Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stupid N!

Tonight my DH says that a maN he works with is smart. If smart you mean that he has a lot of knowledge, so be it. However being wise requires a bit more, a person must have wisdom in his/her words. Here is what this maN has told my DH; he said that according to him that although we share the same ethnicity, but I do not share the same faith, he denies my ethnic heritage. I told my DH to tell him that I do not have to share his faith to be of the same ethnic background. My DH says well according to him by his definition it does, so I told DH to tell this maN that it is a good thing that I don't need his definition to define who I am.

Stupid N! I am proud of my ethnic heritage. I spent my entire life having people tell me how I am and who I am not and felt like I had to convince them who I am when really all I need to do is know who I am. Sure enough we you learn that you are truly comfortable about not letting others define who you are a test is sure to follow. I think I did pretty well in passing this test.

I failed to explain that DH does not share these beliefs. We discuss how people are wrong in their perceptions such as the South's laws that state if there is a drop of African in a child that makes the Child Black not White. My nSis said that my Niece is Black, but I told her that one word is not nearly enough to describe her. She is K and K is more than the color of her skin. She is K. To say she is only Black denies her complete inheritance. It denies a huge part of her.

This maN who works w/DH asked him, so it is the Jews fault that Christ was crucified, the Jews put Jesus on the Cross, and my DH explained to him that it is the sins of Christians (as well as the rest of the World) that nailed and kept Jesus on the Cross. His response was, oh that's good. I never heard a Christian say it was them that put Jesus on the Cross. When I see another Christian I will tell them it was their fault that Jesus was crucified. I told my DH that this is a HUGE RED FLAG that this maN is a N, because instead of learning that we have a lot in common, he uses what he learns to harm others and make enemies. These are the type of people Jesus says to pray for our enemies, but not to be prey for our enemies. DH says that this maN was been told that he should have been a lawyer because he loves to argue and debate and he will either side just to debate it. He has said that he can debate 100 different reason for both side and the one he truly believes in is 101, but he will not tell anyone. I do pity a person who finds joy in conflict. This sounds too much like an N to me. I told DH that life is not a debate class where you randomly draw a point of view, and argue it for a grade. No one is impressed.

If a person joins a forum just to argue and fight, aren't they referred to as a Troll? Well this maN may not be a card carrying Nvamp, but he is definitely Trolling his way through Life. My DH does see how what he says is not right about certain things, yet he is slightly N-chanted or impressed by this maN's business skills and financial success, which being slightly N-chanted doesn't hurt if you have to work w/a N. My DH can pretend to be a Perfect Mirror and feed into the maN's Nism. Actually what it appears to be happening is that DH agrees sometimes and disagrees at others, creating Intermittent Reinforcement for this maN, which has worked to my DH's advantage.

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