Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mammalian Instinct--Mama Instinct

The Children of Elizabeth Smart's Kidnapper Speak Out
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Posted on Jan 29, 2010 10:38 AM

Wanda Barzee was a mother of six, a homemaker and an organist at her church. Two decades later, she would take part in one of the most infamous kidnappings of our time, the abduction of Elizabeth Smart. Today, Oprah talks to four of Barzee's six children who say they were her first victims and reveal shocking revelations about their childhood.

"It is our mammalian instinct to protect and care for our children, when that doesn't happen something is very wrong."
quote from Oprah 2/2/10
Ms Oprah, your profound statement keeps echoing in my mind days later. The answer to my life-long questions, What kind of mother fails to protect her children and what kind of mother finds pleasure in her child's pain? The answer is clear--she's no mother; she is only an egg donor. Just because a female can reproduce does not make her a Mother. It breaks my heart to read viewers post that they are thankful & grateful that their parent didn't kill them. You know I once thought, at least my mother did not give me up to foster care (due to the bad rap the foster care system gets from our media only reporting the horrible stories). Now I wish she had. At least then I would have had a chance to be loved and validated and not abused. Remember that scene in the movie Bambi where the Mama Quail distracts the hunters by flying away from her nest, thus ending her life and saving her baby birds. Why should we expect or accept any thing less from human mothers?
For those who have an evil, narcissistic person in their life who they refer to as "mother"; may I suggest you rethink this title and switch to the more accurate description of egg donor--I did at the end of last year and this simple change in title has helped heal & empower me to make a life changing decision to go NC (No Contact) with my egg donor.
Free at last, Free at last. Thank God Almighty, I am free at last!

-- another Oprah saying is

What You Do Today Creates Every Tomorrow

My personal motto's is Make an Excuse or Make a Change. I can continue to make excuses for my egg donor's evil toxic ways, or I can require her to make a change by establishing clear permanent consequences for her evil choices. Since she has no accountability, no responsibility, no conscious, no remorse, and no repentance or change and she refuses to acknowledge a need to change and stop being evil, then I must make a change and end our relationship in order to protect my child, my husband, and myself from further abuse. The only regret that I have by going NC is that I didn't do it decades ago. At least I can rest assured that I gave her more than enough chances to change.

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