Thursday, January 27, 2011

What does s/he have that I don't?

Have you ever wondered what is it about the Golden Child or OW (other woman) or OM (other man) that the N selects to wear the Golden Crown? Why is s/heperceived better than me? Is s/he more attractive, athletic, intelligent, skilled, gifted, talented, successful, loving, or lovable?

The Golden Child could be the favored Child in the KoN or it could also be the a Spouse until the OW is revealed, it can even happen among a group of Friends or Co-Workers.

When you observe that obvious unequal & favored attention, Do you wonder. . .

What does
s/he have that I don't?

What does the N see in her/him that I don't have?

Why does the N spend more time w/ her/him?

Why does the N spend more money with or on her/him?

Why does the N love her/him more than me?

Why does the N desire her/him more or over me?

Are there any other questions we ask ourself?
PLEASE add to the list.

Maybe you are considering giving N another chance, because s/he really sounds & looks like s/he has changed, but you are not sure what to do.

Can the N
really change?

Will it really be better
this time?

Am I really the N's
True Love?

Am I really the N's Favorite?

Did the N really choose me over the others?

My Heart says one thing, my Gut another and my Mind is so confused, What do I do?

S/he is a Serial Dater, has a Bad History, and Bad Track Record with me and/or with others before me.

Can I really be
The One the N has been searching for?

Am I really his/her
Soulmate and the N didn't know what s/he had until after s/he left and now despirately regrets what s/he has done, now knows what s/he lost and once had with me and just needs only one more chance to prove to me that s/he really does love me and that we are meant to be together?

Will or Can S/he really change for

Click Here to see what the answers to what ALL these questions just might be, and let me know what you think, How is that possible? Let me share with you how much we have in common.

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