I am perfect" and "You're scum" because I'm a Christian. In fact, in my church, we are taught the exact opposite, that of no merit of our own can we be saved through Christ, who was perfect.

    Yes, some people take it and mess it up by thinking that they have God's favor. Happens with every religion and even secular groups and movements. And it seems to me it's a bit bigoted to censor information like that if someone's not pontificating or proselytizing actively. I am saddened but understand in a way because in my freshman year in college, the hate-filled self-proclaimed Christians you do see today made me feel like, and I knew better, Christianity was just evil and I felt like I never wanted to be one. But I was very angry and wounded in general---

    But, if you look more closely, past the tv and the haters on the street, you'll find that the doctrine of Christianity calls us to be humble, not compare ourselves to our neighbors because we are all broken, but all loved by God. Do not look on the lost for their angels in heaven gaze upon the face of God every day is one of my favorite verses.

  2. Ourladypeacegirl, thanks for reading and replying. I believe what you experienced in College is what I refer to as a Counterfeit Christian. When they are speaking hate, they are falsely representing Christ. The ability to be humble is the key to accountability -- which Narcissists lack. Ns live a life of projection, so when they claim that others have the attitude of "I'm perfect and You're Scum" they are really referring to themselves.

    Hey if a person wants to hate an entire group of people just because of who they believe in then that is between that person and God as long as they don't contaminate others w/their way of thinking & promote harm, which unfortunately they do. They are Hate Mongers. A Hate Monger is a person who kindles hatred, enmity, or prejudice in others. They are toxic to humanity and must be exposed and stopped.
    This particular Hate Monger should be honest & up front about her hate towards others, don't offer to be their Helper and lie and say you have their best interest at heart when you secretly have resentment and contempt for them. I pray more people will find out about this N in Sheep's Clothing. I would not join a group whose leader has a secret agenda to hurt people from a particular group, even if I didn't belong to that specific group. Just the fact that she has this hateful agenda would cause me to leave the group immediately. What kind of person does not have empathy for those being mistreated & abused?

  3. I found your blog today purely by accident, but I'm so glad that I did.

    I was one of the original moderators on Danu's DONM forum, and have my own story to tell, as do many other women who have been hurt by this wolf in sheep's clothing.

    The site is basically run by Danu (real name, Tracy Culleton) and Light (Michelle) who are both severely disturbed women. Tracy has no training in psychology, is not an expert on narcissism, and created the site as a money making venture pushing her EFT.

    I first met her on Karyl McBride's forum for DONMs, which Danu was using as feeding grounds for new EFT customers. There were many red flags about Tracy from the very beginning, and she was actually publically accused by another member of being a narcissist. The group there did not have a moderator so it was a bit like the Wild West, enter at your own risk.

    Tracy was love-bombing the members that she felt would be helpful to her business aspirations, starting and maintaining off site friendships with these women, many of whom thought they were her new Best Friend, not realizing the others were receiving the same treatment. I was one of the major voices on that site, and was sought after by Tracy as well. We emailed back and forth daily for almost a year. I am sorry to say that I ignored the red flags; I was just beginning the difficult healing process of separating from my family of origin and Tracy stepped into the gap in my life left by those losses.

    The result of the other member confronting Tracy/Danu on her issues is that it effectively split the group. Tracy started her own site/forum and a handful of us went with her. There were four original moderators, including Tracy/Danu.

    I won't go into my story of how I became aware that I was participating in a giant scam, what ended up happening is that I decided to quit, but Tracy needed the last word and so I was fired and banned from the forum. There are many articles in the self help part of the forum that I either wrote, or copy/pasted from other sites. Within a week after I left, my name disappeared from those articles and they were attributed to others.

    I was a bit at loose ends after this experience, angry, confused, and blaming myself. I reconnected with some of the other women I'd met on Dr. McBride's site, and lo and behold...many of them had also had bad/terrible experiences with Tracy.

    (breaking post into two...tried to post and it was too long)

  4. There is currently a group of women on FB who have an under the radar type of group...all of them victimized in one way or another by Tracy. Your story is a familiar one. I believe there is a revolving door or women being banned from that forum for bogus and/or arbitrary reasons.

