Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Today I sing you a Love Song

Today I sing you a Love Song via Clay. The Pain from the Past, Send it up in Flames and Rise up from the Ashes. Today I refuse to give the KoN any of my tears. I did shed some cleansing tears today for the things I wanted to say and never had the chance because the Demon Dad and the rest of the Serpent Klan would just use it to their evil advantage. I cried because there is nothing left at all to salvage from the KoN regarding the Nsisters and most importantly the Children I feel like I am leaving behind, but God is watching over them. I have worked for the past 40+ years (over 20+ if you just count my adult years) to escape & heal from the KoN.
Today I Dance & Sing for healing and for Letting Go.

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