Friday, April 30, 2010

The Best I Could Do

During our many attempts to have a break through intervention with the Counterfeit Mother and explain to her how her abuse hurt/s her Children emotionally & psychologically
she would say. . .

“I did the best that I could do”

I totally thought that when I was young,
Made excuses for all the evil you’d done.

Hung on to all your excuses throughout my college years
Your painful legacy created so many sleepless nights & fears

If I become a Mom will I know how to love & what to do?
Or will I crush her beautiful spirit and be evil like you?

Since abuse was all you ever talked about and said you knew
And all the horrible, terrifying nightmares you but us through
Was this really your very best and all that you could do?

This can’t be about your accountability
Which is something your unwilling to do
Because it always has to be about poor you

Now that I am a Mom too, I must say . . .
It was your choice to love or hurt me every day

No responsibility, no remorse do you ever show,
so now I know . . . It is finally time to let you go.

I must break free from all your evil ways
And choose to love my daughter all her days
I will not be like you its true
You didn’t do the best that you could do

All your lies I clearly see,
I don’t have to be like you,
I am now free to be me.

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