    It is very interesting to me that Tracy's hatred of Christians has become so pronounced. Since she's from Ireland, her only experience with organized religion is with the Roman Catholic church, but she uses a very broad brush to color all people of faith.

    In my very first phone conversation with her she jumped all over my beliefs. I had identified myself on the blog as a Christian, not in an obnoxious or pushy way, it just came up in my posts when I shared. Tracy attempted to tear into my beliefs on the phone, which I politely sidestepped. That conversation was full of red flags, looking at it in hindsight.

    There are so many other women who have walked in your shoes. Women who are angry and wish they could expose this fraud for who she is.

    A lot of bad things happened on TCs watch. A forum member committed suicide. It was hushed up, because Tracy/Michelle didn't want the members to get upset. This woman was someone that TC had "befriended" on Dr. McBride's site. This woman had had a horrendous childhood and had already been hospitalized for a previous suicide attempt. TC believed that she could cure her with EFT.

    Another friend of mine was bullied into doing EFT with TC, the subject being the woman's molestatation by her father. It is stated on professional EFT sites that it is best to leave the deeply traumatized to the care of a therapist, and to use great caution in opening up really deep wounds. TC strong armed my friend into agreeing to the EFT and then proceeded to stomp on her soul with hobnail boots. The friend ended up in severe emotional distress and told TC that she did not want to continue. She was strong-armed into another session, and then hounded to write up "testimonials" for the DONM forum website and for TCs EFT website. Despite the women's expressed worry about her abusive family finding it on the internet, TC posted the "testimonial" with the woman's full name and location.

    The last time I checked, TC(known to you as Danu Morrigan, wasn't that a red flag that she wouldn't even disclose her real name?) has at least 13 websites, all coming from a different angle, but with the same motivation. Making money. On her business marketing site she refers to potential customers as *food*, to be trapped, hunted, or farmed.

    I am not a mental health expert, but I would peg TC and Michelle as textbook Ns.

    TCs EFT credentials aren't that great either. The last I checked she had the equivalent of several weekend seminars of instruction.

    I thought about posting this anonymously, but I can't make that work, so let the chips fall where they may. I would be glad to talk with you via email. Let me know if that is something you would be interested in. There is a growing community of women who have all had similar experiences and I'm sure they would be more than welcoming to you if you'd like to process this with others who have been there.

    1. I think Danu has used the shotgun approach. Shoot out a bunch of buckshot and see if it hits anything. No shame in that. Lots of Internet marketers do it.

      But the shame is when your product is the testimonies of people who have been crushed by narcissism. The above link refers to the people who will be posting on her site as "vendors". That means they are providing her a product. Their testimony and life stories.

      What is wrong with that? Oh. Everything. It's planned deception. She decided ahead of time their stories were a product. Freely given and then used to make her money.

      I'm sorry. I feel like gagging.

    2. Danu is deceptive, callous, and cunning like the devil. More proof that exposes who she really is. Thank You Lace Heart for further exposing how Danu's (screen name)/Tracy's (real name) intent is pure evil in that she wants to profit over other's pain, and she seeks advice on how she can better do this -- disgusting on sooo many levels.

    3. Just wanted to share an interesting fact. I was reading up on how the devil deceived Eve & Adam (Genesis 3) when I got the updated info about Danu/Tracy from Lace Heart. As did the serpent in the Garden, Danu/Tracy deceives to bring separation between GOD and those He loves. Danu/Tracy does it by not allowing GOD to be mentioned in her forum. If the devil can separate you from GOD you are doomed to be devastated, and even destroyed. Let not a thing come between you and GOD. GOD is the source of our healing. If the "healing" is absent of GOD it is anti-GOD, and if it is anti-GOD it of the devil's doing, and it is evil in disguise. Anything absent of GOD is the proverbial shinny poison apple.

      I pray that GOD will bring forth a mighty warrior who will bring this demon Danu/Tracy & her evil co-conspirators down before any more innocent women lose their lives. Perhaps GOD is planning a Road to Damascus Intervention for Danu/Tracy -- that would be awesome! However it is to happen may the devil be stopped, and the LORD Glorified in the Most Powerful Name of Jesus Christ, so it shall be done.

      It is written GOD wins. Amen.

