Friday, June 11, 2010

Why do they hurt people?

Toxic People are bullies because they are jealous of the ones they attack. I never thought the Monster Mother was jealous of me and her other children, but there it is -- this is the answer to WHY they attack, they are jealous. And it is WHY they project their ugly lies unto us, so that they can create an illusion of themselves being superior and not jealous. Because a person can not be jealous of another who s/he thinks is less-than. However, the truth is that they are evil jealous bullies who want to break down instead of build up, to discourage instead of encourage, and have a hidden agenda to hurt instead of help and hate the ones they should love. Ns are evil jealous bullies w/a Peter Pan complex , that is WHY when you call them on their bulling abusive behavior and deny them of NS they have a raging tantrum and when that doesn't work they become and seek their revenge. Evil

I love playing connect the dots at WoN!

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