Saturday, August 15, 2009

Purpose of this blog

On my Journey of Letting Go I noticed that I was not alone in having a toxic/narcissistic/evil person for a mom. Perhaps if I can share what I have gone through and how I have been set free from a very painful relationship, then maybe someone else out there can be set free to soar. I have experienced all types of abuse, and believe me the spiritual one is the MOST damaging of all! The effects can last for eternity. There is a special place in hell for those that purposely use/d God's words to hurt people.
It is my purpose for this blog to be a place where people of faith and no faith can be lifted up, be encouraged, and wounds can be healed. For those that don’t know God I hope you will hear how very precious you are to our Loving & Holy Parent and that you really do matter to someone. God loves you. God does not care about religion-He wants a personal relationship with you. God does not want a Religion from us, but a Personal Relationship with each of us. No matter what your parent, family, friend or foe has said; you are beautiful in His sight. For those that do know our Holy Father, I pray our relationship with Him will grow even closer than we can ever imagine.
Go ahead share your story, post a question, or just read.

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