  5. Kate, thank you so much for having the courage to share what you know about this extremely dangerous Counterfeit. My Worst is that a DONM member would be so betrayed & devastated by Tracy that she would end her own life by committing suicide. I pray that everyone who reads this information will pass it on to everyone they know and that another tragedy can be prevented and another DONM does not lose her life to an evil person who has the intent and agenda to hurt those she has been entrusted to help and instead finds pleasure in causing others pain. I have underestimated Tracy's pathology. I thought she was a N, but know I know she is much Much MUCH more vicious & dangerous than that a N she is a P.

    Kate I am going to give your comments their own post on the Main Blog, so that hopefully the word gets out that the DONM Forum Members are in great Danger.

  6. I happened upon your blog and two other blogs by "Soaring Dove" after doing a google search "banned from DoNM." I was very upset about this action as I was only a forum member for two weeks and received no warning and NO EXPLANATION. What is particularly harmful about their practice of banning people in this manner is that they are re-injuring people who are scarred by similar treatments from their Mothers or FOO. Some are scapegoats where "shunning" is a common practice.

    Only after reading the comments here (and over at Soaring Dove's blogs) can I understand WHY I was banned. While I never "initiated" any blogs speaking about God, I did respond to people who did. I recommended a book to a poster. The book is named "People of the Lie" by M. Scott Peck who is a Christian author. I also recommended a book to another poster. The book is named "Getting the Love you Want" by Harville Hendrix. I own that particular book and it is a secular book. However, when I did a google search, something "Christian" was associated with it. Perhaps H.H. (author) is a Christian author. Another poster mentioned the book "Boundaries" by Cloud & Townsend. I replied to her because I live in SoCal and have actually attended their weekly seminars in the past.

    What is disturbing and harmful about their "rules" is that they go too far in inhibiting people to speak in their own voice. Children of Narcissistic abuse already learned to "WALK ON EGGSHELLS" and if they find a forum like that, they probably assume, like I did, that it would be mostly "safe." The rules enforce:

    1) No religion
    2) No posts about sexual abuse
    3) No posts about wanting to harm yourself or others.

    I understand these rules and in a one week period, many people were CITED for VIOLATIONS. It bothered me that these ladies would post new topics saying "I'm so sorry I posted..." or "What did I do wrong?" They turn us into quivering daughters again. Shame on THEM. I never saw any "reasonable" posts explaining gently why someone should avoid such topics and now I know why....Danu (Tracy Culleton hates God). It's one thing to "evangelize" and "protelyze" but to just reference God as it applies to your recovery is normal.

  7. Hindsight is always 20/20 but I do worry about the ladies who will feel abused when they are banned. Abuse known as spiritual abuse (rejection and badgering due to LEGALISM) goes on in the church but Danu and her anti-God crusade is no different. As a free thinker myself, I have found this to be the case over and over again. Fundamentalists are extremists. Extremists are black/white thinkers. Danu (Tracy Culleton) and Light can call it fleas all they want but I think I see narcissism in them. Light seems to relish in her role as "bouncer." If you are a bouncer, then don't talk about it. Some of us have recovered enough to spot an unsafe person and I got a very BAD feeling the day before I was banned.

    After doing a little detective work, I discovered Tracy Culleton's website. My final analysis is that this woman may be a DoNM but her main objective for her website/forum isn't to be helpful and charitable to the downtrodden in life but to MAKE MONEY for her EFT business. On her website, not only does she not say a single thing about being a DoNM but she links you to a strategy "Massive Action Marketing." Basically, she has 13 websites to generate traffic for her businesses. In her very own words she says "yes, I have 13 websites. It's called Capitalism." Sadly, the EFT technique is something that you apparently have to PAY someone to learn. The women who end up on the DoNM forum are just potential customers. I just find it impossible to think that a good-hearted person running a forum for people who have been ABUSED, would think it's OKAY to ABUSE their members with horrible surprise notices like "YOU HAVE BEEN BANNED PERMANENTLY. YOUR IPS ADDRESS IS BLOCKED. THIS DECISION IS FINAL." No warnings, no explanations? Who is playing Queen Bee here? Sounds like a NARCISSIST to me.

