Friday, March 25, 2011

Ns are WORSE than Spoiled Rotten Children

Ns are far WORSE than Spoiled Rotten Children, but for illustration sake let's say that the N is a Spoiled Rotten Child who sees another Child (us) playing with a Beautiful Gift. The N observes how much the Other Child enjoys her Unique Gift, and asks his Parent if he can have that same Special Gift, but the Parent says No because you will never value it, or take care of it. The Child is very angry at the Parent for denying him this Awesome Gift, and when he sees the other Child enjoying her Gift he enveys what she has and he covets the Joy it brings her. These feelings make the N feel Lesser Than, because the other Child has something he can not, so What does he do? He damages the Gift to the point where the other Child no longer enjoys or wants her Gift and she throws it away.

The Child that just threw her Great Gift way has a very important decision to make. Does she continue to allow the N to damage her other Spectaular Gifts, or does she protect her other Gifts by keeping them safe and out of contact of the N? How many Unique Gifts will the N damage & destroy before the Child puts an end to it?

Now the N is happy that the Child no longer has what she once possessed because when she did posses that Amazing Gift, it was a constant reminder of what she had and he did not. The N sees the Child is lacking a Very Special Gift that he covets, so he leaves that Child to find another Child with the same Great Gift, and does what he did before, covets what he can not have and deceives the other Child to devalue what she has been given by her Loving Parent and to throw it away just like the previoius Child.

The previous Child is heartbroken & completely devastated that she no longer has her Unique Gifts, that her Loving Parent gave her. Some of her Unique Gifts are very damaged and some are destroyed. She is very ashamed to tell her Loving Parent what happened to her Wonderful Gifts that her Beloved, Kind and Thoughtful Parent gave her. She looks in different Places to find information on how to repair her Gifts, and the People she meets tell her how to fix her Gifts. She returns Home and tries her best to fix her Gifts and to restore them to how they use to be, but the Child remembers how her Gifts use to be when they were Bran New, before they were damaged and destroyed, and worst of all, how the N even deceived her into throwing away her very own Unique Gifts.

She is in so much Pain at the loss of her Unique Gifts. She cries out in despiration to her Parent and the Moment she turns around and looks for her Parent she notices that her Loving Parent is right by her side and her Loving Parent has replaced ALL her Precious Gifts that were once damaged, destroyed, and thrown away. And to her complete Astonishment and Amazement she notices New Gifts that she never had before. As soon as the Child Starts using her Replaced Gifts she realizes that something is Very different about her Gifts; they are even MOREExtraordinary than before.

She is very confused. This does not make any sense to her and she asks her Parent, Why have you given me even Greater Gifts than before? And why did you give me these Awesome NewGifts that I never had before? Why when I did not take care of my First Gifts, that you would give me Greater Gifts than before and even More New Additional Gifts?

And her Loving Parent replies, My Beautiful Child you now know just how valuable your Gifts are and now you are Stronger then before and now you know better how to Protect them, and never let anyone, devalue, damage, or destroy them or deceive you into throwing them away. As for those New Additional Gifts, they were always there, you always possessed them, but they were hidden in the Dark Shadows and I just brought them out into the Light, so that you can use them Now.

One of your Greater Gifts is Discernment and You know who you can share your other Unique Gifts with and who you can not. If someone comes along and damages your Gifts, you know you can walk away before s/he destroys your Gifts. And if your Gifts ever get damaged you know you can come to Me and I will restore them for you. I Love You and that is why I gave You these Precious Gifts. You are My Daughter, in whom I am well Pleased. I would do ANYTHING for you. I will Always Love You. There is Nothing you can or will ever do that can stop or prevent Me from Loving You.

I was this Child whose Unique Gifts were Damaged and Destroyed by various Ns, and the NFOO even deceived me into Discarding some of my own Awesome Gifts because they saw no Value in them. However, there is Hope, our Unique Gifts can be Restored and in the Process we will be Given Even Greater Gifts than Before, Amazing Gifts we never even knew we had before.

Here is another one of those Great Gifts, Click Here.


