Friday, April 8, 2011

The Discovery

Yesterday I went to go pick up my Little Daughter from pre-K. I was a little early and her school time had not yet ended for the day. I pulled into the Parking Lot to the right hand side of the school and parked my car under the big oak trees. I turned off the car's engine, turned on the Radio, and reclined the seat back to get comfortable and relax for a short time. While I was sitting in the car in the school parking lot under a nice shady tree I was listening to Music. I glanced over to my left and two empty parking spots over, right there in the grass behind the school was a Large Rust Colored Commercial Dumpster. Out of no where this little bird adorned with dark crimson color flies down to the ground, and stands at the bottom of the Dumpster which is elevated only a few inches above ground by four small metal wheels.

It must have been that beautiful dark crimson color of the bird that caught my attention, and I watched to see what she would do next. This Little Bird stands just out side of the entrance, pauses only for a brief moment, doesn't waste any time at all, and without any hesitation or fear goes under the Dumpster into the Darkness where I can not see her anymore. No one would ever know that she went under the Dumpster, and into the Darkness. She is completely surrounded in Darkness, and anyone else who happened to walk on by would never know that she was under the Dumpster in complete Darkness.

I think to myself, What could possibly be of any value that this Brave Little Bird would go into the Darkness? What in the World was she hoping to find? The only thing available to her would be a very small piece of Garbage that others have thrown away & discarded. Surely this Beautiful & Brave Bird does not need to waste her time looking for Little Pieces of Filthy Decaying Garbage.

How could this Garbage be of any use, or be any good for the Beautiful Brave Bird? I found myself longing to warn the Beautiful Bird, STOP! Garbage has Nothing of Value, it will Not benefit you, just Stop and leave it alone, leave it be, don't pick it up, don't bother with it, it's just no good. Just fly away, let it be, and find something of Greater Substance.

The Lord told me that I am that Treasure He sought under the Dumpster. The Lord went into my Darkness, and took a Person who felt like Worthless Discarded Garbage, and told me that I am Not Garbage, but a Gem.

When we are under decaying Garbage, and living in Darkness that completely surrounds us, we can no longer see, and it obscures & conceals our identity. There is no point of reference in complete Darkness, and we get consumed by vast Nothingness. It takes Amazing Holy Love to bring us into the warm gentle Light of the Son to discover we are a Unique Treasure with much Value and Worth. Jesus went into the Darkness to recover & reclaim what was stolen, discarded, rejected, and abandoned.

Jesus paid the Ultimate Price, and took what the World said was Worthless and turned her into someone Priceless (the Lord is still working w/me to fully accept that and reminds me that He loves His Beautiful Daughter, me, even more than I love my Beautiful Daughter). There is no Price too High that God would not pay for each one of us to realize we are not Worthless Garbage, but the Lord's Unique Gem that He Treasures.

If you ever questioned, like I did, if God loves You or even how much does God loves You, or for a Wonderful Reminder, give yourself the Blessing of Watching The Passion of the Christ. Even if you have seen it before, or even if you have heard about how this Movie ends, I assure you that knowing the ending is definitely Not a Spoiler. If the Story of The Discovery has touched your heart, then watch The Passion of the Christ, because you owe it to yourself, and you are more than Worth It.

Do not get hung up on who directed the Movie, but enjoy the Movie because it demonstrates just how much You are Worth.

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