Sunday, September 27, 2009

Still A Work In Progress. . . The Sequel

I have been experiencing persecution for being a Christian and mentioning God once, or using a form a God (Creator, Son, Act of God) in a DONM "support group" that is suppose to be "open & safe" for all regardless of one's personal viewpoints/beliefs/principles. Behind closed doors I was Gaslighted several times, until I was recently kicked out by the Narcissistic leader and her minion. This is not me against a non-Believer. I have close friends that are from different belief backgrounds, and no spiritual back grounds. This is about the worst kind of Narcissist that hides herself in sheep's clothing and is the leader of a support group for woman who have narcissistic mothers, like myself, and have been abused by them their entire lives. As with a true Narcissist, when you hold a mirror up to her instead of making the necessary changes which others have asked her to do, including myself, she selects her scapegoat and goes in for the evil attack. The entire truth will come out and you can judge for yourself. As you can imagine I was deeply hurt by her wicked betrayal and evil abuse of power, and I expressed it in the following poem. Perhaps some of you have experienced similar situations and can relate to being stabbed in the heart by someone you once trusted and looked up to. No turning back now, the truth will come out, and soon all will know what I am talking about.

Red Bird, Red Bird, come and see

What are these little things attacking me?

Oh those little filthy things are called fleas.

I see you spent time in the Dodo’s tree.

All trees are not safe as you now see.

The Dodos at first seem kind and gentle as can be.

But they are actually wicked and dishonest birds,

Especially to you and me.

They long to live here in the majestic family tree,

But they refuse to honor our Creator so it just cannot be.

They will never be fully healed or free as long as they live in their contaminated tree.

How can we help them? What should we do? They would be so better off if they only knew.

Do not worry they know the way.

They are just too stubborn now and enjoy their filth and want to stay.

Wont they open their eyes and truly see

That they are being their own worst enemy?

But there are loving, supporting birds in the Dodo’s tree

They just wanted to talk to her like me.

They are blind by her lies and they cannot see.

And your warnings my dear they will not hear nor believe

It is true for their own good they should leave

Before they know it they will be taken over by the parasitic fleas.

How do I get rid of their infectious fleas?

Come stand in the Creator’s light.

They might put up a fight.

But they cannot survive His purifying light.

They will drop off one by one

And their evil attack on you will be done.

copyright 2009 soaring dove

The Dodo is a lesson in extinction. First sighted around 1600 on Mauritius, an island in the Indian Ocean, the Dodo was extinct less than eighty years later.

The Dodo's stubby wings and heavy, ungainly body tell us that the bird was flightless. Moreover, its breastbone is too small to support the huge pectoral muscles a bird this size would need to fly. Yet scientists believe that the Dodo evolved from a bird capable of flight into a flightless one.

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