Friday, September 25, 2009

Inspirational Poems

A beautiful & talented person named Jenny heard the Holy Spirit speak to her and this is what she wrote:
Dear Children.
How can I put into finate words- infinate truths? I hear your questions. I see your confusion. Words of doubt running through your mind like a raging river. Questions that you never expect to get answered, pain that you never believe will be healed- torment you. And alone and afraid you huddle in your pain- afraid to ask. Afraid I won't answer. Afraid that if I do answer, you won't like the answer you hear. Afraid that I may not like the question, afraid to be ignored, humiliated, passed by.
And although I will not give you every answer you seek. And for reasons I choose not to reveal- I will not remove the memory of your past. But I have heard your cries. I have sat at your bedside, a quiet presence- as you sob and relive the despair of your personal hell. And every time you have asked me to remove the memories- I have heard you. And I weep with you. I weep for your brokeness. I weep for your lost childhood. I weep for your stolen innocence. I weep for your torment.
Look with me- towards tomorrow. The better place. There will come a time when all of your tears will dry. When your mourning will turn to dancing and your garment of heaviness will turn to joy. For I have given you beauty for your ashes. The fires of yesteryear are gone. Yet as you do inventory of all that was lost- as you sift through the ashes of all the things you held so dear. Know that I am here. Sifting with you. Finding hidden treasures. Things over looked. Forgotten.
Through the fire you have lost much. But you have gained much more. Gold is refined in the fire. And all of the impurities rise to the top to be scraped off. And the fires rage and the refiner scrapes- until the refiner sees the one thing that he is looking for- His reflection in the gold.
You were never alone.
I was always with you.
I will never leave you.
My enemy has one goal.
To destroy all that I hold dear.
To turn the hearts of my children far from me.
By saying-
if your God loved you-
He would never have let this happen.
But he is a lie.
and his lies create a gulf between you and me.
He has in his power the ability to destroy.
But I have greater than he.
I have the ability to create-
And in you I create a new heart.
A new life.
A new love.
And I place in you the power to create and to destroy.
Choose creation.
Produce good fruit.
Don't let his tactics win.
Don't stop choosing life because you don't understand.
Don't choose to destroy because you are in pain.
Stand tall.
Knowing that he will pay dearly for what he has done.
And you are vindicated.
And you will change the world around you.
Bringing hope to the hopeless.
Life to the lifeless.
Water to the thirsty.
For such a time as this-
I have set you free.
To soar above the enemy.
And to create-
Create a world where my name is Blessed.
Where my will is done.
And when your time here is complete.
I have prepared a place of rest.
Where you will never be separated from me.
Where pain will not even be a memory.
Your prayer will come to pass.
For when I wipe away all of your tears-
those memories have to go to.
But let them lead you now.
To those that are hurting- just like you.
Let it propel you now.
To do My Will.
My Will.
No one else's.
My Will Alone.

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