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Narcissist in Sheep's Clothing

* I am updating this Post because due to recent changes at the WoN Forum. I once Highly recommended this Forum, but with great sadness I now have to add it to the Unsafe Forum List. For details on why the WoN Forum is NOT a Safe Place to Share, Click Here.

Is it "as bad" as the Forum Listed below? Some say yes, some say no, so you need to judge for yourself and make your own decision. "Not as bad" is still No Good.

(Below is about the DONM On-Line Support Group Forum)

This is a continuation from the Unsafe Forum -- Buyer Beware article, Click Here. It is about a devious covert Narcissist who has a Counterfeit persona, yet under the mask there lies a person with a hidden agenda to hurt instead of help. This person use to charge $10.00 for (7) little "healing" words that were suppose to magically heal somebody's deepest wounds that she suffered from an abusive "Mother". From what I understand this ad has been removed from her website where she also promotes her magical healing technique. I guess this was undeniable clear evidence of her god-like mentality, a narcissistic trait, to more people than just me.

Some of the info. below is from the previous post, Buyer Beware-Unsafe Forum, and below that is new info.

Posted by: Danu Author Profile Page | February 17, 2010 10:03 AM

I run a website and forum for daughters of narcissistic mothers, and have long believed that the Christian Churches fall into the category of narcissism. The traits of grandiosity, beliefs of great success, entitlement, lack of empathy, requiring excessive admiration, interpersonally exploitative and arrogance certainly apply.

The model of "I'm perfect, you're scum" is the message narcissists give every day, and that Christianity teaches at its very core.

And another element which anybody who has encountered narcissists will know: they accept responsibility for NOTHING. It's ALWAYS somebody else's fault. Always. Without exception. They won't admit to the action if possible, but if they are forced to they will jump through the most amazing hoops to blame others.

And here I see exactly this happening.

To blame hippies' free love (which never as a policy included children) and the media (wtf?) for their shortcomings is very, very narcissistic.


Hate speech is dangerous & against the law in my Country -- to bad there is no way of putting an end to it on the internet.

Did you see the hate speech in Danu's, the Narcissist in Sheep's Clothing/Hate Monger's statements?
"{I} have long believed that the Christian Churches fall into the category of narcissism."
Remove the words Christian Churches and replace it with your own gender (Women/Men), sexual-orientation, ethnic, culture, religious, non-religious, socioeconomic, profession, or sports group, etc.
"{I} have long believed that Women fall into the category of narcissism."
-- Now do you see the hate?

The model of "I'm perfect, you're scum" is the message narcissists give every day, and that Christianity teaches at its very core.
Let's take the word Christianity and replace it with your own gender (Women/Men), sexual-orientation, ethnic, culture, religious, non-religious, socioeconomic, profession, or sports group
"I'm perfect, you're scum" is the message narcissists give every day, and that Hetero/Homosexuality teaches at its very core.
-- Now do you see the hate?

Again this is not about the vast different viewpoints Danu & I have. It is about how she is a Counterfeit who promotes herself as a "safe" person to seek help from while she has a hidden agenda to hate & hurt a certain group of people.

I must confess, I use to think that all Narcissists/Abusers give off Warning Signs that we were unwilling or unable to pick up on at the time. Looking back on a dysfunctional/abusive relationship hindsight is 20-20 as the saying goes. Sure looking back there were often statements/behaviors that showed us the true nature of the Narcissist/Abuser and we refused to for whatever reason acknowledge - - - However, in some toxic, dysfunctional, and abusive relationships Sometimes there are no warning signs! .

I know that for some people this is hard to believe & accept. I must admit that when I heard a person say that "there just weren't any warning signs", I use to think to myself, sure there were, there are always warning signs, they may have been very subtle and she/we just missed them, that's all. I remember an elder wise woman gave me some great advise when I was single, she said, "When you date a Man he puts his best foot forward, and after you get married his bad foot comes along."

These Narcissists/Abusers/Counterfeits are great deceivers and often wait until you are fully invested and they have your utmost trust & loyalty, until they drop the mask to you. When you do not accept their true identity & hold a mirror up to them you are deemed worthless because they can no longer get NS from you. They deny the truth, Gaslight you to shift the focus & responsibility off of them and if they are very skilled they will even have you doubt yourself & what you experienced with your own eyes. They will discredit you to others (the Narcissist is Sheep's Clothing will use Projection and even call you the Narcissist). When you are of no use to them they Devalue & Discard. You will stand alone against the Narcissist in Sheep's Clothing, until they attack another and another and get so prideful & confident in their deceptive illusion that they finally drop their mask and are revealed for the Counterfeit/NVamp they really are, as shown in the above example. The truth will eventually come out.

