Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Mother's Day. .

For all those Mom's celebrating Mother's Day weekend, live it up, you deserve it!

And for all those Moms who choose to
stop the legacy of abuse and love instead of hurt your beautiful children, God bless you & your triumph over evil.

One time when we were in Hallmark helping pick out a Birthday or Father's Day card w/my D for her Daddy/my H, my D and I were at the check out, and NVampM comes running (literally
running, haven't seen her move that fast in decades!) with a card in hand held up high waving in the air declaring, "I've found it, I've found it!" What did you find mom? I found the perfect b-day card that you need send to me, (this was April or May and her b-day isn't until Sept!). I didn't purchase the card as she was strongly insisting that I do at the time, so she said "Promise me that you will buy this for my b-day and send it to me." You should have seen the look on the lady's face behind the counter, the lady asked me, What if you don't get the card for her? I told her that there would be hell to pay and that I would never live it down. The lady just shook her head (the card was one of those, This is what happened the year You were born cards, and she was turning 65, a milestone). A very special Moment that my D & I were sharing together by selecting out her card for her Daddy was tainted and ruined due to NVampM needed fix for NS and make all things about her.

I went NC in Aug due to a Proverbial Last Straw where NVampM did & said some real horrible things. Even then, after NC, I thought should I send the stupid Hallmark Card? I decided not to for two reasons. (1) It would be a fake act on my part because I didn't want anything to do w/her anymore, via the Official NC letter. (2) She immediately began a smear campaign confirming it is always about her & never how she hurts others. The thing is, before NC I was the dutiful D and would comply to her wishes thinking that would make her happy -- NS denied! Too bad NVampM!
Thank God I don't have to stress out anymore looking for the most bland, non-sentimental, generic Hallmark Card in the store. Too bad they don't make Cards that say,
(outside of card) To my Narcissistic Mother. . . (inside) You Suck! Happy Mother's Day. or
(outside of card) a beautiful tender loving scene of a Mother & Daughter embrace
(inside) Too bad this was never us. Happy Mother's Day
Whether or not you are in low contact or no contact w/the NVampMother what is the special card that you wished Hallmark made and that you could send?

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