Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Matrix Moment . . .

Click on the link below, to experience or re-experience this great Movie Moment.

The initials for My Matrix Moment are MMM flip it over WWW -- which stands for the World Wide Web where the Combination Effect of my enlightenment & understanding of Narcissism comes from thanks to all those who have directly or indirectly blessed my life by sharing their personal stories & knowledge of Narcissism.

I love the line, "All I am offering you is the Truth" -- which I might add is a Truth Too Painful to Ignore!

Sorry all, still working on that portion control!
Just thought it is important to give a little bit of background about the characters in this movie for those who have not seen it. Bare with me.

Morpheus is the name of the Greek god of dreams, which is very relevant because Morpheus is waking Neo from the Dream World. A world that does not really exist -- not the way he knows it.

Neo is a prefix signaling a "new" form or a revival of an old one. Neo is also the anagram of one and represents the individual. Morpheus is from the word root word morph which means goes beyond change into transformation into a new self. The character Neo's real name is Thomas Anderson. In the New Testament of the Holy Handbook, Thomas was the disciple who doubted that Jesus had been risen as prophesy stated and Jesus told the disciples. Anderson means "Son of Man" Therefore Neo is transformed from being the "doubting disciple" Thomas to the "NewSon of Man"= Neo Anderson. Neo does represent Christ in this movie as the Savior of humanity.

Neo is offered the choice to remain in his everyday life or to learn what the Matrix is. Accepting, he takes a drug (commonly called the "Red Pill") designed to disrupt his body's neural connection to the Matrix, and wakes up disoriented and alarmed to find himself weak, hairless, and naked in a pod of red liquid, in which he is connected to many wires.
Neo is rescued and his body is healed of the effects of his atrophy suffered in the power plant. Once Neo regains consciousness and is able to walk around, Morpheus tells Neo the truth about the Matrix: that it is a simulated world humans are connected to, and that humanity is used as a power source for the machines. He also tells Neo about The One, a human with the power to manipulate The Matrix, who was foretold to end the war between humans and machines and how he believes that Neo is The One. The next day, Neo begins his "training", becoming knowledgeable in many forms of combat and ship operations by having various training programs uploaded directly into his brain. He also receives further instruction from Morpheus on subjects such as "freeing his mind" from the restrictions of the Matrix and the existence of its Agents.

Finding out that your loved one is a toxic Narcissist is
very painful. It is what I refer to as My Matrix Moment, the original Matrix Movie where Neo first discovers the painful truth of what reality is really like and not what he always thought is was all his life. He is at a tremendous Cross Roads and the character Morpheus offers him the greatest choice of his life. Either return to life as you once knew it, or accept the truth for what it painfully is and make a necessary change in your own life. The choice to Dwell or Rebel in the Kingdom of Narcissism.

Last year, I jumped head first into that infamous Rabbit Hole trusting Christ would catch me and not let the truth destroy me. Thanks to God, the scales of denial dropped from my eyes and I was able to see & accept the Counterfeit Mother for the evil N who finds pleasure in others pain. This truth was too painful to ignore, I reached The Point of No Return, there was no turning back
now, no going back now, there was no blue pill to take -- and I wouldn't want to even if there was one! I can not numb myself to the painful raw reality. I have seen what denying the truth (taking the Proverbial Blue Pill) does to the enablers, it makes them numb & dumb and that is a horrible alternative to facing, accepting, and applying reality to one's life.

After going NC last year I continued the next stage in the Journey to Healing and nothing would get in the way of that . . . except a Sequel! Like the movie Matrix, in the NFOO it is
only the beginning when you discover your parent/s are Ns. I had no idea until recently just how far the Rabbit Hole went. Recently in my own Matrix Sequel I discovered my Sibs are Ns too. One is a Selfish Sibling a low or small level N, the other is a Medium level, and the parents of course are the Super-sized Ns.

Unlike Neo, once discovering the truth about the N, it is impossible to ignore what we now know. We can not go back to how it use to be when there was only a strong
suspicion of something being wrong. Now we know what, or better yet who is wrong. And the more we learn about Nism the more we discover just how wrong the toxic Counterfeit Person is for us.

Once we accept that the toxic Counterfeit truly is a harmful N we want to know, Is there any hope for the N to change for the better?

According to DSM III, Ns are considered emotionally/relationship retarded, and as everyone I have ever met in real life and on the internet support groups Ns do not get better with time, in fact most get
worse, until they are too old to cause chaos, dysfunction, and destruction. Even those lonely old Ns in the retirement homes make the lives of those who are paid to take care of them miserable. Their paid care takers avoid having to deal with them, switch shifts, and when that does not work they resign and find another job. They come to the same conclusion we do -- it's just not worth it anymore. You can not pay me enough to put up with this toxic cr*p.

Since I have already jumped through the Rabbit Hole of Truth once or twice before in regards to both of the Nparents, I already knew where
this truth would lead. It is a year for Sequels for Alice and me. I have been here before and I know the end results. The characters in the Kingdom of Narcissism will not change, they see no need, therefore, have no desire, and according to the professionals in Psychology & Religion (eg. reprobates) they are actually unable to change. They can not change, so I must. I must leave my baggage as well as the inhabitants from the NFOO, Kingdom of Narcissism, behind and stay with my Family of Creation & Choice, my Land of Love (LOL). If a Miracle does happen, the Enablers cry tears of true remorse (as seen in the Merlin videos)
and truly transform, then they know where to find me. Until then, God bless. Seriously, I hope & pray God can help them.

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