The NVampM had such hatred for all things Man and grouped them altogether as worthless, but then again her children, in her mind, were worthless too. Sexism (all the isms), bigotry, prejudices, all the things the Greatest Counterfeit of All uses to destroy humans I have an automatic rejection too. It use to be but now it is more

Anything or anyone who fuels the flames of hatred towards others is dangerous and doing the devils job. Part of me feels so very sorry for these people because they choose to fill their minds & hearts w/hate. I will never understand that when love is such the obvious choice to make. Love brings life and hate brings death and as the Holy Handbook says, there is life and death before you, in case you are confused -- choose life, choose love!
Where there is love there is no hate, and where there is hate there is no love. Love is such a beautiful duality. It is both free to give & receive and it's value is priceless.

If I could spread one message it would be just because someone gives him/herself a title doesn't automatically make it so. Just because someone says they are a Christian doesn't make it so, just like I could go to the White House and call myself the president, but it doesn't make it so. Actions do speak louder than words. Personally speaking there is a difference between a Believer, acknowledging God exists (because even the devil admits God exists), reading the Bible, and attending church services, and a person who puts these teachings into action and follows Christ, hence the name Christians, Christ followers. Sure we are all going to make mistakes and let the ego get the best of us. When we fall, we don't hide it, we admit to it, pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and if necessary seek help to avoid falling again. It is true, all N's are hypocrites, but not all hypocrites are card carrying full blown N's. Like you said, who has the desire to stick around long enough to find out? Thanks to you & WoN I have come to understand that the habitual lying, Gaslighting, and D&D is clear evidence that a person is not only a hypocrite & a liar, but a card carrying deceptive N.

I must confess to ignorance about what constitutes hate speech and what doesn't.

I share your confession! Such an angel! I am not a person who remembers names, dates, or can even quote scriptures, but I do remember the message. Such as with Brown vs. Board of Education, can not remember the date so I wouldn't make a great lawyer, but I remember the message that separation is not equal. That message has made a huge influence on me. As long as there is separation there will never be equality.

I too was not sure of the exact definition, so I thought I could be way off my mark. Anytime I have a disagreement I like to do a little quick homework and pull up the source/definition (and of course you always have to consider the source) so we both could take a look at it with one another. As we discovered together, we agree much more than we disagree.

I guess I don't have to tell anyone that I am a direct person and I have zero tolerance for those who "practice to deceive". I to have had discussions with agnostics & atheists and welcome the sharing of very different viewpoints in a respectable manner. In my earlier years I would debate beliefs with anyone who wanted to engage, but as I got older I realized it was a complete waste of valuable time to share ones different and sometimes very opposing viewpoints if there wasn't first and foremost respect for one another. Any kind of ugly name calling is terrible, but for someone who is a "specialist in Narcissism" and makes money off of people, especially Christians & other Believers, to then call an entire group of people the worst name she can come up with is sinister to say the least. The NVampM's favorite thing to so was to say, "you are just like your Father" Father meaning a heartless, selfish abuser who abandoned his family (the abandonment was an actual blessing in disguise, because it would have been way worse had he stuck around) and then she would also say we were "just like her mother who she clearly hated".

I don't mind head to head debates, or even up front assaults to one's beliefs. That is their opinion, which I disagree with, but at least I know exactly where they stand. What I have absolutely no respect for is the passive-aggressive, subtle, covert, sneaky, cunning, deceptive, insidious, underhanded, back-stabbing assaults from cowards that hide how they really feel and won't admit that they have contempt for you and confront you face to face. The image I have in mind is the Evil Queen who goes to great lengths to disguise her true identity and offers Snow White a delicious red apple full of poison. Snow White had no warning signs that she was in danger and took a bite. Yes, Evil Queens do exist in real life.

With the Dark Duality of the Covert Narcissist, especially the ones that hide themselves in sheep's clothing, sometimes like w/ Snow White there are no warning signs and you bite into that shinny red apple full of deceptively hidden arsenic.

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