Thursday, June 17, 2010

Skating Through Life

About 2 months ago my H & I took our D roller skating for her first time. It was so fascinating watching her find her balance. I was video taping the event and watching how she started off holding Daddy's hand, then quickly wanted to go out on her own, she fell a couple of times, but did not let that deter her from learning how to skate. I noticed my mixed emotions of wanting to help her stay up on her skates and wanting her to find her own balance which meant she would have to take a fall or two. The first couple of times she fell she reached her hand out for help and we took turns assisting her, then the 3rd time she feel she said that she could get back up herself which she did very well. After she skated around the carpet, she saw everyone out on the skating rink and said she wanted to go out there, so my H took her around the rink. They started off at the very edge of the perimeter next to the protective wall and my D insisted on letting go of Daddy's hand which he wasn't too sure about, but she did awesome on her own. He stood by her as they went around the rink, eventually she wanted to venture away from the wall and again Daddy had a little trouble with leaving the side of the wall where people were less likely to run her down, but again she did fantastic on her own. It was interesting to watch some kids when they took a tumble they got completely devastated and left the rink while others were noticeably disappointed or upset & picked themselves back up. The thing that touched my heart the most was when a slightly older child fell down other adults & children kept on skating by oblivious to the little girl's need for help, but not my D, even though she was struggling finding & maintaining her own balance she instinctively & automatically w/out any prompting from her parents stopped to help someone up. She didn't just hold out her hand, but instead she noticed the little girl was a bit worried from her fall and she gave her comforting & encouraging words as she bent down and did her very best to help lift the little girl up. She wrapped her arms around the little girl as she helped her to her feet and gave her a big hug, then she held her hand as they traveled around the rink together. Once or twice they fell and they took turns helping each other up. When the other little girl regained her self confidence they eventually dropped hands, yet stayed skating side-by-side. Eventually it was time to leave and they hugged one another, said their good-byes, and went their separate ways. I couldn't help, but wonder, Is this how my D will travel through life?

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