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Letting Go With Honor - leaving the past behind.

Happy New Year Everyone! A New Year brings new hope. Let us have a blessed year filled with loving, supporting, encouraging, nurturing people. No more toxic people in our lives! This is the very last scripture from my original Freedom Journey from an evil toxic person through God's words that helped me stay strong and stay free from the toxic evil person who I went No Contact = No abuse last year. I pray it blesses you also. I can't say it too much, God's timing is perfect--I need to remember that no matter what!
Letting go with honor; Exodus 20:12
It just occurred to me as I am posting this week's Freedom Message that Exodus is the referred to as the "Leaving One's Past Behind, or the Great Escape Book of the Bible". Has anyone else heard this about this book of the Bible?
The false view on the following scripture was one that kept me chained & bound like a faithful slave to an evil abusive narcissistic master with no hope for escape. We must realize that God's commandments, such as the following, are based on normal imperfect loving family & people. God is loving and perfect and a loving and perfect God would not tell us to honor (as we traditionally define it in our society) evil, abusive, narcissistic parents.
12. Honor your father and your mother, than our days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you. Buckle up your spiritual safety belt, this may be an entire different take on this scripture than you are use to, but the following is what the Holy Spirit spoke into my heart. If you stay bound by chaos rather than love at the end of your life you will see that you did not achieve all that God intended you to while you where here on Earth. You will feel that "life has passed me by and I did not accomplish my goals and dreams". Instead of walking into eternity with joy you leave this world in despair because of "a life wasted". Our Heavenly Father loves us so much to give us a "mid-life crisis moment" somewhere in our 40's. We can get so depressed about the poor choices we made up to this point and feel hopeless and ignor this opportunity for change by allowing ourselves to be distracted by the temptations of this world (red hot sports car, divorce trade-in for a younger model, self-medicating, over eating, over spending, etc.). This "mid-life crisis moment" is a turning point for some people. We have the power to choose to have a break down or a break through. Whether we have a break down or a break through has nothing to do with good luck, parenting, money, education, religion, or anything else the devil wants you to believe. It has to do with your personal relationship with Jesus. The better the relationship the better the blessing. Blessings and joy make one’s life rich, rewarded, and fulfilled. Opposed to the chaos & pain toxic people bring to ones life which steals your life time to fulfill your goals and dreams leaving one empty and unfulfilled.
Where does the honor fit in with No Contact, letting go and letting God? You honor the person who gave you birth by not becoming bitter and evil yourself. You honor her by not getting revenge and seeking to cause her harm in anyway what-so-ever. You honor her by reversing the curses she laid upon your life with her verbal, emotional, spiritual, and physical abuse. You become the awesome God loving Mommy you never had. You honor her by praying for your enemy as God tells us to do and most importantly, you honor her by getting out of God’s way.
These are just a select few scriptures that set me free. At the end of my feeding on God’s word I took a break to let the power of His words sink into my soul. Then I picked up my Bible and asked, Father is there anything else you want to say to me? I let the Bible open to where God wanted and my eyes landed at the bottom of the page in Nehemiah chapter 4 The Wall Defended Against Enemies. I believe my Holy Father is telling me not only will you need to build a wall, but you will have to defend it. Whether you are in LC (low contact) or NC (no contact) status with the toxic person in your life you will have to build a wall of protection and then to defend it against the toxic person and the enablers that support him/her. If you want a toxic free life, then NC is the only way to go with abusive people. This must be your choice and you make it when you know that you need to do it to protect yourself, your children, and your spouse.
The following posts will be on scriptures that I have found since I decided to go NC and have been great confirmations, because once you make a huge life changing decision like going NC with a toxic evil narcissistic person, the enemy comes to attack with the first weapon he ever used which was doubt. Remember in the Garden of Eden when the serpent deceived Eve to get her to break God's one and only rule of not eating from the Tree of Knowledge he said, "Did God say . . this made her doubt God and caused her to break God's rule and heart and you know the rest of the story. So when the enemy comes to bring doubt and change your mind you must be prepared for these attack with the Sword which is the word of God. Keep the Sword sharp and ready to use at all times. This comes from knowing the word of God yourself. Don't let anyone tell you what God's word says. You read it yourself and let the Holy Spirit speak to you regarding your life. The enemy will flee when you bring it out. The enemy is evil and he will use spiritual leaders to mislead the flock straight back to the toxic person in your life where your spirit will be slaughtered. Therefore you must know God's word yourself. There is a difference between really knowing something and just memorizing it. To know something, like in the Bible, refers to an intimate contact, it becomes a part of you. When it becomes apart of who you are the enemy is powerless against it. Just like in the Bible when a husband and wife become married, "and the two shall become one". That is it - to be one with God. The closer you draw to Him the more powerful you will be. When the enemy comes to attack, put on the full Armor of God and fear not for God is with you! Where your strength ends, His only begins. You do your part and our Lord will do the rest. Ready to sharpen your Sword?
Remember, it is my goal for this blog to not be a preaching place, but a teaching place.
Therefore, here is your sixth homework assignment.

Remember to always ask God to speak to you through His words each time before you read the passage.

Read Psalm 97,
Write down what you here God saying to you about your life and your situation.
I hear God saying to me that. . . . . .
What feelings do you have?
When I read this sentence/s I felt . . . . . Write down all your emotions.
Write down any questions you have.
Did you find any answers after reading?
How are you going to apply this new knowledge to your life?
It's okay if you didn't find any answers this time, really it is. Remember life is a journey we all travel at our owns speed.

Save this blog in your favorites & come back every week to find out how the powerful words from our Holy Father keeps me strong and sets me free!

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