  8. Kelly, I just wanted to make sure that (you) deleted your Posts and that I didn't do it. I choose to Publish them, then I deleted the email, since the Comment was going to be Posted. I just wanted to make sure since it says that the author removed the Post, that is was not error on my side, but your Choice. If you could send me a Posted Comment, they don't get automatically posted, just so I know it was your choice and not my error. If it was my Error I please forgive me. I think I know what happened, but I am not sure. Thank You.

  9. Cheshire, I am so sorry to hear that the QueeN Bee is still stinging People. To bad Ns are not Bees that once they sting someone they die. I guess they are more like Wasps who keep on stinging and hurting People. I agree with you they are much MORE than just "flea bitten". They are more than Damaged, they are Disordered. Damage People have Empathy, feel remorse for what they have done, apologize, and change their behavior, but Disorder People enjoy hurting others, so they never change just get more devious. Thank You for sharing your info with us. May God Bless your Healing Journey.

  10. Kelly thanks for explaining things, that is what I thought happened, but just wanted to make sure. Thanks for contacting me and letting me know that you removed those posts on your own.

    Let me just say that others have been Automatically Banned by Danu at the DONM without any warning at all. That is the kind of People they are. Danu's husband is a technical wiz and even if there was a confusion about one's screen name & identity, he knows how to check it out to verify things. Danu has a rep. for Banning w/out Reason or Warning. I am so very sorry she has done that to you too. Danu is a N is Sheep's Clothing & when she figures out that you will not be an N-chanted Puppet & your strings can not be pulled, because you know Jesus is God and Danu is not, then you are Automatically Banned from her KoN. Although it really hurts, it is a Blessing.
    I wish you Joy & Peace on your Healing Journey and Complete Healing is Possible w/Jesus. Forum Leader and even some Psychologist and Counselors believe that we are always working on our healing (very convenient for them!). We do not have to be the Walking Wounded. Our wounds can be completely healed and there is no more pain from the past, and it becomes our BackStory and our Testimony to what God can bring us out of. The Fire that was meant to destroy us, God will Supernaturally turn it into Transforming Fire. We can send the Pain of the Past up in Flames. We can rise up from the Ashes, to a New Life, Better than Before. What seems so very impossible is so very possible w/Jesus. He was wounded, so our wounds could Heal.

    PS. I also think you were too Healthy and Strong for Danu's KoN to work on you, so she had to get rid of you and the rest of us, before someone pointed out that she is a Counterfeit and NOT the person she appears or promotes herself to be.

  11. just thought I'd let you know that I posted a blog on this subject today and referenced your blog:

  12. (outofthecrazycloset, you signed your real name on your comment post and I did not know if you wanted to have me post it or not, and blogger does not give me the opt. to edit, so I re-posting your post without your real name to be safe.) ( has left a new comment on your post "Buyer Beware-Unsafe Forum!":

    Are WoN and DoNM run by the same people?

    This happened to me, on the Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers site, run by Danu. I was experiencing one of the most intensely vulnerable times in my life. I did an online search, found the DoNM site, read it, and realized that my mother fits their descriptions of a Narcissistic Personality, about 95%. So I joined DoNM, I carefully read all the rules, and then I carefully and laboriously wrote a post on the “My Story” site... making sure that I didn't break any of the rules.

    The next day I tried to log on, to see if anyone had replied to my post, and found that I was BANNED, with no explanation other than I wasn't a good fit, and as the notice said, the decision was not up for appeal. Devastated, I sent an email to the woman who runs the site, asking if this was an error? I told her I didn't mean to post anything wrong, and begged her to please tell me if I had unknowingly said something wrong, and give me the chance to correct it. On the subject line of my email to Danu, I put: Please have MERCY & tell me why I'm BANNED. I never got a reply.

    It was the proverbial last straw, during a hell of a time of intense, horrible recent loss and abuse. I became suicidal. My husband took me to the hospital emergency room. I was put on an antidepressant. The day I went to the hospital was June 26, almost 4 months ago, and I am just now beginning to be able to live again.

