Thursday, January 27, 2011

Clipped Wings

When we are born into a Serpent's Pit aka The KoN before we have a cognitive memory, our wings get clipped, your own identity is kept from us, so that we never realize who we are or our potential. We struggle to fit into our crazy pathological dark environment void of any light & hope, but we are a Stranger in a Strange Land and because we are different from the Serpent Parent we are constantly attacked and wounded, so our wings remain constantly clipped concealing our True Identity. It is only until we venture to look outside of the Pit do we discover just how different Life can be. There are those who truly love us, and have the ability to recipocate love, yet the Serpent Parent tells us not to trust these Strangers. It is very confusing, how can this new sensation of joy and peace be wrong? The love of these Familiar Strangers draws us nearer, and we must make the choice to venture out of the darkness and into the light. It is a little scary, but we have already survived the worse, so we take the risk, and we discover the healing warmth from the Light of the Sun. We have a new perspective and a new viewpoint and we know that life is better outside of the Serpent's Pit. We discover our True Identity and our Wings begin to grow. Our integrity, loyality, and dedication brings us back to the Pit and again and again we try to share with others how life can be so much better, but they enjoy the darkness, because some of them are Serpents and some of them are Snakes. They attack us for sharing with them what is possible, and we think they can change, but they can not they enjoy the darkness and those that have lived in darkness for an extended amount of time become accustomed to the darkness. They detest us because we are a constant reminder of what they are not, of what we can do and they can not, what we have inside us and they do not. And what we can achieve and they can not. How we can change our entire life and they can not. We try to show them how wonderful it is to have wings, and that these wings give us the ability to soar, but now they just want to destroy us. We fear becoming what they are and it is impossible for them to be what we are, they are unable to become one of us and we are not created to be one of them. In their world they are the predator and we are their prey. Therefore, for survival reason we must leave the Pit, and fly away, so that we may soar. You were born to soar.

Here is the poem or short story I wrote. Still A Work In Progress. . .

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