  1. My "loving parents" also happen to be the Ns in my life. They never gave me any gifts and if I happened to find or develop some for myself they took them away and convinced me I didn't deserve them. When I tried to defend my gifts they told me I was crazy and punished me with emotional abandonment. Good news is, I didn't have to worry about losing their love because I never truly had it in the 1st place!

  2. So true Soaring Dove! Only in the Father can we have the embodiment of a true parent that loves us unconditionally and is proud of our 'gifts'. . . . something we never will have with NP's. :)

  3. Good news is, I didn't have to worry about losing their love because I never truly had it in the 1st place! ~ Mulderfan

    Mulderfan, I totally can relate to how you feel. How do we Grieve an Illusion? How do we get over a loss of something we never had from Nparents? How do we Grieve Nothing? How do we Grieve the Void? This is a Challenge for me. It is like going on the Battlefield to fight an Enemy that is cloaked in Invisibility. It keeps hitting us out of nowhere. We can't avoid it. Not sure where it is to destroy it. When we ask others about how to deal w/it, there is not much they can do because they haven't seen it either, so not much is known how to fight it. Where is the source of its power? How do we prevent it from hurting us?

    I am not sure I have all the answers to these questions. From experience all I know is that fighting it (the Absence of Authetic Love from Nparents, the realization that they don't really Love us, the Void, the Nothingness) makes it larger, stronger, and more powerful. We must Grieve the Loss of Nothing. In time, the Pain from suffering from "Nothing" becomes quite Something -- doesn't it. And that is okay. It is okay to grieve and morn "The Nothing". It is a Great Loss not to have the Love of a Parent, I can think of no Greater Loss except the Loss of a Child, the death of our own Child. In a way, not having the Love of your Parent, kills the Child within. We never out grow the need for the Love of our Parent, So do we do when it is impossible to have Authentic Love from a Nparent?

    When I realized that before I was the Nparent's Child I was God's Child, the Child within who felt destroyed by the Nothingness Arose from the Ashes. God intrusted the Biological Parents to take care of me, but when they failed me, they also failed God. Our Biological Parents are our Care Takers, but God is our Creator and thus is our Parent. We do have a Parent's Love because we have God's Love. We are Not orphans that must live the rest of our lives w/out feeling the Love of a Parent, because we have God's Love. We are God's Child. And God will fill the Void, "The Nothingness" with Authentic & Amazing Love. God transforms "The Nothingness".

    I am still in the Transformation Process. "The Nothingness" is no longer this huge unseen Enemy that I am powerless to defeat, but a pesky fly that comes around occassionally to irritate & bug me, and sometimes it can leave a sting, but that is okay because that is only a tiny wound and it heals much faster than before when "The Nothingness" attacked w/ razor sharp claws & enormous fangs.

    Eventually our deep wounds heal, the suffering and the pain ends and only the ugly scars of "The Nothingness" remain. The scars will be a Great Testimony to the Healing Power of God's Amazing Love. Jesus was wounded so that our wounds could heal. Christ suffered, so that our suffering will have an End. Jesus gave His Life, so that we can have a New One after we Rise Up from the Ashes of the KoN. Beauty for Ashes is what God give the Kids from the KoN. It is an Amazing Gift if we are open to recieve and accept it. Our Family of Orgin (FOO) is not found on Earth, but in Heaven.

    Those of us who were or are The Walking Wounded, who have deep wounds and scars, we are God's Child and therefore we are (((All))) Precicous in His Sights -- wounds and all -- we are Beautiful to God.

    It is my Prayer that we All feel our Heavenly Parent's Loving Spirit and arms around us and drawing us closer. Through God's Love we are Healed.

  4. Only in the Father can we have the embodiment of a true parent that loves us unconditionally and is proud of our 'gifts'. . . . something we never will have with NP's. :) ~ BashWorld

    BashWorld, I couldn't agree with you more!
    Peace to you and all God's Kids who have been deeply wounded in the KoN, who are facing the Fire, being Transformed by the Fire and are rising up from the Ashes w/a New Life, New Strength and New Gifts & Abilities.
    We are not Victims of Nparents or any other N, we are God's Kids and that makes each one of us Warriors of Worth.