    I had saved a copy of my one and only post to the DoNM site, the post that got me banned, in my word program. I just now went back and reread it, to see if I had mentioned being a Christian in my post, and yes, I did mention that I was a Christian, despite my mother's years of insane religious abuse. I also said that, UNlike my rabidly religious Nmother, I respect all people's right to believe, or to not believe, whatever they choose, for if God gives us a free will to decide, who am I to try to force my faith on anyone else? But, from what I'm reading here, my mention of being a Christian was apparently enough to get me banned.

    If only she had SAID that she did not want Christians on her site, then I would not have taken it so personally. But as I said, I was in one of the most painful vulnerable times of my life, and being shunned like that was devastating. It was like my Nmother's shunning and casting out into eternal outer darkness, all over again! I am 58 years old, but Danu made me feel like I am still 5.

    Light and darkness really don't mix, do they?


  13. outofthecrazycloset I am sadden that you were hurt by Danu too. There are many she has attacked, because we are Christians. It is one thing if she disclosed on her forum that she is an atheist hate monger who detests Christians and enjoys attacking & hurting us -- or at least say Christians and ALL other believers are not welcome, because it is not only Christians, but ALL people of faith that she does not like, because others who only revealed they were a Believer, but not a Christian were attacked and banned too. She wants to be the God in people's life, and want others to rely solely on her.

    For the record I have a few friends & family members who are atheist and agnostic and they all say that Danu gives them a bad name, but like Counterfeit Christians such as the Demon Dad, Momster, and your NM who attack, control, and manipulate others with GOD Sacred Scriptures to try and justify their abuse and guilting us into remaining their target of attacks.

    I understand completely how devastating that must have been for you to be attacked by Danu while you are healing from your deep soul wounds that the NM caused. I promise what the enemy meant to hurt us, and destroy us GOD will transform it to make us Stronger. Out of the pain will come Purpose through Christ supernatural transformation. You will help others who have been betrayed and hurt.

    I learned that I can fully rely upon Jesus Christ to heal the deepest of soul wounds as well as the less severe wounds Ns in Sheep's Clothing like Danu temporarily cause. This too shall heal!

    The Article, Our Last Step is something you might want to check out, especially the videos, as well as Mandisa's song Stronger.

    Blessings come in different forms, some enjoyable and some very painful, I never understood the painful kind until I was healed by Jesus.

    Your question, Are WoN and DoNM run by the same people?

    Seems like it, but No WoN is run by woman that goes by the screen name CZ, who choose to give you a voice, publicly and privately encourages you to feel safe to speak in your unique voice and share your life perspective, then silence your voice through discrimination & censorship. Check out the article, The Web of Narcissism (WoN) has changed & is Unsafe for more specific details. The name of her forum accurately describes my experience in regards to CZ, like with DoNM the other forum members were fantastic, but the creator is a N. I thought I found a safe place, but I was wrong. Forums are not a safe place for healing and create further damage.

    You are right about Light & Darkness not mixing. The Light when surrounded by strong darkness for an extended amount of time does not change the darkness, but the darkness diminishes the light. I have seen up close how it has damaged my youngest sister and what it did to me most of my life up until now. Jesus warned us in the Bible about the amount of time we spend in darkness, to limit it. I say NC where unrepentant Ns are concerned, Luke 17:3

    Dr. Trimm said, stop going to people who have not been were GOD is taking you. Very Wise Words.

    Blessing & Peace to you,
    Letting Go

    PS I would post my real name, but the Demon Dad looked me up on FB a few weeks ago and continues to try and harass us by sending us snail mail letters when my husband has told him NC. Don't want Demon Dad's enabling army of covert Ns to come and attack us. GOD has greater plans for all of us rather than dealing with the distractions from Ns, Sociopaths, and Psychopaths.

    Many Blessing to you. You will rise up from these ashes stronger than before and with new life, like the phoenix.

