Friday, April 16, 2010

A Fun Game!

Before we get started I want you to promise to be honest & truthful to yourself--that is first and foremost the most important thing!

Stick with the very first image. As you go along do not second-guess or rewrite, nobody is judging so you don't judge yourself either. Just the very first thing that comes to your mind. There are no right or wrong answers, it is just a fun game. And like with all game the more honest you are the more you will get out of it.

Congratulations, Today someone has given you a gift -- a car. What does it look like?

What is the first image that comes to your mind?

Quickly describe the car, . . . seriously, stop what you are doing right now, grab some paper and a pen and write down very detailed information, describe it using your senses sight, touch, smell, and sound. Go head and do it. This is a rewarding experience. Just take the time quickly and do it.

What kind is it, foreign or domestic, model, year, condition (provide lots of detail from the roof to the tires, the interior is . . . . looks like, feels like, smells like, the exterior is it damaged, slightly damaged, where is the damage located, or is it in perfect condition), and the color of car. Give yourself a second, can you think of anything else you want to add that you forgot? Does your car have heat, air, do the windows, doors, etc work? Do you have a place for music, what kind, radio, CD, or no music at all?

Where will you store your car? In front of your house, in the driveway or in the garage?

Who is the first person you are going to share the news with that you just received a car? Who else are you going to tell or are you going to keep it a secret & surprise others?

What do you do with your car?

Are you proud of it or embarrassed?

Some people will choose to use this gift right away, others will not.

Some will wait a minute, some will wait an hour, some will wait a day, a week, a month, a year, or a decade.

Some will never use their gift. Why not -- it is a gift, so why wouldn't you use it?

Some will not use the gift because they don't trust the gift itself. It might not work; It might be broken; It might fail to take me where I need to go, or they devalue the gift and say that it is not good enough for me; I need a different kind, a better quality.

Some will not use the gift because they don't trust the gift giver. Never heard of Him/Her before. What I have heard about Him/Her is not good.

Some will stay in their house, look out the window, and long to use their gift.

Some will listen to encouragement of others and use their gift.

Some will listen to discouragement of others and not use their gift.

Some will grab their keys and use their gift.

Some will have great success first time out using their gift.

Some will not.

Some will ignore the warning signs & get into an accident.

Some will blame the gift for the accident & not use the gift again.

Some will acknowledge that they ignored the warning signs & take responsibility.

Some will read books & take classes to improve their skills.

Some will use their gift again & now have great success, because they have learned to use their gift.

Some will use their gift & still struggle.

Some will stop using their gift.

Some will continue to seek knowledge until they have learned to use the gift successfully.

Some will use the gift to get to places they want to go.

Some will use the gift to get to places they need to go.

Some will find new freedom & power that using the gift provides.

Some will travel to new places. And some will not.

Some will listen to the discouragement of others and stay close to home.

Some will take their gift beyond their horizon line.

Some will use the gift to adventure out into the great unknown.

Some will meet the Gift Giver and thank Him/Her.

Now recall the first time you received your gift was it your perfect dream car, something different & still valuable, something less valuable, or a fixer-upper?

Now imagine that some time has pasted, what did you do with your car? What shape is your car into today? Have you taken great care of it? Have you listened to the Owner's Manual and did what it said? Have you done the required maintenance & tune ups? Did you invest in some upgrades? Did you take your gift for-granted? Did you share it with someone else throughout the years?

Did you let someone else borrow it, use it, or abuse it?

Or Did you get rid of it? Did you substitute your gift for someone else's gift?

Some will discover that their car, their Gift, represents their intuition/instinct and that great gift is a God-given gift.

When did you discover that your gift was your intuition/instinct? Right away, pretty soon after, mid-way, towards the end, right before the end, or not until the very end?

It doesn't matter when you discovered your gift -- the only thing that matters is that you use it, and thank God for it!


  1. This is my ANSWER:

    "Black, spacious, new, good air conditioning. multilple cd player. clean, safe, just want safe, reliable tires, 2012, hybrid, if had a house, would be in garage, at apt would be locked outside and steering wheel locked, with car cover, just for myself, (no one has to be notified just proud to have it), probably will only use for grocery store, mall or outing with kids. may take a "joy" ride when first get it, just feel more at ease with (my own reliable source that takes me where I need to go without the hassle of breaking down:)"

    I didn't think I would get much from my "brainstorm" but I did. Really helped. My car (intuition) will save me more than the Narcissist (spirit killer) ever would!

  2. Woundedbutterfly, thank you for being brave to share your answer.
    Black can symbolize many different things depending upon who you ask. It is mysterious, strong and classic (one of my favorite colors too!). It is also a color often chosen by those who are artistic & creative. Spacious represents a person who does not want to be confined or boxed in -- time to stretch out those wings! New -- out with the old. A New beginning, A New Life. Good air conditioning could be analogous to Good Air Quality, Refreshing & Healthy. As we know the Toxic Relationship can make you feel like you can't even breath. I love the multiple cd player. It is said that, Music feeds the soul, which is so very important when a Nvamp has been feeding off our soul & depleted us, making us feel empty inside. What I would ask you is -- what is playing in your multiple CD player?

    Clean, Safe, Reliable describes a Healthy Relationship w/both Self & Others. Toxic Relationships are just the opposite, that is one reason it is called, The KoN. Hybrid is Unique, not average and I hope you are embracing this aspect of yourself & your New Gift.

    I like how you are taking care of your Gift, because it is valuable to you. I love how you would have the steering wheel locked -- no one is going to steal your Gift, the steering wheel represents control and direction and no one is going to take that way from you again.

    "No one has to be notified just proud to have it" -- you are making yourself a priority in a healthy way and recognize the importance of internal validation. Use your New Gift only for the grocery store which is a place of nourishment & substance, the mall for other things you need, and outings w/kids sharing your New Gift with those you Love & will take you to interesting places/outings. It is important to have "Joy" in Life.

    "my own reliable source that takes me where I need to go without the hassle of breaking down" -- that says a lot! No more Ns! Who wants the hassle of a break down? The N's KoN is about deception and deception deters destination or destiny. Ns such out our joy & passion & without joy & passion Life seems to have no purpose, not to mention that in the KoN we feel confused, disoriented and lost.

    I love your ending statement, My car (intuition) will save me more than the Narcissist (spirit killer) ever would! -- you know the Ns is not your Savior, but an toxic spirit killer. There is only one Personal Savior for us all and no human being can ever come close to qualifying for that job description. When the Ns clip our wings they deeply wound us, but these wounds can heal. There is a Great Healer who will take our Wounds and turn them into Wings -- Wounds into Wings.

    May GOD continue to bless you WoundedButterfly, and light your path. I feel your strength in your words and I know there is a New Transformed Life for you and that you will stretch out those beautiful wings and soar. What the enemy meant to destroy you, GOD will use to take you higher to another level, give you a New Perspective on Life, and your story will be an inspiration for others.