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Exposing the Narcissist (humorous & helpful videos)

Originally I titled this post/article, The Narcissistic Parent, because when I watched this episode that is who I saw from my personal viewpoint. However, after talking to Crystal I realized that the N could represent ones, Boyfriend or Girlfriend, Spouse, Sibling, any other Family Member, Friend, Neighbor, Co-Worker, Supervisor, etc.

When viewing these videos ask yourself,
Do you see
anyone familiar?
What roles do your
Significant Others play?
What role/s do
you play?

When you are born into, marry into, or come across the Kingdom of Narcissism (the KoN), the Nparents/NSpouse/NFriend, [the N King and/or Queen] cast an Evil Enchantment Spell of Deception Denial & Delusion over all the people living in their wicked & toxic kingdom. The Counterfeit King &/or Queen create an insidious & Deceptive Illusion to support their False Identity and hide their true evil nature. Although they may appear honest, beautiful, regal & royal, they are really disgusting and treacherous Trolls with an Evil Agenda to Use & Abuse those who live in their Kingdom of Narcissism (KoN). When the stench of what the Troll Parents/Spouse/Friend thrive on becomes to disgusting to those living in the KoN, the evil spell is broken. Until then, the Enablers feed on the cr*p the Ns dish out. Perhaps some will refuse to swallow the cr*p anymore, maybe they will go for smaller portions, or just take a nibble here and there, some will refuse to dish it out themselves to others, while others will do the Troll King or Queen's dirty work. However, the Enablers will turn away when the Troll enjoys rolling around, bathing, and even eating their on cr*p and especially when the Troll is dishing it out to others. The Troll actually enjoys rolling around and eating horse dung.
No wonder we are so sick of their sh*t!

This is only how the N looks when the Cloaking & Enchantment Spells have been completely broken. Until then they appear quite handsome & beautiful, kind & generous, etc. but that is a Counterfeit Identity.

In this episode, Beauty & the Beast, Merlin is the first one to discover that the Counterfeit Queen has a Hidden Counterfeit Identity. The Counterfeit Queen manipulates her Spouse and their child to turn on Merlin. Divide and Conquer.

Since my Sibs and I were born into the Kingdom of Narcissism we are automatically cast into the roles of Arthur, once the N has been exposed we can either come to our senses like Arthur eventually did, or we can change our role over time and play the role of Enabling Enchanted King who denies the Truth that everyone else can clearly see. In my own life, I played the role of Aruthur, and to some degree the Enabling Enchanted King or in my case the Enabling Enchanted Princess. Most recently I have taken on the role of Merlin who is trying so desperately to break the Evil Troll's Enchantment Spell over the Enablers. It has worked w/some of the Enablers in the Kingdom, but unfortunately, true to this story those who are closest to the Troll still remain Enchanted.

In the Merlin episode, Beauty and the Beast, the King Uther is under the Counterfeit Queen's Evil Enchantment Spell. Although her True Identity becomes clear to Merlin who was the Trail Blazer and hero who w/the help of his Wise Teacher destroyed the Counterfeit Queen's Cloaking Spell to reveal her Real Identity to all in the Kingdom of Narcissism (KoN). However, like in real life, those closest to the evil Trolls appear to have a stronger Enchantment Spell on them. The Enabling King is still under the Counterfeit Queen's Evil Spell and can not accept her True Identity of a wicked, deceptive, disgusting Troll. The Counterfeit Queen uses her Enchantment Spell over the King and tells him to go after Merlin and even gets him to turn on his own son Arthur and take away his birth right to the thrown. The King's own long-time trusted advisors & infamous Noble Knights of the Round Table can not convince the King that he has married an evil Troll and the King threatens them that who ever speaks against the Counterfeit Queen will be killed for treason.

What this story of Narcissism does not demonstrate is the Transformation Spell. I truly believe that Enablers who remain loyal to the N despite what they have witnessed w/their own eyes, must have something w/in them that can identify and relate to the N -- perhaps it is a recessive N gene that once laid dormant and over time becomes activated and the Transformation begins and the Enablers become treacherous Trolls themselves hurting those who refuse to accept the Counterfeit's true identity of an evil Troll. Perhaps the Enablers (Sibs/other Parent, etc) are a lower level N compared to the Controlling, Ruling, or Royal N King or Queen (Parent/Spouse/Friend etc), but they are still a N none the less. In the Kingdom of Narcissism that I was orginally from we have Low or Small Level Ns, Medium Ns, and the Great Super-sized Nparents who are actually what is commonly referred to as NPs (narcissistic psychopaths). This has become painfully clear to me in my NFOO, so much so that I have nearly given up all hope for my Nsibs. Their lack of remorse for hurting my Family of Creation is down right disgusting and reveals their true identity of N/Troll. Their love for me is nothing less than Counterfeit and a Deceptive Illusion which has recently been broken and the enchantment w/them is finally over and becomes more solidified w/each passing day.

Identifying a N is not about comparing one N to another and making the mistake that my "Loved One" is not a N because s/he is "not nearly as bad". Not nearly as bad is still not good, not healthy, and very Toxic & Harmful. Nism is not about the extent of harm done, but rather any presences of harm. There are 3 different types of Abuse, which make up 3 Distinct Regions of the KoN and they are Covert, Overt, and Ambient Abuse. There is a lot of cross over between the 3 different Regions. When you are deep in the KoN you don't realize that you have spent time in the Land of Overt Abuse it wasn't that obvious until after you escape & leave the KoN. More about the Different Regions of the KoN in a future article!