  14. WOW I wish I had found this blog before posting in the MY STORY part of the website you I posted about experience, but mostly about healing from the issues--I did read the rules of conduct before posting and had no idea that my one statement "My faith in God" would have me banned from the site. I was so shocked at first, thinking over and over what in the world could have caused the "banning" from the site. I had read other "new story post" that mentioned church or religion so I didnt think the one statement on mine was the problem--but the post of others mentioning religion or church or beleif systems were of a more negitive nature--I guess those get to stay. Its funny that as soon as I saw the message of being banned, I googled it and it pulled up a post from the adminitrator on the web page I am supposedly banned from raking the comments on blog by a former member over the coals. Her responses to the statements against her was almost scary--lots of N traits for sure. When I read her post I was filled with pity for her--and truly started Thanking my God that I only got one post up before he allowed her to boot me off--the post that is supposedly her responding to a blog and comments about her forum should have been the first post I read; I would have never joined it based on HER own words and the hurt, pain and need to spill it over into others that her words seemed filled with-its not a place for healing or wanting to be healed or even for information sharing-- but a control button that gives power to someone who must be still so very woundeded. The post by Danu responding to this blog or one like it on her web site had responses and statements so very close to what I would call "gaslighting" or the "It never happened" syndrome that I would agree and tell anyone going there for help to ban themselves first in order to resist the temptation to post..LOL--For me, I was mostly sharing how I overcame the issues in adult hood--so for me, the "being banned" didnt mess with my esteem or set me back to the times of "dont speak but what I want you to say" But some person still wounded who may be going to the online site for help could be hurt even worse. DNM live with the fact that most of their lives, speech and memories are censored by the Narcissism traits of those in control--does this poor lady not see that? OR understand that she is doing the same thing? It made me really stop and think about how many help sites are out there now for all types of issues--check them all out first regardless of what your searching for help in.

    Could you imagine a full blown Narcissistic person running a web-site under the guise of HELPING only to use the site to "feed" on those who speak of the wrong thing--I have heard of that personality doing crazier things--

    Thankful my God booted me right off the forum this blog was How amazing is his protection--

  15. Pennyransom, I agree with everything you said about those that hate GOD are allowed to express themselves on said forum, while those who give any credit to GOD for their healing are banned.

    Why? Because if you look at the comment section under the "Clear & Present Danger to Others"
    Danu/Tracey's agenda has been once again exposed. She truly believes she has god-like powers, likes feeling like she is god, has a diabolical play to harvest souls for her Fame & Fortune via setting traps for them and milk them for all they are worth. One person as lost her life, because she trusted this evil person, and believed the lies that Danu/Tracey was telling her. Any person who has a good heart & soul would care for others would keep their client's best interest in mind. Danu/Tracey did her voodoo tech. over the phone to a woman who suffered from suicidal ideations, and the woman took her own life after receiving Danu/Tracey's voodoo "healing tech." that "has the most powerful affirmations".

    Now a normal person would be completely devastated, get out of the "helping field" and get help for herself, because she was at the very least delusional thinking she could help a suicidal person when she as absolutely no professional training at all.

    A Normal person would give up her voodoo tech. and realize that she needs to leave the healing to trained professionals, but not Danu/Tracey. She continued business as usual, by her own admission setting traps and harvesting "food".

    As Christians what can we learn from this? Stay in GOD's Word, Know GOD's Word, Aquire GOD's Word, and most importantly APPLY GOD's Word. Basically, if it aint of GOD, it aint for me.

    GOD is our healer, and He does utilize Christian Counselors to help with healing, but healing most always point to GOD, not away from Him.

    Anything that tells us to deny GOD, we must reject, or the wolves will lead the sheep not only astray, but to the slaughter, meaning that if we deny GOD by allowing others to bash Him, his Word, or His People, we will be held accountable. And when we take our last breath here on earth, and approach Heaven's gates we will here from Christ, "depart from me for I knew you not". Matthew 7:21-23

    I have had atheists say to me that Danu/Tracey is evil and gives them a bad name.

    Our healing comes from Jesus Christ. Even the most skilled Christian Counselors/Therapist can take our healing so far. There is a limited ceiling effect to what human beings can do.

    There is no soul wound deep that Jesus Christ can not reach and heal.

    When looking for help, look to those who first and foremost look to Christ. Others can help, but only Christ can heal.

    May the Lord continue to bless all those who are on the Healing Journey.


