Friday, February 25, 2011

Forbidden Fruit or Poisonous Apple

Ever wonder about the Secret & Hidden Identities of Ns. . .
What Lies behind the Mask?

What is the Enchantment or N-chantment all about?
Where does their power to intrige come from?
Where does their appeal come from?
The powerful intoxicating desire for the N, the uNkNowN, or uNmasked Person.

The Allure of the Forbidden Fruit, the Desire for the unAchievable, and the Temptation of the unObtainable, that is The Illusion of the N. It is the Deception of the Possibility. The Dream just out of Reach. It is the Disorientation of living in the What Could be instead of Realizing & Accepting What Is and Can Never Be with the N.

But take a closer look, beyond the Broken Promises, through all the Lies, through the very dense & thick FOG (Fear Obligation Guilt) away from their KoN, break the Mirrors of Projection, and Ns are not what they appear.

They are Not a Forbidden Fruit, but rather a Poisonous Apple that is so Deadly that only one bite contaminates and slowly destroys the Soul, until it leaves its Victim completely Devastated.

They are Not a Hidden, Unique, Exotic, Elusive Treasure that if we only just dig deep enough & long enough their value will be revealed; their Chest is Empty; they are completely void inside, and what they have to offer is just a Counterfeit. Counting on them will leave us Completely Broke.

They are Evil Parasitic Vampires that N-chant, anesthetizing their Victims while they attack and suck out their Victim's Life Source, stealing their Soul, and striping away the Victim's very Identity, until the Victims become completely unrecognizable to themselves & those that love them and the full extent of the crime & injury is not completely realized until the N is no longer around to Deny the Damage.

They are Evil Magicians or Illusionists who use FOG to cloud our vision, the Art of Distraction to deny Accountability & the Skills of Deflection & Transference to escape Responsibility. The greatest trick of all is that they get us to Project our Humanity onto them, so that they achieve a Grand Illusion for their entire Audience.

They are Evil Scientists who yield the power of Intermittent Reinforcement who trap their Victims and keep them addicted like a Gambler to a Slot Machine and when we try to cash in we find that their rewards were Counterfeit. They create a Maze of Lies and Gaslight their Victims to keep them completely Disoriented. Their attacks are extremely shocking and occur when the Victim least expects it, can do nothing to prevent or stop it, so the Victim ends up in a State of Learned Helplessness.

They are Evil Puppet Masters who control every move of the Objects they own. If we do not perform just as they want, and they are never pleased, we are instantaneously replaced, because to them we have no intrinsic value. They are on the constant look out for new Objects/Victims to acquire and posses, because they enjoy creating a new Act with different players. They use the Silent Treatment, so the Victims actually long to be used, because bad attention is better than no attention at all. The Victims are left feeling like a warn out, used & abused Dummy.

The N-chantment is over when we discover that the N's love is not Elusive, but Illusive.
They behave allusively, so we believe they are elusive, when they are really illusive. Their humanity is a Deceptive Illusion.

When the True & Complete Identity of the N is Discovered it is a Hideous Thing. It is in the Stage of Disgust that one is Repulsed, Repelled and Released from the KoN.

Anyone who says that the N is very attractive, alluring or appealing is being Deceived by the Disguise. I highly recommend checking out your local time slots for the TV Show "V" that illustrates this point. Click Here. Ns are Nvamps, but unlike the TV shows and Movies, these Evil Creatures do not transform or change into Loving Human Beings, that is only a Fantasy created by the Grand Illusion of the N. Just because it happens in the Movies does not mean it happens in Real Life. The Fantasy of loving a N will only end in Tragedy.

Click Here, for a great visual & demonstration on how the N's human disquise is extremely deceptive, and Discover what lies beneath the Illusion of Humanity.

Is a Human Being defined by what s/he looks like on the outside or by what is or is not on the inside? Ns look human, so we think they have all the characteristics and traits of humanity. They look humaN, but they are not because they lack their humanity. But again they look like us, so we think they are like us and we project our humanity and good characteristics and traits onto them. We cloak them in our projected humanity. How does this work? Click Here.

Ns are Evil because they lack Empathy, Remorse and enjoy hurting others. Their Human Disguise is extremely deceptive. As they say, looks can be deceiving, and they are with Ns. Ns are beings who lack Humanity, because they do not see People they see Objects to use and abuse.

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