Look what happens to those who dare to hold up the Mirror of Truth to expose the Counterfeit's true Identity. The Enablers are so under the spell of delusion & denial that they deny what they are seeing with their very own eyes, hearing with their own ears, and smelling with their own noses. They deny their own senses and they deny the truth even from those closest to them (their own Children, Spouse, Sibling, Best Friend, etc). And what is painfully worse is the Enabling Parent will even abandon & harm their own Children in order to please the evil Troll Parent/Spouse.

Pay close attention to the only way to break the Evil Enchantment.

What was it that they said will take to break the Evil Enchantment?

I highly recommend watching Part 1 & Part 2 of Beauty & the Beast to get a full appreciation as well as a lot of laughs. The Symbolism & Analogies to what it is like to have a Nparent/Spouse is absolutely fantastic to say the very least. In real life this is no comedy, it is a nightmare for those who have and are continuing to live it. And it is a
huge tragedy for those who are still under the very powerful & wicked Enchantment Spell of Delusion & Denial. Until those Tears of True Remorse come from the Enablers, we are not helpless like Merlin, we have a Higher and Greater Source to turn to for Intervention. We have within each of us the power of Intervening Prayer. We do not need to be complete experts in the Holy Handbook, but the more we learn and know the better equipped we are for the Battle.

When you are the first one to leave the Kingdom of Narcissism you are the Trail Blazer to Truth and Freedom. By you leaving and never returning, you create a clear and safe path for those to follow when the stench of the wicked Troll King and/or Queen becomes too much for the Enablers to bare. Until the Evil Enchantment Spell is broken over each Enabler one at a time, then you must stay in the Land of Love and not return to the Kingdom of Narcissism. I recommend complete No Contact (NC) for at least a year, so that you can escape the N-trapment of the FOG (Fear Obligation Guilt) and most importantly heal from the KoN. If a year sounds extreme, begin with 3 months, see if your life is better not being connected to the KoN, then extend it for 3 more months. If you can not escape the KoN all at once, start detaching emotionally & physically by less and less contact. Start building what many refer to as a Hallmark Relationship which is bascially making short contact for Birthdays & Holidays in which you would send a Hallmark Card. One very common trait of Ns is that they isolate their Victims from Family & Friends, so create a Support Team (even if it is a Team of One) that you can trust that will encourage & support you leaving the KoN.

If you return to the Kingdom of Narcissism before the wicked spell is completely broken from each individual then you risk your own safety and can be re-enchanted once again by the evil Trolls when you loose sight of who they are, get caught up in what you want them to be and believe they are only a pitiful Counterfeit instead of an evil Troll who finds pleasure in others pain.

I never understood why the Enabling Sibs thought the Momster was "not that bad", until I realized that they are lower level Ns and to them Narcissism is not that bad, until they are personally attacked, and even then they eventually make excuses for the Momster, because to accept reality that the Momster actually controls & enjoys the attacks is too painful to accept (or that could be my own Projection, because that was true for me). Another reason why the Nsibs don't perceive the attacks from the Momster as "being that bad" is because they identify with Momster, they justify her abuse because they are abusive themselves, or they have the potential to be, so their Ego Defenses say that abuse is not bad.

Is being re-enchanted, contaminating the Family of Creation in the Kingdom of Love worth going back for the Enablers who enjoy loving a Troll and rolling around in filth?

For me it is not. I love, value, and respect my Beautiful Child, my Handsome Husband, and now my Healthy Self, so I can not let this unpreventable consequence to happen to us. We must remain safe in the Kingdom of Love. A clear & safe path has been made for anyone who wants to leave the Kingdom of Narcissism and they know where they can find help when they have left their baggage behind them and are ready to venture out on their own. It must be their desire and their choice to leave. The ugly and very painful truth that was there to set us free is there to set them free too, if they choose to accept it.

Returning to the Kingdom of Narcissism could be the death of you. The person you became or the person you discovered you were created to be once the Enchantment Spell has lost its power over you. Are you really willing to risk your life and the lives of the ones you love in the Kingdom of Love? I am not. That is too high of a price to pay.

When you leave the Kingdom of Narcissism, you can begin your Healing Journey that begins with Self-Discovery. Discovering your Self-Worth, Self-Esteem, Self-Care, and Self-Identity that is Independent of the toxic Counterfeit that keeps you all enmeshed & wrapped up in his/her KoN. You will discover talents and passions you
never knew even existed when all your attention and energy was used by focusing on the chaos that the Nparent/s or Spouses create.

Can your Healing Journey begin while you still live in the Kingdom of Narcissism?

Stay tuned in to find out!

Let me know what you think about these videos?
Isn't it great how accurately the writers depict the Kingdom of Narcissism?

If you have a Spouse or a Friend that was
not born into or married into the Kingdom of Narcissism, and has absolutely no idea what it is like for you, then give them this post and have them watch the videos. I bet you will have a great conversation afterwards.

If you were not born into the Land or Kingdom of Narcissism, then click on the below link and find out more what it was like for your loved one,

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