  16. So I know I am WAY late to find this but thank GOD this was posted (Christian God Jewish God WHATEVER at this point I don't know what I believe) I was just outright banned from that site for breaking no TOS that I could think of....really...and I am a victim of an NM and NF so I am used to totally thinking that I am in the wrong. IT sent me into a loop of paranoid for all the gaslighting my mom and dad had always put me through but since I have recognized who they are I stopped blaming myself and googled her name and this was the first result so yeah. I don't have a blog here, just on tumblr, and I hope that this comment does go through but this needs to be addressed.

    Even when I was on that forum something felt not right. Kate up there as a commentor mentioned love bombing which I was suspicious of but had thought I was just being paranoid again. Besides I have been in therapy for YEARS for other issues and have gone through all sorts of things and EFT sounded like a cop out to me, what I mean is what I was reading from what she wrote, I have never heard of it before her. Now I am reading it is a real thing but it's her version which she is pushing to make money so yeah that makes sense that I thought it wasn't right.

    I may not have a degree in psychology but I study it like mad and have been ever since my parents have forced be into boxes and labels with mental things that I don't I am suspicious of a lot of things. Anyway if anyone wants to contact me you can do it through here but thank you so much!

    BTW I an Catholic, don't know what the one true faith is, anyone can believe anything they want as long as they don't hurt people, but did discuss a christian God on the board right before being yeah.

    1. Hi Monica, I wish you didn't have to go through all that you did at that toxic forum, and I am glad that you found this blog and shared your experience. For some reason blogger is not letting me publish this post and other posts are not going through, but I will try to figure it out.

      A great support group for those who have N-parents is Luke 17:3 Ministries. They have a FB group, so you can check it out. You will see me there from time to time.

      I am happy to hear that you know that getting kicked off from Danu's toxic trap was a blessing in the long run, and it was nothing that you did to deserve it.

      GOD is our Holy Parent and He has great plans for you. Pruning the toxic people out of your life will break the chains, so you are no longer held in captivity by their pathology.

      Keep moving forward, there are great things ahead to discover!

      Soaring Dove & Letting Go

  17. OMG--Tracy has written a book under the pseudonym Danu Morrigan and it is coming out on Amazon in less than 2 weeks--

    I KNEW she would use the experiences of the members of the forum to make money. I just KNEW it!!

    I wonder if we can review an author as well as a book??

  18. Sweet Violet, unfortunately this does not surprise me about Tracy/Danu. Evil always has the agenda of prospering over someone else's pain, and she unmasked herself with her own comments as viewing her members/clients as "*food*, to be trapped, hunted, or farmed".

    You ask a very important question about reviewing the author. It is worth looking into and warning people of this very dangerous, harmful evil person.

  19. Thank you Sugar for your original email warning me about DONM. I never really posted on there except for my original introduction post (which I cannot delete or edit and it greatly bothers me). I feel like I was finally in a place of healing to start helping others on DONM and could start replying to others and could be a support and then...I read your email. I all along was feeling the same about Danu and Light that you all speak of, but I tossed it aside as me just being paranoid. One thing that I know for certain that is not paranoia is the competition that goes on between Danu and Light. I notice that if Light posts then Danu will post. Often agreeing with Light and Danu often re-words what Light is saying in her very bad grammar. She has terrible grammar and so I was utterly suprised when she "wrote" a book. I immediately thought "what a joke!" But then again, Light released a book and so of course Danu had to make her move as well. When Light branched off and started and figured it was to seperate some from the very unintelligent (among other things) Danu and to have a place to flee when it all goes up in flames. I am still a member and now log on just to see how stupid these two look. Oh, and someone mentioned they believe DOlly is a fake user, I believe Danu created Dolly because they both stoke the other's ego, when actually it is Danu stroking Danu, allegedly. Multiple personalities Danu? Definitely multiple personality disorders. I am so relieved to find some like minded individuals here. I just hope that the newbies that join DONM will have restraint when posting of their personal experiences and will see through the money hungry moderator's tactics.

  20. I too am a Christian and i was banned! good thing i was only active on the DONM forum for about 2 days. My ban came only w/ the brief explanation "user is not a good fit". I take that as a compliment as i have no intentions of supporting their money making scheme clothed as a support group. lol what a joke!

    1. Banned because "user is not a good fit" -- yes considering that place is run by psychos I and many others would agree w/you that this is truly a blessing and complement. Check out -- they deal with Nparents and you can find them on facebook.